Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Snark Infested Waters

Now I can't hear OR see you! 

This week had it's light moments (baseball and birthdays) but if I have to see Sasha and Valentin argue ONE more time over breakfast  in the Metro Court I think I'll just stab myself. 

I have prepared for you a Snark Edition of the Blog this Sunday because I haven't done one in ages and I felt like it!! Enjoy! 

Get the coffee ready....

I Vas PUUSHED and I'm keeping saying it for anothers week until you believes me. Franco--he SAW A SHOE!!  A SHOE I TELL YOU!! Ask him!! 

Yep....  look. it's a SHOE!!
Uh, huh.... 
I mean, it's a SHINY SHINY SHOE! I think it could be from DSW and how many men shop at DSW?!!!
Ok, but I'm not getting it...
You will, once the PCPD Blows it up and there's a skull on the pant leg you WILL get it.  

Ah...he got me!! 
This is just like what happened to Nathan!
Not exactly, it's just a flesh wound
Entire GH timeline: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not a flesh wound!! 

Yeah, well, I'm almost ready to come back...
You are? Well, I'll step aside then. 
No.. I said "almost' looks like focus groups REALLY like you as commish..
Oh, I'm sure they like you too, Jillian.
Um, it's Jordan and... not so much. 

Oooooooo, did you wax just for me?
Didn't have to! 

So, you see..wiou wouhahog ...aougha! 
Wait, what ?? 
wouuwi aggyoie.. 
Um, okay. I take it you'll get your shoe taken off? 
you have the flu??
points to laser brochure
OH! TATTOO! got it... 

Hey, ready to be BEAT DOWN by us cops? 
No way, we have 9 great players on the ELQ team, 8 of which I don't know...
Do you think this is supposed to be a Blue/Red thing? 
Why would you say that? 
I just saw Nancy giving you the finger that's all... 
Oh, she always does that. 

We need to talk about this,'s important? 
What? The baby?
No, not the baby..I love that baby with my DNA 
Dev? is it about Dev? 
No, not about Dev...although he's a great kid, made in my image and all....
What then? 
This thing between us...

You mean the fact that you did a lot of things without asking me? 
Literally...this THING. 
Oh, that... it's moss..don't you just love it? I got it at Pottery Barn.
Makes me sneeze. I want it out, it's dead to me! 

Hey, want a donut, Finn?
No thank you, I'm engaged. 

I asked if you wanted a donut
I heard you and I'm spoken for. 
Well, I guess I won't ask you if you want any coffee! 

So... burger?


Dude, you have a weird accent. 
No, I don't I'm from the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn. Ever heard of it? It's in the New York City. 
Ok, are you for real? 
I enjoy their deep dish pizza.

Ok!! Joss?!! What's happening here!!? 

So, you were on the ROOF of General Hospital and Kiki ... talked through this Sibley person.
Yes, she did. I saw it. It was her. paid this woman... 
Yes.. it costs to contact the dead. 
Tell me, did she have on a flowy dress and wear a lot of rings? 
Well, maybe but.. 
She didn't use a crystal ball did she?!!
No, of course not..she just had Kiki's necklace and some Pier One throws 
Oh Ava... 
Shut up, Julian...

Stand back!! She's a Cassadine and she has a stick!! 

I"m here to report a SHOE!! 

It's me or the moss, or the moss. 


Everyone told everyone that Shiloh got arrested and "it's OVER"!! 
It's not over
Obrect almost spilled the beans but of course, did not
Nina felt guilty about harassing Willow
Willow was interviewing to be a governess until she found out it was for Charlotte
PETER got shot by Dante . Unfortunately it was in the shoulder. 
Lulu got mad at Maxie, then she forgave her in the same day.
Peter doesn't want Anna to know he's wounded
Jordan is working part time and can almost have sex again
Hayden and Jax want to bring down Valentin
Ava's convinced Kiki talked to her from the great beyond. 
Nikolas couldn't be reached on the spirit-hotline.
Aiden had a birthday.
Finn's all mopey because Hayden's around 

ELQ and PCPD are on softball teams. In the park. 
Shiloh flashed back to he and Drew in Afghanistan 
Ryan told Jordan she'd always have a piece of him inside her. 
Lulu got served divorce papers

PROPS OF THE WEEK: I liked the Perks set with Aiden's birthday party. Looked like a Pintrest a family would do. Aiden made his own cake too--awww. 

FLASHBACK OF THE WEEK: No, that's not Jason..that's Jason's twin, Drew on active duty in Afghanistan finding Shiloh in the infirmary. Why does he look like Jason? Because Drew looked like Jason before he got his face hit and became Drew-looking.  

PROMOTION OF THE WEEK: ABC will be selling limited edition baseball cards at the abc store. 

That's a wrap. It wasn't really a week where much happened. I'm kinda wishing Shiloh will be murdered because there are so many suspects but now with this Drew-backstory coming up I don't see that happening. They made Charlotte all goody-goody so there goes that fun for me. I wonder why Spencer isn't back in the mix- I guess it's too glaring that he's just not the "right" age.  I'm thinking Valentin, Nina and Sasha can all go. Hayden takes over in Crimson whereNina left off. That's 3 cast members for you!  Who would you ditch??!! 

Have a good one! Hope you're all keeping cool...

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  1. First, I would ditch the MOSS. That just ruins the nice kitchen set. I would ditch the new Dev, Peter, Sasha, not Willow starting to like her, I will think of more when I am awake more.

    Thanks for the great SS. I like to gripe about the show too.

    Is it just me or has John J. York lost some weight in the recent year or so. He looks GREAT!!!!!

  2. Ok now that my eyes are a bit more "awake" these are funny! Especially Dev and Trina and Julian and Ava! Surgery is tomorrow!
    So I got thr impression that Willow misunderstood thinking the the job was governess for Charlotte, but I think it was for another child. That's the impression I got.
    I agree about Sasha and Val, not a fan of hers and sick of the storyline, adult version of the Wiley sl. 🙄

  3. oh was it? I thought that Val and Nina made it clear when they got off the elevator?
    YES< JJY looks great and I think he has lost a bit of weight. I Love him in the Baseball uni lol

    1. I thought so too but then it seemed it was a different couple. I need to watch again.
      Yes!! He does look great, hot in the "outfit" LOL! Laughed when Willow called Chase uniform that. I think JJY has lost weight but he's always in suits and stuff it's hard to tell. He looked good. Needs to shave though. LOL!

  4. Thanks for another great SS. Needed it on this blistering hot day.

    "Entire GH timeline: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not a flesh wound!! "...HAHAHA Entire planet!!

    And I think Mac looks great too. We need to keep him. He brings a whole new vibe to the PCPD.

    Now back to my cold coffee.

  5. I just don’t understand why Dev wasn’t just a recast for Spencer. Same energy and he looks like Nik it would’ve been great!

  6. This SS was one of the best-laughed my ass off! I thought Liesl was the best part of the week. I would love to get rid of Dev, Hayden, Sasha and of course Shiloh needs to be murdered. JJY does look great and even seems competent in the job.

  7. Dev, Lulu, Nina, Jordan (but keep Widower Curtis), Kim.

    Find a way to reform Sasha and have Willow, & Chase and Sasha & Michael be the new era - like Mac?Felicia/Lucy/Kevin were or like Ned/Lois/Brenda/Jax were). Sam has got to act like she is older and stop getting herself into risky situations - we see Carly doing A LOT of Mom stuff, same with Alexis - it is time for Sam to move into that realm - or she needs to go.

    Lulu is only interesting when she and Maxie team up - so either have Peter and Maxie break up and the two single women and single Moms navigate kids and the dating world together or she needs to go.

  8. Forgot about Kim-near the top of my list! And Peter!

  9. Love the snark SS! More enjoyable than this week's shows for sure.
    Jordan as a serial killer would be perfection. Start out with Shank. There are so many possible killers that no one would ever suspect her. This could go on for a long time. She lives her life all regular until she kills again. If only.
    Jason & Sam mumbling on bed. Geeze.
    Chase & Michael...Nancy gave you the finger! Perfect. She would love that.
    NuNina is just not doing it. She is too bland. MS was so colorful and animated. Looks like bad wardrobe hit her with that ill fitting frock but Laura looked really nice at the party.
    They should have just recast Dante instead of all the bs.
    Thanks again for fun Sunday reading! Enjoy your day.

    1. Nancy gave Chase and.
      Michael the finger????
      Jordan as a killer is stupid. Just because she has a killers kidney doesn't make her a killer. Let someone else kill that SOB.

    2. No, just Michael as he is wearing red.(Political snark)Per the conversation under photo.
      I've seen more stupid things on soaps. Of course the kidney wouldn't make her a killer but Ryan planted the thought and the writers are capable of anything. She could go unsuspected for a long time.

  10. love sunday surgery. pic of jason is hysterical,so true.I can't hear sam the mumbler.sam is the number 1 character to get rid of.

    1. Loved SB as Drew in the military uniform. Sexy.

  11. Sasha, Peter and Dev can go quickly, please. Although I like Cynthia Watros, they should have just written out Nina when Stafford left. She should have taken Valentine with her. And, am I the only one who can't stand Michael?

    1. Don't like Sasha but love Michael. Love nuNina. . Dev can go away as can Sasha....Shiloh, Harmony and a few more.

  12. PLEASE get rid of Turkey boy, and Hiney can go as well.

  13. Oh, and Valentin, can't stand him!! Bring back Spencer, don't care how old he is NO ONE ELSE CAN play him!!

    1. Haha AntJoan when Dev goes to school I can hear the chant "Turkey boy". Reel life funny, but not real life.

  14. WHO knew Milo and Ephinany were living together??? I STILL like Julian - when he told Ava that Sonny was right - DON'T tell Avery that her dead sister talks to her - so sweet ---
    there must be a reason July 19 we suddenly have a softball team?? and where are the players? I saw no use in that scene - OUTSIDE of all things...
    and finally let's kill Shiloh and let the games begin!!!
    If JOrdan can dance and have sex, why can't she work? I am hoping Mayor Laura keeps Mac since HE solves cases and Jordan never has!!
    I don't have a problem with KS as Maxie gaining weight - but let's dress her as her age for crying out loud.

  15. I love when you do these types of blogs!!! :)

    "Snark Infested Waters"

    At first I thought it said shark infested waters.. Then while reading Friz talking about a shoe, I'm like huh? What has this got to do with sharks? Then went back to the topic, and OHHHHH! SNARK! Not shark! ROFL!

    "Oh, I'm sure they like you too, Jillian."
    Um, it's Jordan"


    "So, you see..wiou wouhahog ...aougha!
    Wait, what ??
    wouuwi aggyoie..
    Um, okay. I take it you'll get your shoe taken off?
    you have the flu??
    points to laser brochure
    OH! TATTOO! got it... "

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA! Gold just gold! :)

    "Oh, that... it's moss..don't you just love it? I got it at Pottery Barn.
    Makes me sneeze. I want it out, it's dead to me!"


    "Aiden made his own cake too--awww."

    That's just sad!! So very wrong!!! :(

    "I wonder why Spencer isn't back in the mix- I guess it's too glaring that he's just not the "right" age."

    That doesn't matter!!! They are family!!! Of course he should be at the party.


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