Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday and May Scoops: Will GH Survive?

Well, new pics confirm Sonny and Carly do the Wango-Tango later in the month. How do CarJaxers feel about that? Hmmm. Seems like this comes around about once a year, doesn't it? I for one am sick of it. I really like the place S&C were for a while there, why take them back to damn bed? Scrubs scoops don't look too great either. Would Patrick really be insecure over a ghost? I mean, really. Think about it. I was really feeling this show was coming together and now I'm feeling in the next month or so, it will unravel. I don't know why, call it a hunch.

The ONLY thing I'm looking forward to is Helena kidnapping Tracy!

SO, let's see. Dante does the right thing and finally lets the truth come out. So,  instead of the writers having the COPS do the right thing (and the law)--they are going to prove it right how wrong the whole thing is by throwing Michael in jail?????? Why couldn't they have made this turn out all right ?? Because the MOB rules, that's why. The balance I really liked will be gone because the kid will be thrown to the wolves.  Sonny/Jason will be right again about how terrible justice is. :throws up hands: Right now I have NO ONE to root for on this show.

Kudos to JMB and LW for the yelling scene today! Carly was brutal and Lulu was crying like she was scared. Perfect. Then Sonny laid into Lulu too.
GH was tough for me to watch today. I did like the Carly/Morgan/Jax talk which I was really, really SHOCKED to hear. LOL She totally admitted Jax's life was better for him. Which goes against a lot of the stuff she's said in the past
So,  Judge just sentences Michael with no lawyer, nothing? What about psychological testing? Wasn't he a juvvy when he did it? ugh!

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Tyler Christopher tweeted this today: Wife and baby are here. Very happy. She is remodeling my shitty hotel room today. Back to la tomorrow to shoot 4 episodes then back to Zona


Rita Pita said...

You must be kidding Karen! So every time something happens to Michael they're going to screw? I say give Skye to Jax than! I loved Carly & Sonny when Sarah brown was Carly or even tamara but this Carly seems best fitted with jax, IMO. He makes her a better person. But then again if she's going to bully Lulu and seek revenge over this never mind Sonny ever of course who brought claudia into everyone's lives... hell let Sonny have her. Then Jax can have Brender!

KatieKat said...

I am beyond frustrated with this Michael situation. I'm sorry- what happened to right to trial by jury? Why bother reading Michael his Miranda rights? They completely ignored them. I missed the part in the Constitution where a judge can suspend all rights for a suspect because he's annoyed at the proceedings.

Carly, Sonny, Jason, Sam- whatever. LW's lowlights have been driving me crazy lately. Don't know why.

If I have to hear "he was saving his mother and baby sister" or "saving his mother and Jocelyn" one more time, I am going to scream.

I liked Claire today though. Finally showing some real humanity over Michael's situation. And really liked Lucky with the judge.

Tara said...

Well right now Michael isn't on trial for killing Claudia. He's still serving as a witness in Sonny's trial, at what is essentially an evidentiary hearing without the jury. I'm assuming that once he confesses, he will be formally charged and will stand trial by jury, unless they work out a plea deal. Technically, they did not have to give him access to Diane because he himself did not ask to speak with a lawyer. Diane just showed up and demanded to speak with him, and the cops don't have to let them. Plus, Michael wasn't being interrogated by the police, so they did not violate Miranda. The sentence does seem a little harsh under the circumstances, unless the judge added time for all the obstruction of justice Michael committed.

I have been rooting for someone to go to jail on this show for their crimes for a long time, but I was thinking Sonny or Jason. I don't want to watch GH do a prison story with an 18 year old kid. I want to see Sonny having a breakdown in his cell.

And seriously? Carly and Sonny limo sex 2.0? Just put them back together already so I can just fast-forward through their scenes.

skeebob said...

God those spoilers for May sound exactly like how Tyler described his hotel room.

Maybe I'm dense - ok, no maybes about it - but I'm not following the spoiler about the two mamas and one daddy or whatever it said. Is that something obvious I'm just not getting?

TwilightEternity said...

I hate this whole story. Sonny and Jason WILL NEVER pay for anything they ever do!

Carly and Sonny DON'T deserve kids.They are horrible parents that make all the wrong choices on behalf of they're children. Therefore showing these kids that doing wrong is right. Its a neverending cycle.

I am on the side of the law,I totally agree with Mac,Lucky and Dante. But they are the bad guys. I am so sick of this!

And then you have these smart ass kids like Molly,Morgan and Chrissy smarting off to Dante. How are they supposed to learn about right and wrong,justice. No its not perfect but it does work.

UGH! Carly,stupid beotch can admit that the whole "plan" to cover for micheal was wrong.She contradicts herself all the damn time. Yes,carly it is all your fault that your kid is screwed up,way to go you idiot!

Now I am sure even Dante will start to doubt the law because it will backfire against Micheal like it can only do in soapland!

I swear the idiots that write for this show are morons!

KatieKat said...

I apologize for this before I even get started. I can't stand television shows which obliterate the population's understanding of our legal system.

I understand that Michael has not been formally charged with the crime in court; however, he was formally arrested for killing Claudia and is therefore entitled to remain silent, even in the courtroom proceedings. Under the 5th Amendment, Michael is not obligated to testify because he is now a suspect in the case and any of his testimony could possibly implicate him in the murder and be used against him in his own trial. This applies to him both as a witness and a potential suspect.

Additionally, the judge was not asking questions with regard to Sonny's involvement in the crime which is why Michael was subpoenaed in the first place. He was specifically asking him whether or not he has killed Claudia which is technically soliciting a confession from a suspect without the benefit of counsel. The judge is a government servant and therefore must abide by the 6th amendment which guarantees that a suspect be given the benefit of counsel prior to being question BY the government. Though he was not questioned by the police, most states grant the benefit of counsel immediately following the suspension of a person's liberty (i.e. formal arrest) and all states must grant benefit of counsel following the initiation of criminal proceedings (which is ironic in this case because Michael testifying in court would actually begin his formal proceedings.)

I do agree about the Miranda rights after reading your post, Tara. He was not questioned by the police (which was just because he was going to be questioned in court which is just sneaky evasion of Miranda rights). The judge was angry at Lucky because Lucky did not Mirandized him prior to questioning him which just proves that the judge is not looking at Michael as a witness anymore, but a potential suspect.

Sorry LOL Had this same discussion with my husband this afternoon. My cousin was arrested for a serious crime a few years ago and our family became waaaaay too versed in criminal proceedings.

AntJoan said...

Everyone keeps saying how "brain-damaged" Michael is. If this is the case, isn't he entitled to a ruling as to whether he's competent to stand trial? I know the judge asked Lucky if Michael knows the difference between right and wrong, but I don't think that's sufficient.

I love the scenes with Molly/Krissy/Morgan/Michael, it's so good to watch kids relating to siblings in a real way, most of us have siblings and can relate to this from our own childhoods. Kids rarely interact on soaps, they usually are an only child (like Robin), or else are in the background (like Cam and Jake), and are given juicy interactions only when they grow up (like Jason and AJ).

I think that the actress who plays Claire is doing a WONDERFUL job, her part is not very dramatic, nor is she meant to be sympathetic, but she is very believeable in all that she does.

PLEASE, NO MORE CARLY AND SONNY SEX!! Just give me Sonny and Brenda, please.

LaTanya said...

I am a Carly fan (probably one of the few left, lol) but, I am tired of the writers having her go back to Sonny. I also don't mind her going after Lulu as long as it's one time and not overkill. But, you know that they are gonna write it as overkill where she constantly is going to make Dante and Lulu pay. I liked Lucky scenes with the judge and even though they were breaking up (I guess) I liked the conversaation between Carly and Jax!

Anonymous said...

The ridiculousness of the trial has prompted me to quit watching the show as a whole. I will catch snippets of each episode on Youtube, mainly Dante & Lulu and Liz's scenes.

I cannot stand the farce GH writers have made of trials, especially now with Michael. If anything, a prompt mistrial for Sonny and then an arrest for Michael would have made a lot more sense than what I have been subjected to.

But the thing that has completely sent me over the edge, has been Jason, Carly and Sonny's reactions to Michael being outed as the "killer." If all three of them had told the truth and allowed Michael not only to accept the consequences but also work through his issues, Sonny never would have been put on trial, Dante would probably still be undercover to hit Sonny with RICO charges instead of murder a I wouldn't have to watch Carly screech like a banshee at the only blood family member to give a damn about her or her children.

Give me love in the afternoon and put the mob into the background where it belongs. This is General HOSPITAL not General MOB. I'd much rather watch Matt, Patrick, Robin, Steven, Liz and others that work in the hospital than have the Mob front and center every single day.

kdmask said...

Thanks for all the legal info everyone!! It's just such a mess.