Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time Travel Thursday!

Oh yes.. taken from the DecloDave playbook! Hop in the Wub Tub Time Machine and rewind!  I'll be off today, saving the world from Articulation disorders!! 

Real friendships are few and far between on soaps anymore-- at least ones we see on screen for more than 3x a month if we are lucky. What's been some of your favorite friendships over the years? 

The one that really stands out to me is Mac and Kevin. This story was happening around the time that Bosom Buddies was popular.  Check out the You Tube where Felicia coaches them on how to behave like "ladies"

Mac had better be a BIG part of this story --right along with Felicia, Lucy and Laura. He should know Kevin.. down to his boxers! 


  1. Those 4 were some of the funniest EVER on General Hospital. Felicia even looked great in that short hair. I'm so jealous. I have to watch the 2 guys in drag now. So funny. Lucy "those shoes are so huge". Felicia "that's why I have to return them".


    Here is another clip of Kevin and Mac.

    I am so worried that they won't have Felicia and Mac around enough for this new Ryan story line. It COULD be so good.

  3. favorite friendship liz and emily. also diane and alexis

  4. Monica and Bobbie, Diane and Alexis also

  5. I also liked when Emily, Liz, and the other ladies at the hospital would go out and do shots. LOL

  6. That was fun when they all went out for shots and did karaoke. Scrubs (Robin and Patrick) was awesome back then too.

  7. Brenda and Robin were fun to watch as friends back in the day. But Liz and Emily were my favorites....but that was me, my age, etc, so I really connected to them.

  8. So does anyone think Ryan "likes" Ava? He is tough to figure out.

  9. Is it just me or does it seem like Drew and Margoo have been at that table at the Metro Court for 2 DAYS?

  10. LUKE and ROBERT!

    okay I have been reviewing GH in my head - I truly don't remember anyone Sonny has actually KILLED........or even Jason.......

    they always TALK about it but when was the last time Jason killed someone?
    has Sonny ever killed anyone?

    When Margeaux chewed out Carly she said you are married to the man who has killed so many people--I can't think of anyone?

  11. He killed some guy on the docks who he thought shot Michael . He was a foreign mobster maybe Russian?

  12. Barbara--Sonny very much shot and killed AJ Quatermaine in 2014. He's certainly shot and killed many enemies "in self-defense"over the years.

  13. I'm still sick about how he killed AJ.

  14. Oh, gosh I forgot about Luke and Robert. Loved their friendship. Luke and Sonny too, but like Luke and Robert better. Sonny and Stone (more like father and son though).

  15. Luke and Robert are daytimes best bromance! I am still sickened that they had Luke and Sonny share scenes in Luke's last days in PC but no Luke and Robert!
    Maybe now that Laura is back we can have some decent Laura/Robert scenes and not like that weak, last one where he dropped by her place for a few minutes to give her a warning from Luke. Laura and Robert were good friends too back in the glory days and they need to reconnect.
    Other good friendships: Scotty and Brian, Tracy and Lulu, Lila and Stella, Patrick and Epiphany, Jagger and Robin, Robin and Brenda

  16. Mac and Kevin picture! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    The real park:

    Griffin and Kiwi: Oh make it stop already!!!! And what the hell is with Kiwi's seductive face she makes? UGH!

    Nina, Sasha, and Curtis: Well that is underwhelming.. How is Sasha feeling? Happy? Angry? Confused? High? Drunk? Hungover? I have no idea because she isn't showing any emotions. Nina on the other hand you can tell she really really wants to hug Sasha badly!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Drew and Margoo: Yes it is blackmailing bitch!!! No matter how pretty you make it.


    "Doc"'s table: HAHAHAHAHA! Hysterical! He is just blowing Laura off.

    "Doc" Yeah yeah I know. I am sick. I am busy. OH FELICIA!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He is so excited seeing her! :) He don't want her to go on vacation with Mac!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Priceless! :)

    Scotty and Ava: Love my Sava!!! They should be a couple! :) Scotty has a couple of good points. Kiwi IS your daughter forever, and don't snark on them or they will get closer together!!! :) Listen to him Ava!!!

    "Doc" and Ava: Awwww "Doc" wants to help! ROFL!

    Scotty and Ava: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Are you out of your mind? Are you seeing that quack? He acts wise, but it's just an act. He's the one who needs therapy.


    Hiney and Maxie: So basically,


    Hiney: Hi! So good seeing you. Hi Felicia. Maxie saved my life in that elevator. She is amazing.

    Maxie and Felicia: Hahahaha. Yeah good question what IS going on?!?! :)


    Lulu and Dante: SERIOUSLY!!?!?!?!?!?! Lulu talking on the phone with Dante? Yeah no.. I don't buy it. The WSB wouldn't allow it. No way. And they argued on the phone? No.

    Lulu and Hiney: Come on!!!! They are so adorable together!!! Let's have Lante divorce and Liney (Lulu and Hiney) be together!!! Oh look Maxie all jelly.

    The hospital/"Doc's" office:

    "Doc" and Ava: Oh man! I should NOT have watched a clip of John Livingston and Maura west on ATWT as Carly and Craig!!! Now that's all I see! ROFL! Oh yes Ava. "Doc" is playing reverse psychology on you.. Yeah that's it. :) We will go with that.. Now "Doc" is going to want to help you and kill Kiwi off!!!!

    Sidenote: The other day Oscar said to his mother that he wants to make Joss hate him so that she won't care if he dies.. Hmmmmm is that foreshadowing of when/if Ryan kills Kiwi? Cus they are making me hate her, so if she dies, it's like buh bye!!! :)

  17. I thought that I had read that Sasha would be rejecting of Nina, but it seems quite the opposite, like they're two peas in a pod. Somehow it all seems too easy. I'm wondering if this is all some kind of a set-up by Madeleine to get revenge on Nina for rejecting her. The way that Madeleine died made no sense, and then the necklace and the ease with which Sasha was found. If this is the case, I don't think VC was in on ir, although he is such a sleaze that I wouldn't put it past him, he could have set Curtis up to find Sasha.

    As I said in an earlier post (to which no one responded), I don't think a woman in a coma can give birth in the usual way, there would have to be a C-section, and hence a scar . . . Of course, I am not sure about this . . .

  18. I was always a fan of Lois and Brenda:

  19. I think Valentin set this whole thing up about Nina's child. He will do anything to get her back.

    1. I agree Lindie, it's gonna backfire hard too. As a person who lost 2 babies thru miscarriage I'd be really ticked.

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  21. Sonny shot his son, Dante at point blank range. Dante lived, but we saw him shoot him .

  22. Lois and Brenda were SO much fun

    1. OMG I loved Lois and Brenda....and "Eddie Maine". Dang, those were the days!!

  23. Just got caught up on 4 episodes and I watched them all in one hour. HAH!
    The blog and Sonya's recaps helped a lot, as I was able to fast forward thru the memorial service for Saint in Waiting Morgan, as well as Jasam. Things I did love were the Alexis/Laura scenes, and anything Doc Kevin/Ryan (especially with Ava), what a hoot he is!

    Just like you said Sonya, Margoo is a black mailing bitch. "It's just a trade" my butt! LOL!

    I miss the great friendships, too. Mac and Kevin were my favorite. :)

  24. Drew should go to the police or the WSB to get back his flash drive.

    Karen, you got another Spam comment, needs to be removed.

    I am SO HAPPY that Laura is back, I am in HEAVEN watching her interact with the folks in PC!

  25. "Julie H said...Just like you said Sonya, Margoo is a black mailing bitch. "It's just a trade" my butt! LOL!"

    ROFL! She just wants to make it sound so pretty. :) She put a little red bow on it.

    "AntJoan said...Drew should go to the police or the WSB to get back his flash drive."

    Yes he should!!!!

  26. He should definitely report her Sonya.

  27. "Di said... He should definitely report her Sonya."

    Yes he should!!! I hope he does!!!


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