Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Activity Tuesday!!

Oh, that DECLODAVE--coming up with something awesome to do on my days not 'in office'!! Not only can you leave your show impressions below, you can also partake in a fun mind-expanding exercise!! 

The question today is: What if you could bring back one GH character that has died (and even in the real life person is gone, you can count them too) --how would it change the canvas today? This means they NEVER died. So, what would life look like for the Q's if Dawn hadn't died but lived in Port Charles the entire time. 

Have fun! I'd do one but my brain is burning out and I have half the day to go!! I would love it if Georgie never died though. Wonder if she'd be married to Michael or something. Hmmmmm... 


  1. Maybe Steve Hardy. Not super religious but liked the Christmas celebration at the hospital.

    Tony Jones. Alan Quartermaine. Emily Quartermaine. LILA!!!!!!

    1. Emily for sure, but only if Am Tam plays her again.

  2. AJ or Nikolas! Both were complex good/bad guys with strong ties to lots of people on the canvas. Also, both were sexy AF (Sean Kenan and Tyler Christopher) so that never hurts. :)

  3. I agree with you about Georgie and she would be married to dylan, scott clifton. loved those 2

  4. Who is Dawn? Nikolas, but he probably is alive. Edward and Lila(sp)...always there for everyone.

  5. I would really want to explore this when I have time and my goal was to come up with something that was like "wub tub time machine" and something that can be filler when Karen needed it and couldnt post for a day. (Y'all were getting sick of the time machine, I could tell...)

    For me, I think it would have to be someone who not only affected their immediate family, but the entire canvas. I keep going back to Alan Q.

    If he never died, he would probably still be Married to Monica. Bickering the entire time, but still together. Would Jane Elliott have left or would she have stayed
    with more to play off of in the Q Family. And lets consider AJ return from the dead, when Monica had him stashed away. Alan would have been home for that.
    Would AJ have died then if his father was still there? Jason returned. Several times of course.

    I think the big thing with Alan never having died would be Drew. I think they would have delved more into the Susan Moore character and storyline
    and with Alan as his dad, there might be more for Drew to have done. I wonder if it would have been patient 6 and Drew as Jason with the memories. Would they
    have just had Drew walk up to the Q door one day and say “Hi Dad, I’m home?” Would they even have this storyline? Billy Miller was a "get" to the show, but would he have played another character?

    And would Alan have been chief of staff still and perhaps gone up against Monica for that position? Would Edwards will have changed? Perhaps instead
    of leaving eveyrthing to the children and grandchildren, he could have split it 49/49 between Alan and Tracy and left a total outsider as the tie breaker.

    Oh, the possibilities are endless with this one. I know Stuart Damon was in ill health, but it was great when he showed up as a force ghost. Whether it be with
    stuart or a recast (think about this.... filling in for stuart damon will be.... chris robinson) I think the CHARACTER of Alan should have not died. It would have
    affected many characters and many storylines so vastly differently.

  6. Michelle. Yes I liked Amber Tamblyn as Emily. Great cancer story with Monica and Emily mother

  7. I'd love for Georgie, Tony, Stefan, Nikolas, Kate/Connie and Alcazar.

  8. The hospital:

    CarlyKim, Drew, and Oscar: Oscar is so upset that he is going to die, that he fell into a pool of bleach!! His poor shirt!!! Karen was right! ROFL!

    Drew and Margoo: Oh you have some nerve Margoo!!!! You want Drew to help you? Well why don't you help him by giving back his file of memories!!!! You bitch!!!

    CarlyKim and Julian: Oh she wants to break up! Good! I don't want them together anymore! I hate how she is treating him! No Julian give up! Just walk away from her! UGH!

    Carson home:

    Carly and Jason: Blah blah blah. Mike. Blah blah blah gun. Blah blah blah, Margoooooo. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    JossCar: I knew the reason why he wanted to talk to her outside was because he wanted to break up with her. Sure! He thinks he is going to die so of course he is going to break up with her. Very soapy. Now she is going to rebound with Cam right? Then fall for him and then she is in wuv with 2 guys. Then she finds out Oscar is going to die and now she is confused of who she wants to be with! :)

    Levin home:

    Lucy and Laura: BAHAHAHHAAHHHAHA! Hysterical!!! Laura all jelly! :) Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: Yeah there you are I see ya. You're right there. You look good. There ya are.

    ROFL! Laura is right, Maybe it is a good idea to find Scotty. :)


    ValeNina: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! And yes wait until the 2nd test comes in. I love that Nina says I love you so much, but we are divorced. Get back together!!!! :)

    Police station:

    Jordan and Margoo: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Chase and Lulu: When are they gonna have a fling? :)

    Valerie and Lulu: Huh?! Lulu is so excited seeing Val and even hugged her? That was weird.

    Jordan and Valerie: VALERIE MADE DETECTIVE! YAY! CONGRATS VAL!!! Geez Lulu again is excited.. Very strange.

    Chase and Valerie: Oh they are partners!!! Hmm Lulu looks very jelly. Is it because of Dante because he is gone? Or does she have feelings for Chase?

  9. Oh and I have no idea who I want to bring back alive!!! There are so many I want to bring back!!

  10. "DelcoDave: (Y'all were getting sick of the time machine, I could tell...)"

    ROFL! Good one Dave. :)

  11. Nikolas- TC only of course. So many possibilities. Still in love with Elizabeth? I actually kinda liked them together, throw monkey wrench into Friz (even though I do like them together). Give Valentine a run as Cassadine heir. Make his child not an orphan. Miss TC and Nik.

  12. Return machine? I choose Lila. If I could have 2, it would be Lila and Edward. I miss them being the heads of that family. I am sorry they killed off Ian. But I like Anna with Finn, so they have sorta filled up that hole for me. I missed Tony for a long time after he left. And I think Stuart as Alan is a good return choice. Another sadly missing Q.

    If sharp Laura doesn't figure out her hubby is acting strange, I'd be disappointed. I thought maybe he would collapse, taking Lucy's cue, and wind up in the hospital and away from Laura's bed. And Carly caught a whif of something odd there so I expect her to pick up on that. I keep wonder who will be Ryan's first victim--morbid thinking I know, but the cast really is too large. I pick Margo--she is such a pain so far. I wondered about Valerie, but that would be a shame. I think we forget that Valerie is related to Lulu. (I've long had a problem believing this recast is Lulu as the other one was so perfectly suited to the part even if I can't recall her name. She seemed so Laura-like, whereas this one just doesn't.)

    I think Lulu is saddened that Val is assigned Dante's desk and his partner. A bit much for her. Understandable, like the PCPD isn't expecting him back -- which they aren't and neither are we, except as a new actor. They may not need to hire anyone else now.

    1. I pick Peter as his first victim. Get him off the canvas. There was an article at CDL so I'm sure it won't happen but we can dream Haha!

  13. "soaplover said...I think Lulu is saddened that Val is assigned Dante's desk and his partner. A bit much for her. Understandable, like the PCPD isn't expecting him back -- which they aren't and neither are we, except as a new actor. They may not need to hire anyone else now."

    Hmmmm. Maybe if they recast Dante, he and Lulu might have chemistry! :) Then I will love Lante again! :)

  14. I would love to see the real Nik or AJ back. And I would certainly get rid of Peter. So happy to see Laura back-Genie looks fabulous and just lights up the screen. And having Lucy there was brilliant. Great idea to have Val partner with Chase.

  15. soaplover, the other Lulu was Julie Berman, I think she had a middle name, can't recall it at the moment.

    I want Nik back!! And waiting breathlessly for Spencer . . .

    HOW did Nina give birth while in a coma? I am no doctor, but I don't think an unconscious woman can give birth the usual way, did she have a C-section? And, if so, there would be a scar. . .

  16. PLEASE, I want all the strong, beautiful women of PC to get together and take down Ryan!! Let them figure out who he is, not let on, and then dispose of him! As he is not officially "alive," there would be no murder charges!! PLEASE, PLEASE, writers, do this for us, all the women of the world who have been wronged!!

    Male writers totally underestimate the importance of female revenge fantasies, IMO. I was sexually assaulted in my 20s, and did go to the police and had a trial, because that was the only revenge I had that was legal. Then I saw the movie Lipstick, which starred the Hemmingway sisters and was about female revenge, it was one of the most powerful, cathartic experiences of my life!! Men think that female fantasy involves sex and romance, but I think revenge is more powerful. I know that Dr. O got revenge on Hiney, but she is such a flawed character herself, it would be nice to see GOOD women getting to dispose of the already legally dead Ryan!

  17. AntJoan. I agree. Ryan revenge is needed.

    Julie Marie Berman is her name. Miss her.

    Val is Lulu couisin. Val slept with Dante. She wouldn't be Lulus friend. Another thing writers forgot

    1. Cousins can still be friends, I'm pretty sure she forgave Val also.

  18. AntJoan...

    I envision a female-centric story, but a different storyline. I would love to see the Jerome gallery have a world famous artist bring in a sculpture for display and some kind of gallery function. everyone in PC is there. Big event. And then when the sculpture is unvieled the artist realizes that is it a fake. And the real one is missing.

    In Ocean 8 fashion, we see flashbacks and it can be revealed (and this is fantasy people, we know these women wouldnt work together), but Holly was in town because she is dating the sculpter. And it is revealed that Holly stole the sculpter and scammed the artist, with the help of Ava and Sam (who are known criminals, think dead mans hand). And they maybe had a few other women in PC help them. WHat would be great is for there to be limited spoilers and out of nowhere we see past PC women and current women come out of the wood work to help. Very much like Oceans 8.

    yes, its fantasy. but it could be fun.

    I personally always wanted a may-december romance with holly and jax. and them being theives in the past, it would be great to see them steal art together.

  19. "Michelle Latta said...Cousins can still be friends, I'm pretty sure she forgave Val also."

    Well yeah Lulu did forgive Val! That's fine. But yesterday Lulu was so EXCITED seeing Val! ROFL! It just felt so strange that I didn't buy it. I mean tone down the excitement ROFL!

  20. I want Nik back. Original or even the fill in. I really liked Nick Stabile (was that his name?) the short time he was on, and he was great with Ava. I would also like Stone back, with he and Robin together. Can you imagine? Robin was never with Jason, didn't marry Drake Jr. Maybe Emma is her daughter with Stone. Shoot, maybe even Sonny wouldn't be such a thug and married to Carly if Stone were still around

    Sonya, thanks for the recap, it always makes me smile. My lines of the day were Laura saying she could strangle Lucy, and Doc saying get in line. HAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Haha!!! That was funny Lindie, Ryan certainly won the line of the day.

  21. "Julie H said...Sonya, thanks for the recap, it always makes me smile."

    Oh good! :) You're welcome.

    "My lines of the day were Laura saying she could strangle Lucy, and Doc saying get in line. HAHAHAHAHA!"

    Haha. Yeah it's a litte funny, but creepy. Does he really want to kill Lucy? What are his plans?!!?!?! GAH!

  22. I think Ryan wants to kill anyone who would get in the way of his plan to get to Felicia.

    I saw a clip of Laura with the cable/ rope. Wonder what "Kevin" will tell her it is to be used for.


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