Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Who WIll Speak, Who Will Skulk!

Would it have been nice to actually SEE Matt and Maxie's photo shoot? I mean, really-- come on, what would that have taken? Not too much.   But hey, watching them in the apartment, leave the apartment then come back to TELL US ALL ABOUT IT! Wow!! So symptomatic of GH. Remember when Sonny and Kate did it for 2 weeks in NYC? "Oh wasn't that a great museum"?? "I loved Shopping"..."Skating was a blast"! Who thinks we like that? LOL

I started with my clients today-- Exhausted!! Phew. It's a wonderful feeling to be working again, my body just has to catch up. Weather isn't helping, it's nasty as heck out. Rain and fog..ugh. I'm sure it will freeze overnight.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: New Kid on the block...chip on shoulder. Seems like a decent actor. -
Tracey's locked on a boat IN THE WINTER. ugh.. make me mad. LOL 

Matt/Liz, doing the dance. A very poorly written dance. 

KATE asks all shocked and pissed about Sonny getting shot. UH, little late for that. Are we going thru this AGAIN? And then she says "Did you call the police"... RIGHT, because Sonny always calls the police.  "why wouldn't you tell me if you were shot"?? Uh Kate because you FREAK OUT!
Carly and Johnny HAHAHAAA.

Liz and Dr. Ewan-- doing the 'elevator game' in the storage closet.  Ummmm, whatever. Get out the magic carpet. Closet therapy. Good Gravy. 

Dante and Mulva-- I have no idea what they are talking about...oh profiling. Dr. Ewan is going to help them catch the stripper killer.

AZ and Tracy were cute-- I liked when he called her Angel and she hated it because it was Luke's name for Laura. SO, he called her Venus. VENUS,  "V" one of my fave GH characters!


  1. At least CasSUCKra didn't stink up the joint today.

  2. yeah, note: helena wasn't even ON! What a waste...and Jax? Ditto

  3. Lulu and Dante: She brought him breakfast at the police station awwww! :) I love her sweater. :)

    Mulva: I love her sweater!

    Lulu and Wilson: Wait! She wants to be a dog walker?!!?! HUH?! Wait she is allergic to dogs?!!?!! When did THAT happen?!

    Tracy and Papa Z: OH! So HE was the one who abducted her ROFL! I thought it was Luke! Whew. :) Tracy and Papa Z are so funny! :) Tracy doesn't want him to call her angel because that is the nickname Luke gave Laura! :) Oh he will call her Venus! ROFL!

    Liz and Matt: Oh just kiss and get over with!!!! He is SOOO jealous of Ewen. :)

    Liz and Ewen: Zzzzzzz. He says Imagine you are in a elevator. DING Zzzzzzzzz.

    Carly and Johnny: Oh just have sex already! :)

    Kate and Sonny: She found out he got shot. She is mad!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    TJ and Shawn: Oh goodie another person angry and has a chip on his shoulder and has an attitude. UGH!

  4. TJ is supposed to be 14? This actor is obviously older than that. He looks more like 18. If he's supposed to be Morgan's age ( and Shawn mentioned Morgan today) then they're definitely going to have to SORA Morgan. He'll look like a toddler next to this guy.

    What's wrong with finding a nice 14 year old actor to play a 14 year old....sigh

  5. di said...What's wrong with finding a nice 14 year old actor to play a 14 year old....sigh
    Maybe TJ is supposed to have a sex scene!

  6. I wish we could have seen the Matt/Maxie photoshoot too. I like Jen but I'll be glad when Kirsten's back. Can't wait for Matt and Maxie scenes with Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms again!

  7. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    did I say Zzzzzzzzzzzzz??


    Lexi Ainsworth lands guest star role on CBS’s “Criminal Minds”!


    Great news to report today! Lexi Ainsworth (Ex-Kristina), who was let-go at General Hospital has booked a primo role on an upcoming episode of the CBS hit dramatic series, Criminal Minds!

    The episode is titled, “I love you Tommy Brown”, and while Lexi’s role is under-wraps, it is very exciting news for this talented young actress who was suddenly dropped from GH at the end of 2011, after carrying a heavy story load in 2010.

    On-Air On-Soaps will give you more details as they become available as to the airdate of Lexi’s Criminal Minds episode!


  9. One of the OLTL imports is saying reports of their joining GH is false, they are only coming for a "few" episodes in February.

    TJ does look way older then 14. He looks Christina's age not Molly's.

    Jax last day is next Monday. He only has a few more on screen days left and he still has not spoken to anyone.

    With Johnny, Michael and Jax all carrying around guns are they setting up a "who shot Sonny" story? If so it will be more like a "who cares who shot Sonny for the 1786th time" story.

    It wasn't Johnny - that is what they will want us to beleive.

    Could it be Michael who shot his father in a way he knew would only surface wound him in an attempt to start a mob war and create an opening for himself to get in his fathers business? That sounds too interesting to be a GH storyline.

    Then there is Jax. Yeah, wouldn't surprise me if they destroyed the character of Jax by making him a killer.

    But, more likely then not they will make Sonny's shooter be some nobody we have never heard of from one of the other families.

  10. Ravenbeauty is saying that michael corinthos is going to be recast! Chad Dewell will be replaced.

  11. I had suspected that morgan will be brought back but as an older morgan but it's surprising if they get rid of chad. Though the character of michael is completely annoying.

  12. I wish kelly monaco was leaving.

  13. I will believe Chad is gone when it is confirmed.

    Per Raven 'Potentially' was the word used. It can't be confirmed.

  14. If Carlivati couldn't save OLTL from cancellation, then why are people so optimistic about GH staying on air? It's TPTB in disney that will make this decision.

  15. Jax lurking, Helena lurking. This is not suspense! It's a waste of good acting talent having these actors not interact with anyone. Hopefully Carlivati is better than this and doesn't wait too long to change storyline.

  16. Maybe they're recasting Michael and making him older too. The badd ass role just doesn't suit teenage michael. It's not believable, it's laughable. I wish they'd just get rid of him altogether.

    As for TJ having a sex scene, Sonya, I hope not. He's supposed to be 14.And while I know that many 14 year olds are sexually active, I don't need to see it on daytime tv.

    I also wish Kelly was leaving.

  17. di said...As for TJ having a sex scene, Sonya, I hope not. He's supposed to be 14.And while I know that many 14 year olds are sexually active, I don't need to see it on daytime tv.
    Yeah especially when an actor or an actress is really is a teenager!! Like for example, Kristen Alderson who played Starr on OLTL. She was a teenager when she had a sex scene! ACK! I watched her grow up! It was odd thing to see her having a sex scene as a teenager.

  18. Congrats to Lexi Ainsworth!

    I still want her back to escort Nathan off of GH but she might be too busy now!

  19. My understanding is that the revolution tanked. It got less ratings tha OLTL did last year. It would serve ABC and Disney right if both shows tanked. If we all boycotted their sponsers, I wonder what would happen. The only problem with my thinking is that I would have to watch the shows to find out who their sponsers are and I wont ever watch either show.

  20. TheGirlWithTheStarTattooJanuary 17, 2012 at 10:43 PM

    Love the Matt&Liz scenes, they're cute funny. He's so jealous of Dr.Keenan, but in a funny way. It's refreshing on a dark show like GH.

    Love Tracy.

    Wish Sonny would die this time.

    Sam. Is. A. Moron.

  21. The best part of GH today was JOHNNY! As always he was just SEXY! I also loved Lulu's sweater but HATE her s/l. I hope RC & FV mmake her a priority when they come on and FIX her character.
    Also to the Lisa who posted about CD..it seems they have replaced CD with another actor.There is a picture of the new Micheal at DD..He has RED curly hair but is cute.I just wonder from CD's twitter response if maybe he quit GH because he did not seem too upset about it.Either way i think he will move on to better things.

  22. Karen, had they shown the photo shoot for real, that would have been far too boring than blabbering about it after, don't you know?


    If they had, it would have been reminiscent of when Brenda did photo shoots for Lucy's company.
    It would have been a good change of pace.

    Chalk it upto another missed opportunity

    And, please let the shooter be Michael so his dumbass can be sent to prison.

  23. I would like to correct my earlier post.I just read CD's tweet about being let go and he said "i am not".So either he is not really leaving OR he has not been told he has been recast.Sorry for the mistake.

  24. The noobs playing Ewen, Cassandra and Maggie seem talented and could be good additions to the cast, if it wasn't for the crap writing.

    Will someone please shove Sonny off a parapet?

  25. Remember when Lucky had Foster the dog - Lulu wasn't allergic to him? I think TJ is going to be annoying. He does look older but maybe he is going to be a love interest for Molly. How in the world did Mulva find Ewen for some profiling? He is new in town. That scene in the closet with Liz was a waste. I do love Matt with Liz, though.

  26. I like Ewan and Cassandra, but I don't like Maggie, for some reason. JMO.