Thursday, July 18, 2019

You look familiar...

Have you ever watched late night TV 
and saw someone that looks really familiar
but you just couldn't put your finger on it?

I have...

Constance Towers "The King and I" - 1977

Anna Lee "Sound of Music" - 1965

Stuart Damon "Cinderella" - 1965

Leslie Charleson "Happy Days" - 1975

James Patrick Stuart "Frasier" - 1998
Maurice Bernard "Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter" - 1991
Finola Hughes "Staying Alive" - 1983

John Reilly "Mary Tyler Moore" - 1977

Tony Geary "All in the Family" - 1970

Verne Watson-Johnson "Welcome Back Kotter" - 1975
(and just about every other TV series ever made)

Jane Elliot "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl"
(with Deidra Hall) - 1976

This is the blog for Thursday. Please post your thoughts
and comments on the show and life in general below.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the great pictures. What a treat.

  2. These are so fun. Many I remember seeing but you got me on The King and I as it is one of my all time favorites and I've seen it many times, film and stage...but not this one. And Anthony! Thank you!

  3. Loved this!! Seems like I am constantly grabbing my phone while watching TV to google a cast of any particular show that I am watching. Then I google that person's name to find out what TV and movies they made that I am familiar with. Drives me crazy when I recognize someone and can't remember from where... This was a fun post to read.

    1. The IMDb app stays on my phone for that exact reason! If not, it will drive me crazy trying to remember where I’ve seen them before. And yes Wubs, I am constantly seeing GH actors on old sitcoms! I’ve seen both John Reilly and Brad Maule on Three’s Company.

    2. oooh. Brad Maule. Might be a good entry for round 2. Thank you!

    3. My go to is IMDb. I love it!

    4. Nancy yes I have the IMDb app on my phone. Yeh I've seen Brad I believe also on Threes Company too. Love that show as well and John Ritter, gone too soon.

    5. Pat Sun I do the same thing too!!!! :)

  4. Damn! I wish I could see clearly ugh....LOL! (I met my surgeon this past Monday and he said after looking at my eye it was like looking thru a dirty window, exactly). I'll have to come back here after Monday or when I get the patch off and see all the familiar faces. I knew about James Patrick Stuart, that episode was hilarious!!

    1. So happy for you Michelle! Hope you'll be seeing everything crystal clear very soon!

  5. Michelle... James Stuart is wht started it all I was watching Frasier clips and saw that episode. He was great in it. Totall comedy. He also had a French accent with was so perfect and spot on, I actually thought he was a french actor when I originally saw the episode back in the 90s. ANd hey, he looked really really good too.

    I knew the other ones by memory. Constance. Leslie. Maurice. Tony, Anna, Finola, Stuart... they were all in my head. and i said to Karen, "what if..." and then just went with it. I wanted to do an entire blog from memory. But I admit defeat in having to look up Jane. I knew she had to be in SOMETHING pre-GH. Oh, and lets face it. Vernee has been in EVERYTHING.

    We are going to work on a part 2, which will have a little more information if we do i right. We always love suggestions. And remember the "transformations" blog? that is getting a sequel

    DO you guys like this filler? (remember when Karne was on vacation and I did this?) Every now and then life says "I need you" to Karen and we like to have blogs like this to post so that it isnt empty for your posts about the show.


    ok, why didnt that turn into an emoji?

    1. Just saw that Frasier epi this wk! He was soo good and very sexy! Love Frasier! And the Happy Days epi with Leslie was priceless too. Cinderella was in every yr when I was a little girl and I always looked forward to it and thought it was so cool that Allen was the Prince! I always wanted to mention these on the blog especially Frasier but always forgot. This was fun! Thank you

    2. DelcoDave you did a great job with this blog. Thank you!!!!! :) I remember James Patrick Stuart on Frasier! He did a great job in it! :) Can't wait for part 2!!! Smiley face didn't turn into an emoji! HAHAHAHAHA!

    3. Dave, I loved this too, and do it again! I didn't remember the Frasier episode, and I watched that show faithfully. Still great in reruns!

  6. I saw part of today's show.
    BORING the entire thing was just rehash.. other than PCPD and ELQ "Played" baseball.

  7. The only goof part of today was Dr. O-hysterical dialogue as always!

    1. Dr. O: I couldn't get through the day without doing at least 1 or 2 tiny terrible things. It's good for my soul, and builds character in others.


  8. Anyone ever see Jane in Elvis's last movie "Change of Habit"?

    1. I have. She was so much fun

    2. Elvis movie! Saw it many times and she was great!

  9. Or James Patrick Stewart as the plastic surgeon in the movie "It's Complicated"?

    1. Or James Patrick Stuart as the DA on The Closer!? ��

  10. Seeing Jason and Sam on the bed, for some reason, it was bothering me more than usual that she NEVER is with her children. Wealthy women with full-time nannies maybe can live the single, free life after having children, but Sam does not have a nanny, they never show her with Scout, it's sad . . . Why give characters children if they are never with them? . . .

    1. I agree. And then they make Carly pregnant again!

    2. They should make Willow the nanny! :)

    3. maybe sam will give custody to drew. when she is with jason, he is her main focus. i find jasam totally boring, no chemistry.

  11. Yes yes yes! I have done that! Who is that person? OH! :)

    The hospital:

    Dr. O's room:

    Friz, and Dr. O: Great scene!!! Dr. O still does not like Liz hahahaha. They have to figure out who the man was who pushed her!!

    Nina and Dr. O: Oh Nina still has all the guilt feels!! She has tears too!!!! Nina you should go to the Carson kitchen and grab a Tribble and hug it! :)

    Dr. O: I couldn't get through the day without doing at least 1 or 2 tiny terrible things. It's good for my soul, and builds character in others.

    ROFL! Dr O would have won the line of the day, but then V.C. had to say his line and he wins it. :)

    ValeNina and Dr. O:

    V.C.: Of course you vas!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And the look on Dr. O's face! ROFL!

    The police station:

    Jordan and Mac: Talking about Dr. O's claims about being pushed.

    Jordan: I wish I was there to see it.

    Mac: She almost drowned.

    Jordan: Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Mac: Ha ha ha ha ha.

    UH NO! So freakin unprofessional!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?!?!!

    Jordan's home: Jordan dancing while eating!! LOVE IT! :)

    Jordan: Don't tell TJ. I never let him eat sugary cereal.

    Okay first of all, I thought it was macaroni and cheese, and second of all, TJ is an adult. He doesn't even live with you anymore. So what you said makes no sense. I am sure he eats sugary cereal now!!!!

    Jurtis: Oh sex talk! Well they can't do it at the moment until she is better, but she could do things to satisfy him!

    Jordan: If you get bored, I can think of other things we can do.

    That's what I am saying!!!!!! :)

    REAL park:

    Chillow: Geez for a second I thought he was Morgan.. Nah the whole time he looks like Morgan! Oh Willow has a job interview!!! :)A nanny!!! Yes Willow I agree he looks cute in that uniform! :)

    Softball field:

    Michael and Chase: Oh! Michael and his trash talk!!! :) Love it!

    Michael, Chase, and Sasha: Oh my!!!! Chase hit Michael with the ball and now Michael has a broken rib!!!! OUCH!!!! All off screen of course. Sasha wants to take Michael to the hospital!

    Hotel room:

    Michael and Sasha: Wait Sasha!!! Did you take Michael to the hospital? Ouch it looks bad! Oh good yes. He has a broken rib, but yes sure have sex. *roll eyes*

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and V.C.: When is the truth coming out?!?!!?!?!?! For the love of tribbles!!! When will it come out?!!? Maybe I should ask Sibley!! Love Sasha's dress.

    Willow and interviewer: When they kept talking, I'm thinking oh oh is the child going to be Charlie? V.C. and Nina come in! YUP I WAS RIGHT! I KNEW IT!!!! Nina is all I need to talk to you Willow, but Willow doesn't want to talk and walks away!

    Private room:

    Jasam: Okay they are adorable. :) She has a surprise for him.. Oh it's a pamphlet of tattoo removal.. Awww Sam is going to kill her and King Mufasa's baby. :) Oh Sam wants to give her plastic surgeon services to help Willow, and Willow's look alike, and Mcfly get rid of their tattoo baby.

  12. sonya said...V.C.: Of course you vas!

    *** lol I laughed so much at that line. And I laughed at Jordan and Mac and their "unprofessional" conversation.

    And yes, Jordan looked cute dancing unlike any other kidney transplant patient just out of the hospital. *Insert eye roll*

    And you've been hypnotised by that tribble. lol Jasam are not adorable. lol

    1. Oh yes Di, Sonya is now officially consumed by the tribbles. Seriously, I snorted coffee while reading "for the love of tribbles!" HAHAHAHAH!

      I fast forwarded the end of Jasam, she started murmuring again and I just didn't care. Lol!

    2. "Di says lol I laughed so much at that line."

      Hahaha me too! :)

      "And I laughed at Jordan and Mac and their "unprofessional conversation."

      Stupid conversation! ROFL!

      "And yes, Jordan looked cute dancing unlike any other kidney transplant patient just out of the hospital. *Insert eye roll*"

      ROFL! She is very limber? :)

      "And you've been hypnotised by that tribble. lol "

      They are so many they are multiplying!!!! Let's play a game of where the tribbles will be next! ROFL!

      "Jasam are not adorable. lol"


    3. "Julie H says Oh yes Di, Sonya is now officially consumed by the tribbles."

      GAH! Watch video. So many!!!

      "Seriously, I snorted coffee while reading "for the love of tribbles!" HAHAHAHAH!"


    4. ROFL, best little video clip ever. Thanks Sonya! If you haven't, you really need to watch that entire episode. Shatner is such a hoot!!

    5. "Julie H ROFL, best little video clip ever. Thanks Sonya!"

      You're welcome! :)

      "If you haven't, you really need to watch that entire episode. Shatner is such a hoot!!"

      Yeah I haven't seen that episode in a long time. I should. :)

  13. Oh, Sam, you have a daughter, her name is Scout, do you remember? I think we NEVER have seen them together . . .

    1. She's not only never with them I never hear her mention either Scout or Danny. Her and Jason are really a waste of screen time these days. I think their story had played out. Even the DOD story could've been done just as well if not better w/o either of them. JMO!

    2. She mentions them, you just can't hear her. I thought I had a hearing problem but apparently not LOL because I seem to be the only one who can hear her.

  14. "Michelle P says She mentions them, you just can't hear her. I thought I had a hearing problem but apparently not LOL because I seem to be the only one who can hear her."

    Hahahaha. No no I can hear her too. :) She just likes to whisper.. :) I guess Sam likes the ASMR style! ROFL!

    1. She not only talks too low, she drags her speech out as if it's too much effort to talk. I just FF through everything she says now. I assume it'll all be repeated by someone else later anyway.

  15. I just watched Frasier season 2 episode 1. Both Susan Brown (Gail Baldwin) and Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine) were in the episode. What a delight!