Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday's Show: Birthday Party

Well, YESTERDAY was a big nothing burger. I guess unless you like to see sanitized baseball uniforms-- whatever. I loved last week and this week has just been recaps after recaps. IT'S SUMMER. Good gravy, get something going. 

I'm hopeful for today's show. I think Ryan is on so--that should be ok. 


Harmony and Willow. Harmony is going to be the libraian -- Willow tells her Shiloh was arrested. Her mom is sad she put her through so much. 

Ryan and Curtis/Jordan: Visiting Ryan. Ryan fake-holds his "Kidney Scar" spot lol. Ryan baits Curtis about stealing his kidney. 
"My kidney has infected your heart and soul and you'll never get me out" LOL
Can Jordan now go around murdering people? Thanks.


Aiden made his own cake "Happy Birthday to Me"...and he got a drum set.  Lulu asks about the reception. Nina and Charlotte got Aiden mixing bowls. Hayden shows up. Cam gives him a gift cert to see a pastry chef. Lulu's sad that Dante's not there. Sad, sad. Nina blows off Hayden who tries to talk to her. Then, When Willow comes, Nina tries to apologize to her. 

Lulu gets an envelope from a delivery guy. (How he found her at the back end of Perks at a kid's birthday party is anyone's guess). She got divorce papers. 


Drew and Jason are building the tree house and getting dinner. They talk about Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Can't quite figure it out.  Drew talks a bit about maybe knowing Shank from Navy SEALS and his memory stick. Jason thinks that Shiloh is lying about Drew saving his life. 


Sonny is proud of Krissy for standing up to Shiloh. He gets a phone call. Speaks Spanish. See below.  He calls Jason to tell him Shiloh is out on bail. Tries to calm Krissy down about him being out. 


Shiloh got out on bail.  Chase tells him he can't get a DNA test because it's forbidden. DAISY is there. She spent her entire trust fund on his bail and there's no money for a lawyer. Shank says "It's always darkest before the dawn". 

Shank and Daisy go to Charlie's to talk to Krissy and they forgive her. LOL  She says she's going to testify against him and tell everyone he's a sexual predator. Sonny calls him a 'cockroach". He and Daisy leave. 
Next, he  goes to see Harmony..he tries to talk her into raising the baby with him. She says she's going to testify against him and yells at him.  

Ryan.. Sees Harmony and her book cart. Takes a DOD book. Says to give his regards to Nelle.

Shiloh flashes back to the war and Drew (who looks like Jason, remember) -- wakes him up when he's all bloody. 


  1. So Drew really did save Shiloh's life?? Even if that is true, there must be more to it that Shiloh doesn't want Drew to remember.

    I hope that Drew isn't leaving. He is a good actor, and a good guy. If he leaves without us ever learning his backstory with the memory stick, that would really be upsetting. Plus, he is Scout's father, and, as I said earlier, the poor girl is NEVER with her mother, it seems like maybe she is living at the Quartermaine's? I know she was there for the Shiloh caper, but why is she there now? Maybe she is supposed to be there some of the time, with Drew, but, again, when is she ever with Sam?

  2. I'm glad they remembered that Drew had jason's face when he was a Seal. That should also come in handy if they need to shoot scenes after Drew is gone. I hope we get to see the whole backstory and it isn't just going to turn into 55000 conversations between different couples over the next few years.

    I thought it was rather stupid for Willow to mention her baby by name. Does the whole town know it's Wiley now? If the circle gets any bigger Shiloh won't need to find any proof. Everyone will know.

    I loved the party scenes. And Charlotte really loved that truck. Are her parents going to start thinking that she is confused about her sex now too?

  3. Let's just hope TPTB don't write Billy Miller off by having him decide he wants his old face back and then allow Steve B to play both Jason AND Drew. Gag!

    1. OMG Don't even think that.

    2. Actually, that is a GREAT idea. I don't want BM to leave, of course, but if he decides to leave, if SB plays him then at least we won't lose the character.

  4. I guess I am in the minority but I like Julian with Kim - he's sweet -
    PLEASE powers that be - KEEP Robert and Mac front and center!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!11

    1. "I guess I am in the minority but I like Julian with Kim - he's sweet"

      You are not the only one. I like them together too. Yes he is so sweet to her!

      "PLEASE powers that be - KEEP Robert and Mac front and center!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!"

      YES PLEASE! :)

    2. Me too! Ditto on both of these!

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  6. Karen! Hahaha. Jail, birthday party, floating rib, Charlie's PCPD? Did I inspire you to do all that? :)

    Jail/meeting area:

    Willow and Mama Loraine McFly: Awwww. Nice scene. :) Mama really wants to protect Willow.

    King Mufasa and Loraine McFly: Oh no!!! Don't let King Mufasa manipulate you!!!! WHOA! She just went off on him hahaha. YEAHHHHH! And did you see how his face twitched when she went off on him? ROFL!

    Jurtis and Ryan:

    "Karen says Ryan fake-holds his "Kidney Scar" spot lol."

    Oh! Was he faking it? ROFL! I was wondering why he is still in pain. Didn't it happen like a month ago? ROFL! Well anyway Ryan wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: The problem is he still got all of his parts, and I'm down a kidney.


    "Karen says Can Jordan now go around murdering people? Thanks."

    ROFL! Oh you want her to start murdering people? :) The problem with that is, she will have that constipated look the whole time! :)

    Jail hallway:

    Loraine McFly and Ryan:

    "Karen says Ryan.. Sees Harmony and her book cart. Says to give his regards to Nelle."

    Give his regards to Nelle.. So delicious! :) Love that She and Nelle are roomies! :)

    Central Perk: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN!!! How old is he? DRUMS! HAHAHAHA! Wait Aidan made his own cake? How sad. :( Charlie is being so nice to Aidan and everyone... She has changed. :)

    Lulu and Laura: Lulu still whining. Oh look an envelope! I was thinking, divorce papers? YUP!!! YAY! I was clapping! :) I have been waiting for them to show up. Well, now she can move on and start dating the uber/coach guy. Uh Justin?

    "Karen says How he found her at the back end of Perks at a kid's birthday party is anyone's guess"

    ROFL! Yeah I have no idea, but I don't care, just as long as she gets the divorce papers. :)

    Willow and Nina: Awwww Nina is being nice. Still have the guilt feels. This actress is awesome! :) So glad to see her again. :)

    Chillow: Yeah Willow I can't believe King Mufasa is free on bail either.

    Police station:

    King Mufasa, Laura, Chase and Daisy: He is FREE!!!!! And look at Daisy's face!! She wants to help him so bad!!!! But then if he dies, will it be Daisy the one who did it? :)

    King Mufasa and Daisy: Oh man!!! Snap out of it Daisy!!! This actress is doing a great job! :)

    The floating rib:

    Drew and Jason: YAY! They worked on the tree house. Oh look food!!! Burgers, fries, and a pickle! :) Gee they said they are starving, but they are not eating it!!! Oh Jason took a bite out of the pickle... Come on guys! EAT!!! When King Mufasa showed up, the food was gone!!! What the?! They didn't even eat!!!

    King Mufasa and Drew: Punch him Drew! Punch him! :)

    "Karen says Shiloh flashes back to the war and Drew"

    OH! I thought it was Drew starting to remember!!! Damn. :(

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    King Mufasa and Krissy: Krissy went off on him, and he didn't have any twitching.. Rats.

    Sonny and King Mufasa: Hehehe cockroach! :)

    Sonny and Krissy: Awww sweet hug. :) Oh! I wonder what Sonny said in Spanish. :)

  7. sonya said... I was wondering why he is still in pain. Didn't it happen like a month ago?

    *** lol Yes. What a wimp. Jordan was dancing with no sign of distress. lol

    1. He was probably "acting" like he was in pain when he saw who was there to visit him.........

  8. "Di says lol Yes. What a wimp."


    "Jordan was dancing with no sign of distress. lol"

    HAHAHAHA! She was supposed to take it easy!!! :) She was just on death's door!

  9. Believe me, I know.There's a lot of eye rolling here at her post transplant behavior. lol

  10. The old Sonny would be plotting Shiloh death. He's killed for less than someone hurting his family member.

    1. He and Jason would've taken Shiloh out long ago, they are honoring Krissy's wishes.

  11. Keeping Shiloh around for Drew's backstory should have happened BEFORE all the rapey stuff. Again, GH paints a character in a corner then wants us to believe he'd get out on bail AND be able to visit Harmony, who's to be a witness against him. Frustrating. I get it's a soap but damn.

    1. I just watched Friday's show and also thought it was totally ridiculous that Shank could get in to see the woman who turned on him. Exceeding ridiculous!

    2. Yes. that's totally ridiculous. And why doesn't Willow and Christina have a restraining order out against him. If he goes near them he'll be right back in jail, bail or no bail.

    3. Restraining order, good idea, get with it writers.