Tuesday, October 9, 2018


DA goes to the graveyard where CarSon is MOURNING MORGAN and puts letters on Daddy's grave. Trying to get the guilt going. Carly's having NONE of it. Oh, someone on twitter said she had her DAD buried NEXT to Morgan!!? HAHAHAA. 

Alexis and Laura!! WHOOTT! I love NLG-- and GF!! They have such history with the Cassadines.Alexis says she got her mom's watch fixed because it stopped at 1:11 or something (I missed the time) and it STOPPED AGAIN at that time after it was running!! Totally haunted!!

Oscar tells Josslyn he wasn't coming to see her, to get lost there is "no us". Josslyn keeps going on and on about Morgan dying and not having time!! LOL!! DERP!! He tells her to get lost. He didn't love her, yada yada. He did a pretty good job with pain, guilt and being "angry"... he really did. Credit for some growth.

Liz and Laura!! Laura says Kevin's been distant. Liz says Call him! 

Sam says she wants to take it slow with Jason--Um, what the hell they BEEN DOING??!! they are drinking wine and Drew comes in. Sam tells him Jason knows about Oscar-- because Oscar told him. Drew leaves. DA girl calls him to come over. 

Oscar talks to Alexis about minors' rights when it comes to medical treatment. Isays he's doing a school paper) She says there isn't many options, especially if the parents are acting in the child's best interest. Oscar says they aren't doing that. 

Joss goes to talk to Kim. She "knows Oscar is in pain and wants her to be in pain too--how can she help him"?? What ?? is Joss like 44 in this scene? Any other teen would be out sleeping with Cameron by now. 


  1. Someone spoke about Laura's maybe noticing that Ryan doesn't have the scar that Kevin would have after being shot by VC. But, of course, that supposes that they will sleep together, which I see that Ryan is avoiding like the plague!!

    Of course evil twin stories are so ridiculous on so many levels, I believe even identical twins aren't totally identical, and any woman would notice if a man is different in bed, even with her eyes closed!

    I kinda remember the Kevin/Ryan SL of old, but not totally, I don't remember if I was watching regularly in those days. Is Ryan obsessed with Felicia like he wants to sleep with her, or he just wants to kill her?

  2. WHERE is Margeaux's mom? Dead? Alive? I must have missed that.......

    I was right - yep, Alexis' mom or Mikos is gonna show up soon.

  3. carly does not have a conscience. i find the character cold. jaspam has never had chemistry. hoping she comes to her senses and ends up with drew. could care less about margo. same with oscar and joss, boring.

  4. If I remember correctly Ryan wanted to "sleep" with Felicia and probably murder her at some point also. He was obsessed with her. Killed his wife.

    I am not sure where they are going with the Cassadine thing. The watch stopped at 10:10. I read somewhere that Stefan died on October 10. There was also talk from Valentin that maybe Nic is alive. OR, it could be Mikkos or Alexis Mom (forget her name) who is alive. Who knows???? Kind of a cool mystery.

    I LOVED Laura and Alexis scene together. Also, Laura and Liz (although that was shorter). Laura should have been mayor.

  5. the cassadine storyline is intriguing. once they drop it, how many years do you think it will take before they pick it up again?

    is it possible for this show to start a storyline, continue it, and go through with it without dropping it and/or dragging it out?

    i'm bored.

    and before you say "then dont watch" (because I know you are thinking it) lets be honest. you are bored too.

    ok. back to Manifest.

  6. Sam's home:

    Jasam: Jason wins the line of the day.

    Jason: Whenever you are ready. Here is to cold showers.


    Paint and Wall: Uh Paint, Wall is still in love with you and wants you back!!!!

    Metrocourt resturant:

    Alexis and Laura: YAY! Great scene! Love the talk about Alexis's mother and the watch. :)

    Alexis and Oscar: Hmm I thought Oscar was going to say he wants to be emancipated from his parents.. You know, divorce them. Get Diane to help you Oscar with whatever you want.

    Morgan's grave:

    Carson and Margoo: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital:

    Liz and Liz's friend: Meh. Nothing exciting. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Liz and Laura: Oh great scene!!!!! Usually Laura gives Liz advice, but this time it was the other way around, and I love it!!! :)

    CarlyKim and Drew: Same ol same ol. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    CarlyKim and Joss: Poor Joss!!! So confused.. :(

    The park:

    JossCar: Yeah Joss!!!!!! You tell him!!! You learned a lot from Nell!! Listen to your instincts!!!

  7. "DelcoDave says and before you say "then dont watch" (because I know you are thinking it) lets be honest. you are bored too."

    Hahaha. I wasn't thinking, then don't watch. :) And yes I am bored with some storylines.

  8. ok Manifest.

    who's watching? did you notice in one scene last night, there was a digital clock and the time on the clock was 8:28? the same flight number?

    this reminds me of LOST with those lottery numbers. I just cant see how this is all going to come together. one thing i hope they dont do is drag it on so long that people lose interest and the ratings fall.

    wait a minute... drag out storylines? viewers lose interest? ratings fall? sound familiar?

    i love a good guessing game and I want to be able to play along at home. but i already find myself trying to catch up and understand what is going on.

    i like the cast. i find myself looking for "828" hidden easter egg in every episode now.

    1. Oh wow I totally missed that!! Normally when I'm watching tv I'm also on my phone on Facebook. But not with Manifest. Yet I missed that, darn.

  9. I'm loving Manifest too, Dave. I'm going to start looking for that number too.

  10. What's Manifest? I must look into it.

  11. Love Manifest, too. I've noticed that the number "828" shows up in various places as well. I like to play along with a mystery though, and since this is sci-fi, and they can go anywhere they want to with the story, it is hard to play along. Right now I am finding GH boring too, so although I won't stop watching, I am in no rush to the DVR to see each day's episode. Some times I don't watch until the next day or even two days later.

  12. My husband and I started watching Manifest (as I had said here before, we are DESPERATE for shows we can watch together, we have so many "his and hers" shows). I think we lasted 2 episodes. Once the plane blew up, there would be no mystery to unravel as to how this all happened, so it's all about them hearing the voices, who cares? My husband gave up on Lost after several seasons, I watched until the end, hoping against hope that "everything would be explained" as promised, but it never was.

    We both like detective shows, science fiction, and mysteries, any ideas out there for a show for us?

    1. I watched Lost as well but gave up after several seasons. I'm hooked on Manifest and this isn't my type show.

  13. P.S. We end up watching tons of science shows/documentaries, which we both enjoy, as we love to learn, but sometimes you just want entertainment! We also try to find movies, one of my patients recommended "Ant Man and the Wasp,' we did watch it through (usually we turn off movies in about 4 minutes), but it certainly wasn't great. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see who played the parents!

  14. I am watching Manifest now. Thanks. Good show. Kind of like Lost or The Crossing. Great so far.

  15. OMG, GH's last ratings were 1.64, almost as low as 1.62 for Days - steadily declining. They need to do something fast - these storylines are not keeping viewers hooked.

  16. Kim waits 2 YEARS about Oscars cancer and now she is freaking out because he doesn't want treatment. The whole thing is weird

  17. I guess 2 years ago she believed that there were no treatment options, then she found out about the trial, so she now has some hope for Oscar.


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