Wednesday, May 26, 2010

General Hospital: Another Casting Note!

Bruce Davidson...whom I remember from the '70's movie, "Willard" (with the rats) is coming to GH this summer. From  TV GUIDE:

James Franco’s upcoming return to General Hospital as the psychotic artist Franco just got a little juicier now that Bruce Davison is joining the storyline. The Academy Award-nominated actor will do a three-episode cameo as Franco’s eurotrashy art dealer Wilhelm Van Schlagel. An ABC rep tells us that the Franco character, who seems homoerotically obsessed with mob hitman Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), will “return to town to wreak havoc on Jason and Michael and everyone else in Port Charles. His grand finale will be yet another art exhibition that’s more wild and crazy than his last one.”

Ok, whatever...on to bigger and more fun things! Paramount is REMAKING "SoapDish"!! Remember that movie with Whoopi and Sally? Yeppers..

Scoring good critical reviews but only middling box-office, 1991 comedy "Soapdish" is about to undergo the remake treatment over at Paramount Pictures says Pajiba.

The original followed the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a popular soap opera where the aging 'Queen of Daytime' Celeste Talbot (Sally Field) finds her life turned upside down by an ambitious producer (Robert Downey Jr.), a jealous actress (Cathy Moriarty), and both her niece (Elisabeth Shue) and her ex-flame (Kevin Kline) who end up working on the show.

Maybe we'll get some real daytime actors to get on there!!

TODAY'S SHOW; Good part? HELENA!!! Luke's dopey accent is stupid. I did love the mention of the GREEK ISLAND! Feta!!

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Gotta run today...meeting with Brian Frons about getting Alberta on the show!


Andrea said...

More havoc on Michael..Just what I want!!!

GHfan19 said...

Hey Karen, did you hear that Drew Cheetwood got engaged?! GHSpoilers posted it on Twitter =)

delcodave said...

as long as the remake is not another "Young Doctors in Love"!

has anyone seen Carpool Guy? Its a cute movie with a bunch of soap stars in it.

Liz said...

Bruce Davidson's character sounds like a name that Luke would use as an alias.

Cosmoetica said...

Davison, sans the second D.

skeebob said...

I remember Davison from Seinfeld, he was in charge of Susan's estate.

More "wild and crazy" than the last time isn't exactly a high bar to pass.

Anonymous said...

Going to give GH a major pass this summer when the Franco crap starts again. TIIC have no respect for me as a viewer, why should I reward them with my patronage?

Andrea said...

I am still loving that Lulu told Dante about the abortion and realized that if you just tell the truth, you will be fine. It was also funny when she told Maxie that she would take her advice and do the exact opposite!!
I don't think Brook Lynn is that cute.

I am glad that Lucky got to finally see Nikolas starting to act less Laura like and more Cassadine. Hope that leads him to protect Liz. I wonder if Liz is going to take the boys away when she has her kid IRL and when they come back, Cam and Jake will age rapidly and Jason shoots Jake in the chest for being an undercover cop...