Monday, October 15, 2018

Too Old for Dolls

Laura makes dinner for Ryan... and has on a nice outfit for once...I loved her leopard cami.. Ryan knew all about the wedding/Leslie coming and the blizzard. She wants to dance. HE gives her a  "LOOK"...she says "what have you done with my husband" . He makes up an excuse he has to leave. 
Charlotte visits Gram with Lulu. She gets a doll but says she's too old. Luckily, Laura brought her a book too. Some french thing.  Lulu whines about Dante

Ryan and Kevin together in Ferncliff.  Good stuff.  He makes Kevin think he's sleeping with Laura lol. 

Drew and Franco talking on the docks about Harvey.. and making them swim. They talk about Oscar. Drew wants to get his memories back to help Oscar.  He tells Franco that he would have to turn in Jason and Sonny to get them back. "Would you do it"?? He asks. WHY the hell wouldn't Drew just go to the WSB and say: "Um, DA chick has my memories on a stick"?? 

Jason finds out that Marino was really 'dirty"... like that should matter.  He bought a house in the Hamptons. Jason wants to know why Scully picked a kid to kill Marino. 

Courthouse. Nelle messes up and says to the baby "You've grown a lot since I last saw you"..Carly jumps in: HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT?  huh?? Nelle says she saw it on the internet. Then Carly gets mad she gets computer access in jail!! ahahahaa.  So Nelle pleaded no contest. Gets the max. 

Liz and Sam (I still would love them as a couple). ..Liz wants to talk about Drew.  She says that Oscar is pulling away from his friends yada yada.. and Drew is upset. Then Sam says Drew came over when Jason was there. Liz does NOT approve. Sam says none of your biz. Liz says that people get trampled. They argue. Liz wants to get along for "Drew's sake".  They are going to make amends to do that. 



  1. Karen, did you say that you want to see Liz and Sam as a couple? LOL Spencer is on, SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!

    I said a few days ago that Drew should go to PCPD or WSB to get back flash drive. WHY OH WHY wouldn't he think of that?

    1. Haha! AntJoan I noticed that to, gave me the giggles!"Kevin" was funny when he was talking to Kevin.

  2. I didn't watch yet, but I thought Nelle was getting a trial. I had asked a few days ago if anyone could explain this to me, because I thought she already had a trial, and that this was the sentencing. But there was a jury, so I guess it was her trial? WHY would she plead no contest? I thought she was going to try to manipulate the jury. I guess that the character would have done that, but they probably only had the actress for 2 days, so she had to plead.

  3. SO obvious that Sam is suspicious of Brad - and that is why she goes to see Spinelli - also because Kristina wants to be successful, she'll probably try something dangerous and stupid - wonder what? I first thought she was upset because maybe Parker had married or something?

    Drew absolutely should hire CURTIS to get the flash drive back!

    1. Sam is suspicious of Brad? Do you mean Kristina? Drew does need to hire Curtis for sure.

  4. I am really looking forward to some Spencer/Kevin scenes. I bet Spencer will annoy the F out of him - ha! Did you all catch that look Charlotte gave Ryan? Kids know when things are off. Also, Sam just annoys me!

  5. liz and sam, huh?

    ok. i'll give you that. if you give me chase and lucas. that's right. lucas finds out about the baby switch and divorces brad because of it and then runs into Chase at the gym and well...

    shirtlessness ensues.

    hey thanks for the warning about spencer being on. I just chock full of excitement to find out which castle servant he will belittle and treat like crap and humiliate.

  6. delcodave - yes! Chucas? Lace? Maybe Chase and Lucas can be in a thruple with Griffin? ;-)

  7. paul,

    my heart could NOT take that.

  8. Levon's home:

    Laura and "Doc" At first when they only showed the body and not the face, I thought she was Alexis.. Man he is just trying to get away from her hahahaha!

    Laura, Lulu, and Charlie: Oh man! That doll looks really creepy!!! *shiver*

    Laura and Lulu:

    "Karen says Lulu whines about Dante."

    Hahaha. That is what I was thinking.. Stop whining Lulu!!! Time for a divorce!! The other day, Lulu had the ugly cry with no tears..

    Carson home:

    Sonny and Jason: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sam's home:

    Sam and Liz: Okay Liz you can tell Sam that she and everyone should be there for Drew.. That is fine, but telling her to stay away from Jason, yeah no. That is crossing the line!!!

    Paint and Wall: Oh look. Paint and Wall eye sex. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The pier:

    BobTodd and Drew: Awwww! Great scene!!!!!! Bravo!!!! :)

    Friz: Awwwww! :)

    Mental ward:

    Doc and Ryan: GREAT SCENE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! :) Doc this is all your fault!!! You should have told Felicia the truth right from the start.. Ryan wins the lines of the day.


    Ryan: Oops. I'll give you this, you are committed. See what I did there?


    Ryan: She's my wife. In every sense.


    Ryan: Laura is even more beautiful than I thought possible.

    She is also VERY thirsty and wants her husband badly! :)


    Janey, Carly, Michael, and Chase: Janey isn't going to tell you anything Michael!!! Just manipulating you!

    Brad, Jonah, and Janey: OH COME ON! Brad is STILL there?!?!?! Give me a break!!!

    Chase and Janey: Oh! We get to hear the verdict but not see it. That's fun. (sarcasm)

    Previews: SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Is he the one with the flowers at her door?

    1. Ahhh the flowers! It could be Spencer!! Never thought of that.

  9. "AntJoan said...Karen, did you say that you want to see Liz and Sam as a couple? LOL"

    ROFL! She did!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!

    "Paul773 said.. Chucas? Lace? Maybe Chase and Lucas can be in a thruple with Griffin? ;-)"

    Paul! ROFL!

    1. Chucas makes me think of someone blowing chunks LOL!!!

  10. Very happy that Spencer will be on!

    Paul773 and DelcoDave you 2 are killing me! Shirtlessness, Thruple? HAHAHAHAH!

    I love Liz, and hate Sam. But seriously...having Liz tell Sam not to see Jason?? C'mon...that was just plain stupid, and I am not amused.

    The Collins twins make my day. Thanks Jon Lindstrom! :)

    1. You know, if you think about it, Liz and Sam have "slept" together haha! If memory serves Franco (James, not BobTodd) raped Sam, Sam slept with Drew and Jason and Liz slept with Franco (BobTodd) and Drew and Jason haha!!! Oh and can't forget Lucky. Sam did sleep with him....right?

  11. Yes, I didn't think of that, either, I hope it is Spencer with the flowers.

    Karen, yes, we all noticed that you said Sam and Liz and pointed it out, but the good news is that we all noticed, see how carefully we read every word you say?

  12. "Michelle Latta said...Ahhh the flowers! It could be Spencer!! Never thought of that."

    Who did you think it was? At first I thought it was Ryan who transported quickly on his transporter, and then I'm thinking it's Spencer!

    "Chucas makes me think of someone blowing chunks LOL!!!"


    "Julie H said...I love Liz, and hate Sam. But seriously...having Liz tell Sam not to see Jason?? C'mon...that was just plain stupid, and I am not amused."

    I know!!! It's like they are teenagers or 20.

    Liz: Stay away from my man!

    Sam: No! He isn't your man! He is my man! YOU stay away from him!

    Liz: NO!

    *girl fight ensues*

    "Michelle Latta said. If memory serves Franco (James, not BobTodd) raped Sam,'

    As it turned out, it didn't happened..

    "Oh and can't forget Lucky. Sam did sleep with him....right?"

    Yup!!! They did have the sex! :)

  13. LOL Sonya! Girl fight would be good, if the writer's are going to keep making Liz and Sam snark at each other about all of their men!

  14. Why is Ryan avoiding sex with Laura--like he has scruples or something? He's a psychopath...

  15. Exactly. It is weird that Ryan is avoiding sex with Laura. Thought it was about Felicia at first but he seems hot for Ava.

  16. I think he is not attracted to Laura. Plus, as I said before, I think a woman could tell if it is not her husband when they are in bed, which would be a threat to Ryan--well, in the real world, anyway, who knows about in soapland.


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