Friday, October 19, 2018

I love Stella

Stella sees Michael looking at the babies in the nursery. She really could be a Mona or a Myrtle..I like her character. (Or a Ruby...although No one could be a Ruby if you know what I mean). They talk about grief and holding on to anger-- Stella with Jordan and Michael with Nelle. 

PETER is near Maxie and the baby. GET AWAY FROM THE BABY!!  Maxie gasps... (see below) 

Curtis/TJ and Jordan. TJ should be at GH doing his medical training ...come on!!! They bitch about the wedding and Stella not coming. 

Sonny and Jason...blah blah...Marino. Sam took over the case from Spinelli because he's on a vacation with Ellie and Georgie. She's doing it without Curtis. She went to the library because the net has not a lot on Marino. Sam and Jason talk about working together. Oh! Sam found a photo of an old parish christmas card at the library and Margot's mom was having an affair with SCULLY! I like the library detail--that was done well.  

Drew and DA Lady talking about taking Sonny down. Drew is like "Why shouldn't I go to the cops"?? She tries to convince him but he says No Dice. 

All of a sudden, Maxie runs into GH with Peter and James--bumps into Michael who's leaving--and says "James has a rash"!! Is he breathing ok?? Michael goes: Um, I'm not a doctor. LOL. WEIRD. Anyway it's not a rash; his PANTS were too tight!! LMAO. he is a big kid. 

TJ goes to talk to Stella about coming to the wedding. 


  1. First they said that Sonny only buried the body. Then they changed that to he killed Marino. Now they are saying that Marino was a scumbag, so it was OK that Sonny killed him? Sonny and Jason seem positively gleeful about exposing Marino's wrongdoings, as if that somehow justifies cold-blooded murder.

  2. OMG!!!!! Speak up Sam! I realize she has that audible issue or whatever but she sounds like she's trying to sound sexy and when she said Georgie, it sounded liked Jordie. 🙄🙄🙄 I was like Jordie who's that? Then realized she said Georgie. I just want to punch her face haha!! Ok... done now.

  3. michelle so true about sam.I have to strain to hear her.boring. she puts me to sleep.

  4. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Bubbles, the DA??? I don't. I have found her irritating from the first, and she has done nothing to improve on that impression. Self-righteous little nasty bag.
    The voice that gets to me is Maxie's. But I love the character. After seeing Maxie with Michael today, I would like to see them get together. Lots of history and wouldn't it be nice to have a stable couple who is, how to say it, law abiding???
    Have a great week-end, all.

  5. I agree about Bubbles ishouldreadmore. Can't stand her! Also would love to see Michael and Maxie together too. Mixie anyone?

  6. Yes. Bring on Michael and Maxie

  7. So now we will find out that Scully is Margaux's father? Oh, she is such a miserable beatch, I volunteer her to be Ryan's first victim, put her (and us) out of our misery. (Of course, I don't see Ryan noticing her, she is not in his circle, plus I think he only kills blondes?)

    JaSam today and the eye sex--oy vey!!

  8. I think that Curtis and TJ are both amazing. TJ has grown to be a GORGEOUS man!! But, please, lose the beatnik beard!! Although I love them, and Aunt Stella, it's just not the same with nuJordan, she is OK, but she is not Vinessa . . .

  9. I thought the whole show was sleep-worthy. Cute baby and cute TJ! New Jordan is still blah. Nice twist with Scully and Marino.

  10. I don't like new Jordan either.

  11. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie, baby James, and Hiney: Well Maxie and Hiney are boring, but Hiney and baby James are not!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww! Yes go to uncle Hiney!!!! :) Baby James is so adorable!!!! He looks tired. :) Oh oh! A rash!! It's the end of the world!!!!

    TJ, Jurtis: TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look great young man!!!!!! :) Jurtis zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. TJ and Curtis great scene! Yeah good luck TJ talking to your auntie..

    Jurtis: I was thinking, I thought Jordan was looking for Marcas!! What happened to that? Was the storyline dropped? Oh wait she brings it up. I guess she can't find him.

    Margoo and Drew: Man they are paint and wall Jr!!! Drew you should have been wired or something! So basically,

    Margoo: My dad was a perfect human being!!! Sonny is a bad bad man!!!


    The hospital:

    Michael, Maxie, baby James, and Hiney:

    Maxie: Dr. Michael!!! My son has a rash!!!! Is he breathing!!?!??! Check!!!!

    Dr. Michael: He seems fine to me..

    Ohhhh no rash!!! Pants to tight! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hmmm gee wouldn't he have been crying? Strange.

    Maxie and Hiney: Maxie leave him alone!!! He wants to leave with an Uber!!!!

    Michael and Maxie: They are so adorable together and they are not boring. They have chemistry. If Michael and Francesca won't be together, then I want Michael and Maxie together!!!! :)

    Michael and Stella: Great scene!!!! :) I love it!!!! :)

    TJ and Stella: Awwwww! :) Listen to him Stella! He is a very wise young man! How old is he? 21? 22? 23?

    Carson home:

    Jasam: Eye sex!!!! :) Jason wins the line of the day.

    Sam: Aren't you frustrated?

    Jason: Yeah cold showers.


    Jasam and Sonny: OHHHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Margoo's mama had an affair with Scully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  12. "AntJoan said...So now we will find out that Scully is Margaux's father?"

    HAHAHAHA! If that is where this is going, KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :) Poor wittle Margoo's perfect family was a lie!!! Her bio daddy killed her not bio daddy.

  13. max gail was on the cool kids tonight

  14. Delcodave, I have been meaning to ask you...regarding "Mom", which is an outstanding show, have you watched it from the beginning? What about Kristy's CHILDREN?? Violet and Roscoe? Just dropped? I cannot get over that. I continue to watch because I laugh, but come on writers! and I absolutely was entertained by Baxter, the ex husband. It's not just GH writers that drop the ball!!! Disappointment for all!

    1. Love Mom too. They addressed the "dropping" of the children but I forget what it was. Just focusing more on the AA group. Violet was a brat, loved Baxter and Christy's mom and Alvin.

    This explains it

  16. I so miss the kids/Baxter angle.

  17. I like Stella, but she needs to take a rest on the Curtis being with Jordan thing. Enough already. I like her with Mike and Sonny and others when she is not being angry. IDK I guess in real life someone would have a vendetta, but this show is definitely not real life

  18. Regarding "Mom",the young actress who plays Violet said on Instagram that she will be back on the show soon(just for an episode).

  19. "KT4GH said....regarding "Mom", which is an outstanding show, have you watched it from the beginning? What about Kristy's CHILDREN?? Violet and Roscoe? Just dropped? I cannot get over that."

    Yeah I keep wondering what happened to them.

    "Michelle Latta said...
    This explains it"

    OH! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  20. im late to the table. everyone seems to have covered the show MOM.


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