Friday, January 6, 2012

Francophrenia is GH Movie!!

The actor has turned his appearance on the daytime soap opera General Hospital into a "humorous psycho-thriller" called Francophrenia. The movie, which will debut at this year's Rotterdam International Film Festival, was made "by writing a new script for existing footage shot by Franco on General Hospital."
The feature, alternatively titled Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is, will debute at the Rotterdam film fest Jan 25-Feb 6th.
HAHAAHAHAAA. Oh man, will Bob the Badger be in there? Numerous shots of Steve Burton's black tee shirts?? 

read it all on The Vulture


Anonymous said...

God, this man is so self-absorbed. I can't stand him or his character on GH. He puts the soap genre down, then makes a movie based on his part in one. Hypocritical much?

kdmask said...

did you love the photo? LOL

kdmask said...

he actually didn't put it down though, he speaks really highly of it

DJ Rogue said...

Ya know, I don't take soaps super-seriously or anything and most of the storyline situations are, at least 6 times out of 10, of the ridiculous nature, but I find Franco and his whole treatment of soaps offensive.

Perhaps if his role/"storyline"/whatever was executed better than it was, it might not bother me. But it wasn't. So it does.

I agree with Anonymous. Fuck him.

renegade_killerbee said...

I have read numerous interviews he has done over the past couple of years, where the interviewer wanted him to touch on the subject of "General Hospital" and soaps in general and somehow or another the megalomaniac Franco always brings the topic back to him and how his character will bring him exposure to the Academy Awards panel, his peers will give him respect, etc., etc.

He never pays homage to the daytime medium whatsoever. It's always about him. One of "GH's" worst moves EVER. Even worse than bringing a frozen Stavros Cassadine back to life in 2001.

Elizabeth said...

Renegade Killerbee, I for one loved that storyline in 2001. especially loved Stavros falling down that never ending hole.

As to Franco, I can't stand him either. Each time he shows up on GH, the stories get worse and worse. The only way I would watch anything with Franco at this point would be if it was revealed that he and Jason have secretly been in a relationship for years and actually got married over the summer after it became legal in NY. Jason has been using Sam as a beard because Sonny is homophobic and wouldn't work with him, and in all likelihood would have ordered Max or Milo to kill him, if he had known. The only reason that Franco has gone nuts is because he cannot have Jason all to himself and he has to share him with Sam, which is also why he raped her--in his twisted mind it is his way of sharing a baby with Jason. (okay, i have apparently put way too much thought into this.)

SharonH said...