Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Park Side Birthday

Laura sees Lulu on the net with Peter at the film fest. She wonders what's going on. Lulu's like: It's WORK, MA. Laura says "Make sure Dante knows you miss him". 

Spencer and Sonny....he knows Mike has Alzheimer's. Then he leaves... then Josslyn comes in. He saw on Social Media that she and Oscar broke up. I guess we will see Spencer with the "Grown" kids--still not being grown. Which I guess is ok by me. 
Josslyn: "Well, you haven't changed a bit".... Spencer "Well, you've gotten way taller" LOL 
He gave her a map of Paris...where he'd like to take her. 

It's Oscar's Bday, he's moping in the park. Cam comes around. He wants to quit the whole thing. OMG Oscar says he'll miss getting ice cream and going to the movies and COULD THIS BE ANYMORE BORING? This is SO DISNEY. I'm sorry but...angst is best served with Teens. As is Raw emotion.

Drew asks Peter "if I get my memories back, will I forget these last 5 years"??  Peter says I just dropped you guys off but probably.  Drew thinks he will forget too--and would forget Sam and Scout and Oscar...yada yada. 

Nina and Maxie. Nina's waiting to meet Sasha. She's afraid she won't come. 

Valentin wants to talk to Sasha. Shasha is like, I'm leaving..BYE. Val pleads Nina's case. Maxie overhears. Valentin pleads Nina's case. Maxie is all "awwwwww" in the shadows, thinks Val is being SO nice. After talking to Val, Sasha goes in to see Nina. Apparently, Valentin just said whatever magic words there was to say. 


  1. It's only a yr and a half to 2 yr age difference. He just looks younger than what he is. My youngest nephew for a long time really didn't hit a growth spurt and he looked as "old" as his younger sister and they had 3 yrs between them. Now he's 16 and way taller. Shit I'm 49 next month and 5 feet. I have been told numerous times I look much younger. 😁

  2. here is my thinking. because i know how much all of you love it.

    Valentin hired Sasha to "pretend" that she is Nina's daughter in an effort to get Nina back in his good graces and for them to reunite. Unbeknownst to Valentin, it will turn out that Sasha is really Nina's sister but is either not letting on or doesnt know it. somehow I think this will play out like this or, somehow like this.

    If Drew gets his memories, does he lose the past 5 years. well... what a great storyline this COULD be. I mean, for him to wake up with the past an to look at port chuck and to think "who are these people"? Imagine the manipulations from Kim and DA Woman. Then also the pain of Monica seeing him and he not know her. Nor Jason and Sam. But then he would have to get to know these people all over again, and as storylines go, he will PROBABLY eventually remember both worlds after he got to re-learn everything again and then see people for who they really are. If anyone can pull this off, its Billy. Great writing and great acting can really make this a fun storyline to play out over 6-9 months.

    Did anyone watch The Conners last night? I hated it. I know they had to do what they had to do, and I understand that, but the show just wasnt funny. And I really have no desire to see the storylines of this family without you know who. My interest just isnt there. But, I did give it the old college try!

    1. I liked it ok. I was very tired from being up since 5 and then taking kitty to vet and picking her up, watching her then to making sure she's ok that I really wasn't paying attention, I'm sure it'll end up good. Glad they brought back Dan's friend who plays Dr Webber on Greys.

  3. PS. Mary Steenburgen was brilliant. She has always been an exceptional actress, but she just floored me by her acting last night.

    Just saying...

    1. That's who that was! I was too tired to even IMDb it hahaa!

  4. I tried to watch it, but the laugh track was so off-putting that I had to turn it off. I really can't stand to watch shows that use "canned laughter," the sitcoms like Modern Family don't use it, making them much better shows. I was trying to remember if the Roseanne show used a laugh track, I don't remember. I really enjoyed the show, so I am thinking they didn't use it, but maybe they did and it was so funny that I didn't care.

  5. I watched for Darlene and Jackie. They crack me up. John Goodman just looks tired and so different. I can see why they continued with the show but who knows if it will last. Sad all around.

    1. Agreed John did look a little worse for the wear.

  6. I don't really like reboots. I watched Will and Grace reboot because it was one of my faves originally, and not funny anymore. I watched a couple episodes of the new Murphy Brown and got a few laughs, but am probably done. It's like GH, the writers just aren't great anymore. Or, some anyway.

  7. Carson home:

    Sonny and Spencer: Awwww great scene!!! :) I love when someone talks to Spencer about his mother!!! It hits my heart.:( I hate Courtney with a passion, but she is Spencer's mother!!!! He is missing out on her. :(

    Spencer and Joss:

    "Karen says I guess we will see Spencer with the "Grown" kids--still not being grown. Which I guess is ok by me."

    Meh Spencer is 13 and Joss is 15. She is taller than him, which happens in real life. Joss got her tallness from her father. :) Spencer is interested in Joss?! Awwww. :)She wants to pretend that Cam is her fake boyfriend?!?!!? WHOA! Flashback to Emily and Nik! When she pretended that her and Nik were a couple!! Just writing this is making me angry!!!

    The REAL park:

    Oscar and Cam: Oh look it looks like Oscar is meditating. :) I will call them Camcar. :) New bromance!! :) I like the scene.. Sounds like the actor who plays Cam has a cold. Cam wins the line of the day.

    Cam: And now I have this feeling in my stomach, it feels like an ulcer.


    Metrocourt hotel:

    Sasha and V.C.: Hmmmmm. Okay they don't know each other. Good. That means he didn't pay her to pretend to be Nina's daughter. That means I don't have to hate him. Oh look it's Maxie listening in..

    Maxie's thoughts: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww V.C.!!!!

    Hiney and V.C.: The bromance is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Laura and Hiney: Oh that is nice of Laura to say all that to Hiney.

    Laura and V.C.: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Maxie: Awwwwwwwwwww! They are more than sisters in law! They are sisters. :)

    Nina and Sasha: Hmmm. Showing pictures of the fam? Nina show her a picture of her daddy! Go ahead I dare you! Then when she sees Finchy, she will say, DAD?!?!?! ROFL! Sounds like hte actress playing Sasha has a cold. I still can't tell what Sasha is feeling.. She isn't showing any emotions. She may say she is mad, but I don't see it.

    The Invador:

    Lulu and Laura: A picture of Hiney and Lulu hahahahahaha! Oh forget Dante Laura! Don't give her any advice. It's time for Lante to get a divorce!! It's time for LINEY!

    Lulu and Maxie: Maxie is so jelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!

  8. Oops I forgot one thing..

    Hiney and Drew: So if he gets his memories back, he will forget the last 5 yrs?!!!!? THAT IS SO STUPID! GAH! I hate this storyline!!!!

  9. I only watched about 4 minutes of the show so far, but it really looks like VC actually did find Sasha through Curtis, which did make the most sense. She did not know him, so obviously he didn't meet her and pay her to be Nina's daughter.

  10. Didn't watch the Conner's but John Goodman does look tired. I'm struggling with Murphy Brown, because I adore Candace but the show seems to fall flat.

    Now for GH. I got an ulcer just watching the Oscar pity-party train but Cam saved the whole thing for. He gets better every day! I enjoyed Laura with Hiney (now Sonya has me saying it!) because she was so nice, then did a total 180 and ripped Valentine. Hiney was watching that exchange with great interested.

    Lulu needs to get a clue. And Spencer was killing me. The "you've gotten taller" crack was excellent!

    I'm glad Nina dialed it down 100 notches, but I don't get where this story is going yet. We'll probably find out in a year or two. LOL!

  11. "Julie H says I enjoyed Laura with Hiney (now Sonya has me saying it!)"

    ROFL! Sorry! :)

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  13. Sonya, you don't sound sorry, LOL! I used to call him The Peter Problem!

  14. "Julie H said...Sonya, you don't sound sorry, LOL!"

    ROFL! #Sorrynotsorry? :)

    "I used to call him The Peter Problem!"

    Why don't we just call him Peter Pan?! ROFL!


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