Friday, October 26, 2018


Franco and Liz are talking about helping Aiden at school by doing a volcano project with him in front of the class.  Liz "he's sensitive"... Franco "He's weird, and I celebrate weird"!! 

Laura and Carly going to Ferncliff.together..Laura isn't telling Kevin because he's too busy Laura makes Carly watchable!! Seriously. I hope to hell they don't get Jason or Sonny involved in this Kevin rescue. Let the ladies do it. 
They go to Ferncliff... they see mean Nurse-- she was fired

OMG... We are BACK AT THE METRO. Can't they move Sasha's scenes ANYWHERE ELSE? Seriously? It's DAY FOUR of different scenes. She's asking Kiki about Griffin. Ava is there too. She runs right into Griffin who was taking a phone call. 
Kiki's giving Sasha a room. 
Kiki and Griff leave, Ava introduces herself. Tells her she used to go out with Griffin. LOL

Sam and Spin go to see Janette Marino, Margo's mother-- who's nice... but Sam is acting really pissy and not in a 'good caper way"..?? They are pretending to be insurance adjusters. It's falling flat as a pancake.  They are trying to see if Janette knew her husband was killed and when.  Sam finds old love letters she steals. 

Lulu's going to "Kevin" to talk about "Ryan". It ends up being deep and about Sociopaths. 

Kiki goes to see Liz and gives her a RBG doll to say thank you for her help. 

AND............NEWS interrupting. SO... see you on Sunday. I hope--my parents are coming up and who knows 


  1. What is so frustrating about the news interruption is that they stopped it, midsentence, when Ellen came on. That shows that GH is just filler to ABC. If the news conference was important they would have finished it.

  2. Since Ellen doesn't follow GH in Buffalo, they didn't do that here. I think this was a local decision.

  3. OH NOOOO, they interrupted GH yesterday, I HOPE it's not interrupted again today in NYC. I can't watch until I finish working, so I won't know until later.

  4. This was a Boston station, dar and they do it all the time. They've never gone into another show.

  5. Di,
    They stayed with the press conference until it ended here, only another 10 minutes or so. The local ABC affiliate here follows GH with Kellie Pickler's talk show which is as bad as it sounds. I don't think it makes any difference to them what they broadcast after GH.

  6. Well, the first part of GH was cut out here in NYC. They said we can watch it on after 8 p.m.

  7. Friz home:

    Friz: Great scene!!! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Because he is a weird kid.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Griffin and Kiwi: Oh shut up Griffin!!! Kiwi and Ava don't need to talk!!! UGH!

    Griffin and Ava: Careful Griffin. Ava bites. She can give you rabies!

    Griffin, Kiwi, and Sasha: Oh yes!!! Sasha so wants Griffin! :) Kiwi come on you don't even notice?

    Kiwi and Sasha: Oh sure Sasha! Live in Kiwi's building! Then you can see Griffin all the time!!!

    Ava and Sasha: Hahahaha. Ava saying Kiwi and Griffin won't last 6 months! ROFL! Oh made Sasha so excited! :)


    Meanie nurse, Carly, and Laura: Carly just say, stop calling me Caroline bitch!!!

    Nice nurse, Carly, and Laura: Well gee Carly NOW you say your name is Carly?! :) Oh sure let's have a tour and see the patients. Why not?! :)

    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Ava: Great scene!!!! I want more scenes with them!!!!

    Ava: Hiya!

    Hahaha. Ava is so happy! :) She just manipulated Sasha, so yes of course she is happy! :)

    Janette Marino's home: Hey it's the outside of Friz home! Oh it's the inside of Friz home!

    Sam, Janette, and Spinny: Glad Sam and Spinny are working together. :) Oh love letters!!! :) Proof that Marino wasn't really Margo's bio papa?

  8. Sonya, yes, I thought that home looked familiar.

    I missed the beginning of the show, which I said. So I am wondering if they explained by what authority Laura and Carly can come in and demand to see patients. Laura is on the hospital board, but I don't think Ferncliff is part of GH. Plus, this violates HIPAA confidentiality laws. I did hear Laura make threats about exposure of Ferncliff through he daughter, Lulu, but doubt that would have gotten her in, as any nurse would be terrified to violate HIPAA laws. Can anyone tell me what I missed in the beginning, if anything, that gave Laura this authority?

  9. I also missed the first fifteen minutes(live in Queens,NYC),but think perhaps the new nurse got a bit scared when Laura mentioned she was running for mayor.
    Some viewers said the scenes between Sam,Spinelli &Margaux's mom was bad.I liked it because Sam& Spin played it very campy & they were outfitted that way too.Their facial expressions really played to the camera.Also enjoyed the actress playing Margaux's mom;she was very believable.

  10. I thought Sam and Spinelli were ridiculous. I was also wondering why they would Let Laura go inside the facility like that, she's not even an official candidate for Mayor

  11. How many times will Kiki and Griffin walk into any bar/restaurant and see Ava and discuss leaving. Same scene...over and over.
    Seems that any story attached to the DA is a dud. Sam/Spin...very uncomfortable scenes.
    On a positive note: Roger Howarth...always.

  12. I remember many years ago Geraldo Rivera was a reporter and he and a group went into a horrible mental facility to expose them. They didn’t need to go into patients rooms to see what was going on. I think Laura and Carly could just tour but not be allowed to see the patients. Of course then they couldn’t see what was actually going on unless they brought the police. Why would Kevin work there if it was so bad? Maybe just that nurse and dr. who treated Carly were the only offenders.

  13. "AntJoan said...Sonya, yes, I thought that home looked familiar."

    Hahaha. They like to recycle. :)


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