Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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DAYTIME EMMYS---full list

GH is up for best Drama!

Lead Actress: Sarah Brown (GH) Crystal Chappel, Bobbie Easkes, Michelle Stafford, Maura West

Lead Actor: Peter Bergman, Doug Davidson,  Jon Lindstrom, Michael Park, James Scott

(NO LEAD Actor nomination for GH --and the only ACTRESS isn't even on the show! :/)

Lifetime Achievement: Agnes Nixon, creator of OLTL and AMC

Younger Actress: Christel Khalil, Marnie Schulenburg, Molly Burnett, Shelley Henning, Julie Marie Berman


Younger Actor:  Drew Tyler Bell, Drew Garrett, Dylan Patton, Scott Clifton, Zack Conroy (for GL, not BB)

Supporting Actor:  Billy Miller, Bradford Anderson, Jonathan Jackson, Ricky Paull Goldin, Brian Kerwin

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Beth Chamberlin, Julie Pinson, Carolyn Hennesy, Arianne Zucker

Writing: BB, ATWT, YR,  AMC
Daytime Emmy® Awards to Be Telecast on June 27th, 2010 On The CBS Television Network from the Las Vegas Hilton

I am thrilled for Carolyn Hennesy.  I said on Twitter, I bet she gets it as more people have seen her work because of Cougar Town!!! And how about Drew Garrett!!?? LOL. So, let's see, Sarah Joy Brown and Drew are both off the show and up for nods. There ya go!! I think GH is also up for BEST PROMO for the carnival and FRANCO spots..LOL.  OLTL was basically shut out...which is a joke as their writing was AWESOME last year. I do love the fact that Scott Clifton got a nod. It's an OUCH for GH in the Lead Actor category. No TG or MB?


Ari said...

wow. first i HOPE DREW WINS! Take that Guza. Also how did J.J. get a nod? I hardly find him that impressive.

Scarlett said...

my thoughts?
sarah- deserved. she can deliver like no other. though i think laura wright was snubbed AGAIN.
male lead- where is MB?
Supporting-JJ is excellent and can cry with ease but its a huge slap in the face AGAIN to Greg. And Bradford will do no more than split the GH vote causing both to lose. Um, where Dom Z?????
Supporting- while i love carolyn as diane, comedy rarely wins...
younger-While I think she is great I am much more a KS fan for this category...and drew should take this home on principle alone!

Anonymous said...

Well considering this is for the work the shows did LAST year and Sarah Brown was on for most of last year, I'm not surprised she was nominated. She did a fantastic job as Claudia AND the actress knew the part was temporary when they hired her.
Drew also did a great job. Michael came out of coma and all that dealt with it and took out his step-mom at the end. So again, no surprise he wasn't nominated.

KS was more in the background last year, so I see why they would nominate JMB for younger actress as she was front and center with the Dominic/Dante storyline. I don't get why DZ wasn't nominated, though. Unless the actor himself didn't put his name in for consideration.

I'm actually relieved TG wasn't nominated since he is so rarely on, it seems pointless to nominate him based on one or two outstanding shows. And it goes to show, that Sonny and Jason are not as popular as Guza would like the rest of the world to think since neither of their portrayers were nominated. Either that or the world at large is tired of mobsters and criminals and in a back-handed sort of way are punishing the actors for what they are asked to do by the writers.

And since that last sentence doesn't make the most sense even to me. I'll stop rambling.

Anonymous said...

JJ great actor - that one scene where he confronted Elizabeth and Nikolas for cheating along should seal it for him. Greg Vaughn was likeable enough, but no way could he have brought the gravitas to that scene like JJ did.
I'd like to see CH win as well - she does great work.

Lori said...

When I read Carolyn got her emmy nomination I screamed and then started crying AT WORK! lol I am so thrilled for her and very pleased with the other GH nominees as well.

I find it very telling that while GH got a Best Show nomination they did NOT receive a writing nomination... hear that Guza? You aren't all that and a bag of chips big boy! lmao

kdmask said...

I am SO HAPPY for Scott Clifton too. ;) I hope DREW WINS and just runs up there and screams FU ABC! hahahahaa. I'm shocked Laura Wright didn't get it. She was amazing too.

Curlygirl715 said...

I disagree, I think GV would have done a better job than JJ with Liz/Nic storyline. JJ is too unbelievable for me. I almost laughed when he was taking in Michael the other day...they looked the same age next to each other.

I'm so glad Drew and JMB got nominated. What is the age limit to younger actress though? I was hoping Kristina would get nominated, but I guess her storyline was too recent. Hopefully, she'll get nominated next year.


Andrea said...

I am happy that TG was not nominated. I think there should be a minimum of airtime needed for best actor. MB does not deserve an nomination. He is written as a charicature of a Mob boss and he is not a good enough actor to give a believable performance beyond the horrible writing. Sarah Brown clearly transends the writing and is rewarded for it.

Rita Pita said...

Seriously Ari? Wow. Sit and wait, JJ will bring it and it will come upon you emotionally like no other performance, you have my word.

I disagree with the nom for Spin. He bores me with the exception of the scene with Maxie in her hospital bed. I do think Laura wright should have been nominated along with nancy Grahn.

Stampin'GHmom said...

As I scrolled the list, at first I thought...yep Sarah Brown, JJ no surprise. Well earned...would be happy if either or both won.(side note to Ari: If JJ wins it will be for his scene with Elizabeth and Nikolas...that scene was beyond AMAZING)
So so so happy to see Caroline Hennesy (Diane) nominated!! SHE ROCKS!!!!
Glad for Drew G too. He deserves the recognition; but I think he might have tough competition from
Scott Clifton.
Surprised to not see Steve Burton (especially for the "shut up and sit down" scene with DG) and Laura Wright; but yes actually a bit relieved that AG not on there.

Anonymous said...

I must be the only non-sarah fan. I've never liked and I'm thrilled she's gone. I've started watching GH again. Now, Laura Wright on the other hand is the best Carly cast and it's too bad she's been overlooked. I've been a fan of GH for longer than I can even remember, but when the claudia character was introduced I stopped watching. And while I like Laura Wright, I am absolutely, positively sick of the "Sonny & Carly" show.