Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Business Class Flights

Port Charles International Film Fest! We have Nina/Maxie, Kiki /Griffin and Peter Lulu.  Maxie is totally jelly of Lulu and Peter. Geesh.

Sam and Drew at Sam's, he needs to talk to her. She said she'll always help him. 

Jason and Monica at the Q's

RAVA!! Ryan and Ava at the Metro. He said he'd LOVE to talk to her. 

Spencer is in town. Laura is made he left school..again. 

SHORT Day for me. 


  1. Laura needs to hire Curtis to follow Ryan. He keeps ditching her.

  2. so, with Spencer's parents presumed dead, who is his legal guardian?

  3. I watched about 5 minutes if that because it was time to pick up my kitty from the vet and I'd rather watch her LOL!!

  4. Yes, I am sure that Laura is his legal guardian. Can't wait to watch tonight to see him!

  5. Q home:

    Jason and Monica: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) He is there for her, and they hugged more than once! I love it! Love the scene!!! :) Hmm is it the anniversary of Monica's cancer or something? Cus she is acting like it is.

    Movie premieres:

    Griffin and Kiwi: Oh what the hell man!!!! Why does she keep having that seducing face of hers?!?!!? She must be very thirsty!

    Lulu and Hiney: I LOVE MY LINEY!!!!! :) They need to be together!!!!

    Maxie and Nina: Maxie is so JELLY of Liney!!!!!!

    Lulu, Hiney, Maxie, and Nina: So very jelly Maxie!!

    Hiney and Maxie:

    Hiney: How are you Maxie? How is James?

    Maxie: I'm fine and he is fine.


    Levin's home:

    Laura and Spencer: SPENCER!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So great seeing you Spencer! Hey your voice has changed.. I love watching him grow up! :)

    Laura and "Doc" Man Laura is so thirsty! She wants him badly!!!! Ryan knows that if he has the sex with her, that she will notice something is off!!! So he is being smart.

    Laura, "Doc" and Spencer: Hmmm why doesn't Spencer call him Grandpa? :) Oh they are talking about Ava! Spencer is leaving? I was thinking is he going to see Ava?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Kevin and Ava:

    "Karen says RAVA!! Ryan and Ava at the Metro."

    YES!!!! Rava! They need to have a fling and they need to have a fling right NOW! :)


    Sam's home:

    Paint and Wall: Well I am glad she is there for him.

    Paint, Wall, and Baby Trim: Awwwww look at that cutie baby Trim!!!! :)

    Kiwi's home:

    Kiwi and Griffin: Oh man! She is so thirsty for him!!!! OH YUCK THIS IS SO PORNOGRAPHIC!!! Gross!!! I was afraid the director was going to have Kiwi show her cupcakes, but they would have been blurred out. Just like with Lante when they showed Lulu's cupcakes..

  6. "Michelle Latta said..I watched about 5 minutes if that because it was time to pick up my kitty from the vet and I'd rather watch her LOL!!"

    ROFL! Well maybe that is probably for the best, or you would have to watch Kiwi and Griffin make their own porno show! Yuck!

  7. Sonya, Monica likely brought up breast cancer because it is October.

    Didn't finish watching yet, but does anyone know if Ryan is/was a dr.? As I had said earlier, I think I wasn't watching regularly when he was first on, so I don't know what his career was. Is he acting like a shrink, or was he one?

    The whole idea of the entire town going to Kevin with their problems is ludicrous, people usually don't see their friends for therapy. And discussion of one's issues should take place in the treatment room only, not over cocktails. But the most egregious violation was Kevin's telling Laura that that Ava is his patient (well, Ryan). If Ryan is not really a dr. he might not know that this is a violation of HIPAA, but Laura should know, she is on the hospital board. When Ryan disappeared 25 years ago there were no HIPAA laws, but there are now!

  8. How did Spencer know where Ava was?

  9. There is something about Kiwi and Griffin together that I just don't like, can't put my finger on it . . . Maybe because I know she's leaving?

  10. "AntJoan said...Sonya, Monica likely brought up breast cancer because it is October."

    Ohhh that's right!!!

  11. I believe Ryan was a pediatrician. I forget

  12. "lindie said... I believe Ryan was a pediatrician. I forget"

    I looked him up today, and it said that he is a pediatrician.. I forgot! I thought he used to be a therapist!

  13. Pyscho Ryan a pediatrician? I don't know whether to laugh or cry! That is awfully icky thinking about him working with kids

  14. Well, if he was a dr., his license likely no longer is valid.

  15. Ryan being a pediatrician is creepy like Larry Nassar.

    I know this is a soap and Kevin IRL would have tons of patients not just Ava and Carly. IRL he would creep someone out who would report him if he acted like he does with Ava. He just likes Ava because she is a monster like he is. Ava is a killer, but not a "serial killer". How many people has she killed? Only Connie? I don't even know. I will look that one up. I think Carly has killed too though hasn't she? Self defense for Carly?

    OK, I am rambling now

  16. P.S. I forgot that Carly shot Tony


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