Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the 4th Be With You: Happy StarWars Day!

OLTL has me so mad. It was such a boring day and then I thought Langston actually told Marco and it was her IMAGINATION. GOD! I hate it when they do that. ;/ Not happy. I was so happy when Blair looked at Tea's file folder and found out she was dying. woot! 

Tomorrow is Lante SEX-A-Cinco Day! Lante fans can get their payoff. Everyone else can just watch..or not. LOL. It's going to be them against the town".  It will be interesting when Carly gets a hold of Brooke Lyn in all of this. RUMOR: Brooke actually had a baby by Dante and gave it up for adoption. That would make her look good and Lulu bad ...or something like that. We'll see if it's true. You know Carly's got that secret in her back pocket, just ready to whip out. 

There was Michael again on the stand-- doesn't he need a lawyer? Doesn't he need a psycho exam, especially if the judge knows he's "brain damaged" . Oh, did I say that yesterday? LOL. NEEDED to be REPEATED. I do have to say the judge was great. heh.  I think he's a hoot. Everyone's faces when Michael left the room? Priceless. DID you see PAPA Mike there!!? :thud:  

Someone needs to stop making such a mess out of this. I guess ol' Guza couldn't wait to do a prison drama-- !! Get the denim shirts out. Jason will be in there too. 

Laura Wright did a fabu job!! She must get headaches after her scenes. LOL. I get one every time I cry, that's for sure. Carly keeps calling Dante a "bastard"...uh, Carly!!!  Come on. Who loved it when Tracy came in and called her on taking Michael away from the Q's? I love Tracy sticking up for LULU. The NuMichael did great as well. He seems to be settling in. 

Nice voice-over when they were booking Michael. 
LOVED how Big Alice was a riot--she was so mad the charges were dropped. Heh. Sonny really thinks Dante did it just to spite HIM...not to uphold the law or anything. No character made much sense today.
Dante trying to explain the whole motive to Carly. I was waiting for her to mace him. 
Looks like Spixie is going to be off camera for a bit. Maxie's :out of town: ..Spin needs to :go away: We do see him again though, with a cane this time. I think Bradford is healing.  
Eddie Q should really try to go bribe that judge. Then, he should say something like "Why, it's cousin Hank"! or whatever his name is. There is a rumor that the judge is going to be on the take to put Michael into jail for a long time. 
WHAT will AZ do when he finds out Michael killed his little girlie??? Are they going to be in the same prison??! @@
Isn't it interesting they drop the entire Keifer story for DAYS to do all this? Why can't GH tell more than one story at once?? They always do this. Spits and spurts. 
Old Morgan, Aaron R was KILLING it today, he cries so well. He will be missed. 
What's Luke going to say to Lulu when she gets back!!?

HEY, look who signed a bear for the NYC AIDS WALK??! Bob Guiney!! GO! MAKE A BID! There are a lot of GH and Primetime people doing this. Thanks for your help!


LaTanya said...

Dante yelling about justice and how he was protecting his brother!(he's only know this fact for a little over a month) Carly yelling at Lulu about betrayal and family (If she would have made better choices Micheal wouldn't be in this mess.) Sonny yelling that this is Dante way of getting back at him and how he love his kids (If he loved them so much he would get out of the mob!) All this yelling is giving me a headache and I'm getting tired of it already!

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Didn't Guza ever hear about pleading the fifth? Not allowed a lawyer. I understand poetic license but lets be realistic. This is not.

Anonymous said...

I did like Tracy getting into Carly's face! Tracy called it with Carly. All the adults were too busy covering their own behinds and no one is thinking what is best for Michael. It's a shame that Carly is going to use all this aganist Lulu. In the end she is only going to hurt herself. Read that Sonny & Carly do the deed once again and she confesses to JAx. Jax turns around and files for divorce and custody of Josselyn and nuMorgan. I used to root for Carly but now she is nothing but a Sonny shrill! At least Spinelli nailed it with Jason today. UGH! this show annoys me!

TwilightEternity said...

The only thing I am looking forward to is Dante and Lulu finally having sex! Everything else sucks!

Dierna said...

Wait@the spoilers. Brook Lynn had a kid with Dante and gave it up for adoption?? Wow...Tracy doesn't even look old enough to have a great grandkid...

kdmask said...

NO! NOT spoilers RUMORS that Dante had a kid!!!!!!

Lori said...

Holy Moo I think I am in love with that judge after that verbal smackdown he gave today. I crowed at the tv while he told off Carly/Sonny/et.al in court. It was divine!

Can't wait for Cinco Des Sexo with Dante/Lulu tomorrow! :D Pass the tequila!

Anonymous said...

LOVED Tracy telling Carly what happened with Michael was on her. Finally someone tells it like it is. Carly made the choice years ago and it has finally come to the only conclusion it could have (other than Michael being killed), he is a part of the violence too. And I agree LaTanya, Sonny says he will do anything to protect his kids, but never considers getting out of the mob. That could actually be interesting to watch. Although in real life it might be impossible, this is a show that brings back dead people on a regular basis, so we are used to the implausible happening.

Hated how Sonny still makes every damn thing about him. Dante does cares about Michael. The kid wanted to confess, because it was weighing him down, but Dante was the only one to listen to that pain. The other adults in his life thought about what was best for them, not Michael, no matter how much they protest.

Hooray for Spinelli finally getting a spine and standing up to Jason. I never thought that day would happen. Violence started all this mess and more only perpetuates it. I was surprised Sam seemed to be willing to listen because she usually just parrots Jason.

Even though there is still too much justification of violence and dumbing down of the justice system, at least there are some characters not following along. It is refreshing not to feel everyone on this show believes lying is always justified and might makes right. It might be a minority of people still, but at least those of us sick of the mob and the violence have some voices speaking for us.

Andrea said...

am out of town all week on work. Have missed GH since thursday and am glad to come here and read everyone's takes on the show. Sounds like same ole' to me so it will be hard to watch all DVR'd shows when I get back home.
I am so over the Sonny show, that it is probably a good idea that I don't watch right now.

P.S. I have been watching old You
Tube videos of GH and boy do I miss the old days!!!
Jason/Liz through the years, miss them!!
Sonny/Jax/Brenda: Triangle done right.
Luke/Laura, Mac/Felicia, Lucky's death. I sure miss the GREAT GH days. Will they ever return?

Anonymous said...

I loved that Dante arrested Micheal.
It is about time somebody put that BRAT in Jail. It is about time he grows up and sees that the world does not revolve around him and that he DOES have to be punished for his crimes.Obviously G.H is going to become the daytime version of Prison Break instead of the Sopranos. I think it could be interesting and at least Jason is going to pay for his crimes too so i guess that is something to look forward to.Personally i am only really looking forward to Lulu & Dante FINALLY getting it on.They are the ONLY GOOD things about the show .

LindaV said...

I thought Nu-Michael is a really good actor, even if he doesn't resemble AJ or Carly. Little Aaron is so good - I will really miss him. Really hate Sonny's argument with Dante, Carly's rant against Lulu and Jason's cold bloodedness. As usual, the good guys are being made to look bad and the bad guys are always the winners.