Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I was lucky...then...


Ok, so a bunch of people on Twitter said there'd be no GH today because ABC was doing all Hurricane stuff... but I SOMEHOW GOT IT around 2:03, enough to see Mike, Carly and Stella at Lunch..Drew came in too. 
THEN MY LOCAL STATION BREAKS in with a SHOOTING update. Ok, not for nothing, but we have multiple shootings a day. Come on, man... give me a break. 

Anyway, I guess I diagnosed Finn's dad with Lyme Disease!! Whoot!! I told you. I know my stuff!! I think Finn loved his Dad's wife and he was sleeping with her or something. I can tell.  I wonder if ChaseFord is his son!? Squee. 

Liz is talking with Kimmy about Oscar. Kim feels awful. 

Carly, Stella and Mike went to the daycare place, he liked it except for the food. 

Oscar is in the "park" in Studio City with Julian, Julian wants to know why he's not in school. Julian gives him advice. I'm glad they are 'really' outside but damn, that park is SO not Western NY....I don't even recognize half those trees. 
Cam comes over later and tells Oscar that it's stupid for him not to tell Josslyn. Oscar has a plan. So..later he texts Cam a picture of himself with another girl so Joss will see it. Josslyn is upset. 

So, Brainiacs Sonny and Jason discuss Spinelli's idea that they prove to the DA how "Bad her dad was" so ...she'll drop it? Huh? 

DA is trying to get Drew to turn on Sonny..."Just one memory and I can get a warrant". He says no. She said "What if I can help you get your memories back"?? Tells him about the flash drive. 


  1. Ok Karen, so based on your synopsis of today's show, I am led to believe that it has turned into a Nickelodeon Teen Sitcom?

    And that isnt a knock on you, its a knock on the writers and storylines. Are they truly making everything up on a day to day basis?

    I know you have told me several times that they come up with a storyline for a 6-month run and plan everything for the long haul, but I swear to you someone somewhere missed the memo.

    How long have we been waiting for Drew to get his memories back? Does anyone know? Maybe 2 years? Or does it just feel like it has been that long.

    Alexis remembering her mom. Thats been about 6 months and we are still waiting for that to happen.

    Chase Ford. Is there a reason for him to be on this show? (ok, other than the obvious) Has he has a memorable scene or storyline?

    The teens - so wasted. Ha ha Get it? The teens are wasted! I crack myself. They can really give them a decent storyline to test their acting chops instead they are passing notes in the back of math class.

    Oh I can GO ON but Karen is so brilliant at pointing out the obvious in her sunday surgeries I'll shut up for 4 days.

    The Mike storyline is good. It is well written, definitely well acted (here that Emmy?) and oh so realistic. When we put my dad in a facility, the first thing he complained about was the food too! I spoke to the kitchen manager and he gave me permission to go in the kitchen and make whatever meals I wanted to for my dad, except for using the stove. I showed up every day and made him food I knew he would eat and enjoy. Plus I brought food from home. Sonny can bring Mike food and Olivia can make some italian dishes for him. Now there is a scene I would love to see. Olivia visiting Mike in the facility and bringing a tray of lasagna. And Mike can mistake her for some sexy italian actress he once knew.

    oh... and when my father died, I donated all of our DVDs (sinatra, john wayne) and board games to the center for the residents to use. If you have any games or DVDs you are going to get rid of, DONATE!

    Ok, back to the blog.

  2. OK, so last night I had a dream about--Griffin! I have dreamt about Sonny, of course, but rarely dream of GH characters. In my dream, we were working together (I DID work in a hospital once, maybe that is it?), and he wasn't feeling well, like he was sick or coming down with something. I sat him down and put my hand on his arm and told him he needed to take a break so that he could take care of himself.

    I don't know what the dream meant, but it probably was something profound . ..

  3. Or maybe I'm just watching too many medical shows. With Grey's Anatomy, the Good Doctor and GH, there is probably a lot of hospital stuff going on in my head . . .

  4. Griffin is a cutie to dream about!

  5. But unfortunately GH hasn't been much of a medical show in recent years.

  6. The hospital:

    Oscar and CarlyKim: Oscar wins the line of the day.

    Oscar: That's the upside of dropping out of school. My days our wide open. But you know, you might want to hurry up, because tick tock.


    Julian and CarlyKim: Oh please make this stop!!!!!! Really? She is in love with him? Bull!!! The way she is treating him lately, yeah she is not in love with him! I want them to break up now!!!!

    Finn family:

    Karen says I think Finn loved his Dad's wife and he was sleeping with her or something. I can tell.

    Oh!! Sounds soapy!!! I was really confused today. I'm thinking, Does he really hate his step mom because his dad remarried? But your theory is awesome!!! :)

    I wonder if ChaseFord is his son!? Squee.

    I hope so!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I have thought about that all along!

    Liz and CarlyKim: UGH! Make it stop!!! Even though I love them as friends, can't they talk about other things?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Stella, Carly, and Mike: Awww great scene. :)

    Drew and Margoo: Oh I get it!!! She is going to blackmail him!!! You want your flash drive memories, then help me get Sonny!!! And stop pretending you care about him as a friend.. However he is feeling, and whatever his problem is, is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!!

    Carson home:

    Jason and Sonny: Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could get dangerous Sonny? Yeah because you might sleep with her that is why it's dangerous!

    School library:

    Joss and Cam: Listen to your instincts Joss!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

    The park: Oh! The REAL park! :)

    Julian and Oscar: Just tell him already Oscar!!! UGH!

    Oscar and Cam: I was thinking Huh? What is the plan? Making a picture look like you are in bed with another girl?

    Oscar: Goodbye Joss. I love you.

    Gah! That made me cry!!!! GAH!!! :(

    School library part 2:

    Joss and Cam: Ohhhh a picture of Oscar with another girl smiling? Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring!! Joss is going to be so upset she will rebound with Cam and have sex with him! Then probably get the preggers.

  7. That would be nice and soapy if Finn had relationship with Dad's wife. Eveb though I don't want Anna to be hurt that would be soapy too. Who does Finn choose? Is Chase his son? Good atuff

  8. Isn't Spencers coming back? Wonder how Ryan will react to him? Wonder if Spencer will notice something weird about "Kevin"?

  9. I got all of gh with no interruptions. You didn't miss much.



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