Friday, January 27, 2012

Spoilers and Rumors are UP you Wubbahs!

Ok, great...but can YOU tell Carly? We are too scared!

That's right-- new Spoilers are up and some made me giggle. I think JaSam is going to be more nervous to tell Carly about the baby than anything else? Is the baby Jason's?? See for youself on the WUBS NET!!

RUMORS are up too... hit the rumor button on the wubs page. Things are swirling all over about EVERYTHING! Just reminding you that GH's days are numbered and we need to enjoy it NOW. I feel the lighter stuff already. You know I've enjoyed it this week. Once the Lady in White is cleared up and Robert and Anna get back I'll be positively GIDDY!! 

I hope to be here at 3 to blog!! Work is going well, I love it but boy it's draining-- 
A BIG THANK YOU for the Amazon orders at Christmas, you rock!!  


  1. Just read your spoilers/rumors.
    Is GH cancelled??

    Depending on which site you visit, some say the ending is written. Being that Lucky comes back for Liz.
    Robin really doesn't die.....


    Is the writer and executives trying to save GH??

    This weeks airing showed the hope of promise.

    So whats up?

  2. I think we need to try to convince the people with the black boxes to tune back in and give it another chance. (One box equals mega votes.)If the numbers start to climb again maybe there is a chance; but if they keep falling I can't see them keeping it.

  3. IMO I don't think anyone can say for sure if the show is cancelled.
    Again IMO I think someone, somewhere is holding out hope for this show to suceed. YES the negativity has to stop and praise, no matter how little needs to be shown!

  4. Hey hey hey -- is the LIW really gone??? I HOPE SO!

  5. Is anyone really surprised that the baby is Jason's? SMH {WHATEVER}The rest of the show for the most part has been enjoyable so I can't complain. Can't wait for the new writting to kick in looks like they have some good things coming up!


  6. My lord, Steve Burton looks 4X the size of petite little Kelly Monaco in that pic.

    When his waist started expanding five years ago, I always thought he should have retired from soaps and went into the NFL.

  7. IMO , I think the decision has been made months ago by disney administration, whether GH will go or stay. I think money or cost of producing these soaps was the deciding factor in getting rid of these shows and Frons led the campaign. I still feel they will end GH when they find a suitable show that costs less to produce and draws in viewers. They are airing Katie Couric at a time during the presidential election campaigns. I think if it was only about ratings OLTL would still be on.
    I like optimism and it`s great to be positive because one never knows what fans can accomplish but I am suspicious of a company that moved a cast to another city only to crush them later. I don`t believe they are telling fans the truth.

  8. If they cancel GH I will boycott all ABC shows!!

  9. I've lost my beloved GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS, ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE over the past couple of years.

    So I'm ready. This show is going to be cancelled by summer time. I'm no longer in the denial stage (that all came to an end on April 14 of this year).