Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday in Soap Opera World!

Chrissie Fit and Cyrina Fiallo in The Subpranos

First of all, congats to Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) for getting a nod in the USA Today Weedend mag for her funnier than hell webseries The Subpranos!! You know I LOVE IT. This week features bloopers from all the past eppies. It really is a great watch. 

On to rumors rumbling around the net. With Claire's bio-clock ticking, people are saying it's only time she visits Sonny. (there was a rumor about 3 weeks ago that she slept with him). Maybe he tries to seduce her to get Michael out of jail. There's another rumor floating around that Maya might be recast. Why bother? She's never on anyway-- not for anything meaningful. How can we even get used to the girl? I also think with Franco back at the end of June we are going to see major push-backs for the summer. Spoilers for awhile are going to be more wonky than usual.  Just be prepared to have things up in the air for a bit.

TODAY's SHOW:  Well, nice little touch on the head from Creepy Guy there for Michael on OZ..I mean GH. gross. When is it going to GO THERE? ugh. HATED IT. Then, they switch to SoLivia. That's why this doesn't work. Intense things...then this light-hearted crap. Wouldn't Michael be in solitary or guarded or something given who his father is?? The creepy guy is a good actor but frankly I really don't want to see this. Just don't.
Spinelli helping Carly. Okay, I guess they needed Bradford on the couch for awhile. He's all depressed over his mentor going to jail. He's mad at Lulu too!! heh

 What do you think of the Matt/Maxie pairing #2. ?? I'm not sure. I love she and Spin but they aren't WRITING for them.
 Hey, they are going to an ART MUSEUM. Maddddddddd worlllllllld!

Brooke Lyn scamming in Brooklyn.  You could tell because the gelato cart is now a pretzel cart and the guy has a big accent. Carly got there in record time!

GH is in HUGE danger of becoming two entirely different shows. We'll have the gross/drama at prison and then the rest. It's going to feel like we are watching a split screen.  It's hard to watch the Michael stuff then switch over to lah-tee-dah cute sheeze. We'll have a couple of beatings before it's all over. Jason's going to find Michael all beaten, then a fight causes prisoners to all go to the hospital. Is this when Franco will be on? Will the rape be 'implied' ?? You bet, or they wouldn't have had the guy caress Michael or say what he did.
GH, your 'feel good' soap!
NEW Spoilers are up..only a few so far, I'm trying to get through them all and figure out what's staying and what's cut. Please remember to hit an ad for me, it really helps!


  1. I am torn whether to go ahead and quit watching now, or wait and see if this "rape" takes place. I am disgusted they would even imply they were going there on a daytime drama. This is something that should be done on HBO or a Quenten Terrentino movie. Not on my soap opera.

  2. Yeech, jailhouse drama, how NOT entertaining! Do TPTB really think that this is what the fans want? And Carly trying to hurt Lulu, disgusting!!

    PLEASE give us GH vets, family and humor!!

  3. Wasnt there a time when 2 people fell in love and actually got married in a wedding ceremony? Soaps used to do that, right?

    Watching the prisoner today - did anyone else notice that in one scene his fake tattoo was falling off? And it was so oily, that it looked like he just got it inked about 5 minutes ago. Cant this show do anything right?

    I tuned in today for the sheer comedy of it all. I knew going into it, it was going to be a laugh riot. And I was right.

    I like Maxie and Matt together. Mainly becuase you can just tell that the two of them really truly like each other off camera. And that underlying tone really does resonate through a little.

    PS. 48 hrs til the Lost finale. Who is with me?

  4. I hit two ads for ya! I love Matt and Maxie!!!!

  5. This is the last straw for me. GH has gone to the depths of hell. I am in agreement with what Andrea and AntJoan said. I have officially taken General Hospital off my DVR to tape the series daily. Thanks GH, Guza, Fronz, Phelps, Disney and anyone else who had their hand on the stupid story lines they have been trying to feed us. Enough is enough!

  6. The pic of Michael 'after' --standing with Jason says it all. the ABC hotsheet says that Michael is "traumatized" and Jason can't find out everything that happened to him. NO, we aren't going to see it, but it's implied.

  7. I love Matt and Maxie together. I just never bought into spixie.

    And the idea of Michael getting "raped"- ewww. I can't believe the writers are going there. Its a soap opera its supposed to be about evil twins and love stories, not jail/mob/creepy stories.

  8. As sick as the "rape in prison" storyline is I have to keep watching to see how they're gonna get Jason out of prison. Michael I can figure out ( Judge was bribed)But Jason? We all know he will get out, but how?

  9. Delcodave: I am so with you about the lost finale! Can't wait ; )

    The very first lost is on tonight (saturday). Watching that, too.

    So I'm sure Michael's rape will be Jax's fault. Oh and Dante & Lulu's.
    Never mind all the enemies Sonny has. Wish they would give us something to hope for once in a while. Ya know, a Jason & Monica scene would have been nice before he entered prison. lord knows he didn't stop and ask to see Jake. Only Michael matters. Oh and any other kid but Jake.

  10. There has been talk about wishing Scott Clifton would come back as Dillon. While I agree that would be a good idea in the real world, with competent writers, we are living in the Guza world of depravity and glorified sex and violence.

    What would happen is that Dillon, as a filmmaker, would return to port charles to film his big great masterpiece which is, unbeknown to everyone, a snuff film. He will cast Brooke Lynn as the star and then secretly kill her in the final scene and film it.

    This way, Guza can bring back another character only to have her killed off. And then Dillon will be found out and Sonny will shoot him to avenge all things Bensonhurst.

    Thus, killing off 2 former characters all the while keeping with the Disney/Guza quota of nonstop glorified sex and violence on daytime soaps.

    Oh, come on! Dont roll your eyes! You know this is on Guza to do list.


    Have a great weekend everyone

  11. Delcodave,
    I think the next story will be that Scummy ( a mob boss who abhors drugs and prostitution) is running a dog-fighting ring. Now there's some never-before-seen violence. Innovative to be sure.