Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sizzlin' Summer General Hospital Scoops

CAROLYN Hennesy at the E! 20th anniversary Party!

There's some SCOOPS up for the summer on Wubs Net. Guza is saying that the bomb Sonny plants for Johnny just might effect Kristina? Goodness. Also, there will be a location shoot for the Franco hooplah... and Maxie dates both Matt and Lucky! Hey, hit an ad for pays the WUB bills and keeps me up on the charity stuff for people that are doing good works with Alberta Wubs.

In real life,  Kristen Storms broke her foot... which after what happened to BA is a bit ironic. The injury will be written into the script somehow. Or maybe poor Matt will go into the woodwork again.
If OLTL gets canned, I want Dorian to come on to GH and be Diane's sister. Or Auntie. She could go after Eddie..or fight with Helena!
OMG, Claire and Sonny are SO being chem tested. Does he HAVE to get into bed with every newbie?? Like they'd be talking together. AND they dished about Kids!! LOL. I'm calling them: SClaire. As in Scare. ;)
EVERYONE was talking about Sonny--!! LOL. Dante/Brooke...Lucky/Johnny.... Claire..
Jason trying to teach Michael to fight cracked me the hell up! LOL!! whahahahaaa.
Now Luke's in the dungeon. Think there's a toilet in there? Shower? What? Hmmmm.

BP wants Twitter to shut down fake acct mocking them. Twitter wants BP to shut down oil leak ruining ocean! via @moveon

DEAR Bret Michaels, good to see you all over the place like AI..but really--PLEASE REST!! ;/


  1. karen,
    The baby missing hopital in lockdown was stolen from "House." They steal from quality shows but produce crap. Weird.

    You turned me on to Daytime Confidential a few years ago. I haven't been able to access the site for a few days. Do you know what's happened?

  2. Poor Liz. Two different baby daddy storylines and two storylines where her kids go missing. Well, actually three since Jake was stolen twice.

  3. Change effect to affect...

  4. See how boring the show was yesterday. People would rather help you with your grammar than (or is it then) talk about the show!!!

  5. I believe everybody ought to look at this.

  6. I think everybody should glance at this.