Friday, January 13, 2012

Our 2:00 Hour of #OLTL is Over... Forever. FIN.

Today was a great show... just such nice closure, even though we thought they were going online. Langston and Markko were in LA for Starr! (she got there in 3 seconds lol) 
Alison's script said Nov. 9, 2011, the last day of shooting. I was dying to see who she was reading it to!! 

There are so many great moments. I don't want to spoil them if you're watching later. If you already saw it, you know them. 
BABY DREW!! awww. I cried. 

In So many ways, this show was even better than the "BELOVED" AMC for it's fearless embracing of the genre. It never backed down from the fantasy, camp and joy of being a soap. Bye. :SOBBING: 


Franco's death..Franco Funeral BYE fronkey man.

JASON SHOOTS him, then screams WHAT! duh.. That's all I could take today.


Anonymous said...

Lil Drew is so cute and YESSSSS at the last scene I'm so happy now!!!


fnaylor1972 said...

me too. GREAT ending BUT sad it came to and end :(

sonya said...

OLTL: Was fantastic!!!! Brilliant end with Allison and you know who ROFL! I'm going to miss OLTL. :( I've watched it since I was 11 yrs old!


Ethan and Luke: Luke admits that Laura is his soulmate! WOOT WOOT! :)

Ethan and Cassie: Zzzzzzzzz. Oh they have sex Zzzzzzzzzz. Come on Helena stop skulking and kill her!!!

Ewen and Cassie: Zzzzzzzzzz.

Jason and Franco: JASON SHOT HIM YAY!! And Jason burned the place up WOOT WOOT! :)

Patrick and Ephip: ROFL!

Patrick and Robin: Come on Robin tell him the truth! Oh Robin goes into Seattle grace hospital. Hmmm Is she going to meet Meridith, McSteamy, McDreamy, and the rest of the crew? :)


Sonny and Michael: Michael and his whining UGH!

Michael and Sam: Oh he whines to her about wanting to kill the guy who beats up strippers. UGH!

Michael: Oh he buys a gun! UGH!

Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzzzz.

Jax: Jax is skulking around watching Sonny!!! He wants to shoot him and he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well maybe. :) It could be Jax who took a shot. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow,I am going to miss OLTL and I was so surprised and pleased with ---that last scene ! I am angry at the scum who took this soap off the air.
And then when I watched GH, the contrast between the two was so depressing to me. We have GH with Sonny and his son Michael the moni-mobster yelling at each other and Kate, the women who lost too many braincells once again, as Sonny's Moll....ummm, girlfriend. THAT and the Jason shooting Franco Fiasco makes me so disgusted that they think we might like the writing after losing the quality acting and writing of OLTL. Its just so unfair.The new writers had better improve the soap....put Sonny and the mob in the background.please.

Anonymous said...

So I'm thinking a Blair/Jax pairing?

Anonymous said...

Well, there you go Ethan. You've just opened Pandora's Box.

Thanks alot! Fuck you!

Andrea said...

OLTL- Thank you for so many years of entertainment- the laughter, the tears, the suspense, the shock. You never disappointed and you never tried to be something you were not. You stayed true to your history and respected your fans. Your life was ended way too soon.

I will miss you more than words can say.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins--The Mannings of Port Charles!

carrie said...

I saved the whole week to watch today. I did a lot of crying. This was an incredible final week. How embarrassing for Blair!!

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL was BRILLIANT today! I felt like it was an all day celebration of the show over the years.
PERFECT ending....PERFECT preview on The View...(Thanx Whoppie)
I cried, I laughed, but in the end today, I watched with a 'heavy heart'

GH-FF thru the entire CRAP except for the killing of Franco and the very end when Liz (clap) told Patrick about Robin.
And Sam told Jason about pregnancy.

Did I miss anything else?

Carrie said...

TSJ has GOT to be coming to GH too!

I can't be convinced otherwise!

AntJoan said...

GH was just TERRIBLE today!! Something is terribly wrong--all of us fans are pining away for the vets, begging for crumbs, happy to get just a few minutes of Monica, Edward., etc.--and then we get endless scenes of the 3 new blondes.

Maggie, nuKate and LIW look alike, and all seem to come from someone's wet dream. LIW, especially, is a HORRIBLE character, a bratty, seductive child-woman whose character makes no sense on any level--as someone said yesterday, where does she get money, how can she travel around? I don't think any woman ever has acted like she does, she is the product of some man's fevered imagination, as a woman, I am offended by the character.

AntJoan said...

Oh, and she and Ethan having sex after they just met, this is not usual for GH, which usually tries to build up sexual tensions for YEARS. I guess it's because Ethan's leaving. . .

It was just gross, with Helena lurking and watching, why on Earth would Ethan be attracted to such a horrible disgusting person?

My2Cents2 said...

Cliffhanger OLTL today is what GH needs to breathe new life into.

And once it does, (it will) we will have the BEST of BOTH worlds.
When the writing stopped for OLTL, the timing couldn't have been better for GH.
GH is a mess and needs some OLTL lovin'!

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Oh, and she and Ethan having sex after they just met, this is not usual for GH, which usually tries to build up sexual tensions for YEARS. I guess it's because Ethan's leaving. . .
I don't feel any chemistry between Ethan and Cassie. They are just so boring!

My2Cents2 said...

Hey wasn't Tracey suppose to get married today?

I got sick to my stomach FFing thru LIW & Ethan.

Anonymous said...

Because it was Friday the 13th Tracey got Anthony to change the date of the new date has been set at least I don't think it has!


Melodybluez said...

I watched OLTL today...was curious how it would all end. Had a birth, marriage proposal, an arrest and a reunion with Cole and Starr...nice ending for the folks in Llandview! After 43 years, it's very sad though. I haven't really watched since I was young with my mom, but I wanted to see how it ended.


Well, at least Jason blew Fronkey away in the first ten minutes. I was afraid we'd have them bantering all hour! So, GH essentially began and ended with gunfire today. I knew from the spoilers that Sonny was going to get it. I am hoping the shooter is Jax. If it is unknown who it is, I bet Sonny will blame Johnny again.


Liz told Patrick what's wrong with Robin. I normally am not for friends spilling secrets told in confidence, but the man did deserve to know. I am thinking this is how Robert and Anna come in...he won't be able to find her and will contact them for help.

Sam told Jason she's pregnant. At least these cats are now out of the bag with Robin and Sam!

Skate...Zzz...snoozefest. I could care less that they want to open a restaurant. I just keep hoping that these secret phone calls Kate makes occasionally are the mark of her screwing Sonny over in the end...that would be soapy and appropriate after how Kate was treated by Sonny when Brenda came back.

Michael...he's still shouting and getting on my nerves. Someone, anyone, please shoot this kid!

Cassie and Ethan...boink, boink already! What I could get out of today, unless it was a ruse is that Cassie seems to be a Cassidine toy. I was not sure if she was in cohoots with Ewan and Helena or not. It did not seem that way. I would hate if they have her be Laura's daughter. Enough with the long lost kids! The only way they could possibly pull that off is to have had Laura out of it when she gave birth to Nik and she didn't realize she actually had twins and the girl was carted off elsewhere by Helena. That is the only way it would be believable, since Nik was brought in to save Lulu when she was a baby. What if Nik would not have been a match for Lulu? Would not have made sense for Laura to forget she also had a daughter, unless she never knew she did. I am just hoping Cassandra is some gal drugged by Helena...just a toy to mess with the Spencers.

Tracy and Anthony decided not to marry today because it was Friday the 13th and Tracy also faked being sick, so they put the marriage off for now. I like the idea of Luke showing up to serve the married couple breakfast, as per spoilers...that should be fun.

Someone said they could see the difference in the two soaps watching them back to back...I definitely could. I know we need a mix of positive and negative/yin and yang in life, but honestly, I hope the new writers bring some sunshine to Port's too deep, dark and depressing...not to mention sloppy, choppy and all over the place lately.

I am waiting for February now, just hoping the merger with the two soaps does not backfire.

Happy Weekend!

Mamaspat Ole said...

I had dvr'ed the View was a great show loved Whoopie but the ending was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!I am a disabled person who loved watching GH but when it became The Sonny Show I quit and went back to watching AMC and OLTL soooooo ABC I will not be watching GH because your going to use those actors and then shut GH down as well.I have no use for The Revolution...nor the Chew nor Katie I will just shut off the tv and take up knitting....or buy me a stripper pole and learn how to strip :))So ABC kiss this A**

Watchintele said...

The only thing that was interesting about GH was when Franco said, "You won't know why I came into your life" after being shot by Jason.

I hope that it was Sam who was behind Franco coming into Jason's life! Revenge for dumping her and having a child with Elizabeth. Now that would be soapy. Having her inner Cassadine come out.

Systematically, worming her way back into Jason's life. Being the reason the Russian mob only kidnapped Jake. Putting an end to the Liason relationship. Perhaps using Jerry for help with that. Maybe, Jerry introduced her to Franco too?
Also, using Jerry to make it look like Michael was in danger that summer when Claudia lost her baby,and Kristina and he ran away.
That was her in?
Then having Franco mess with his head. Staging the whole choice between choosing her or Lulu to save. Ofcourse, Sam wasn't in any danger.
This was a way to know if she had Jason back?

Maybe they can fix the mess they made with killing off Jake? Could be that Franco staged it?
Tie it into Steve knowing? Maybe Steve found out somehow, and didn't say anything because Franco threatened to really end Jake's life? Perhaps that is what Johnny is holding over his head?

Sam's ultimate goal was to have Jason's child. But, Franco kiboshed that plan and gone off script. Maybe Franco decided that it would be more fun to mess with Jason's head by taking away his first born, see the raw emotional grief and then taking away what would be a joyous moment in his life by having a child with the woman he married?

I'm just tired of their relationship constantly being centered around a baby. My baby died. I can't have a baby. You had a baby with Elizabeth. Now I can have a baby. I'm pregnant.
Their angst is all about a baby. Nothing more. It's boring and redundant. They've been in relationship for a better part of 7 years now and Sam's been on the show for what, 9? During that time they've only focused on them having a baby?? Enough already! They are boring together.

If Michael Easton is coming, it will be a welcomed change if he ends up being paired with Kelly Monaco.

Sorry for the rant. Just exhausted with this show being so drab.
Another thing, if OLTL characters will be introduced to the PC canvas, do not center it around Sonny!
If you want to save this show, stop using Sonny as your focal point. That is what got you into this mess to begin with.

He's become one dimensional, just like Carly. And, they've boxed Jason into that group too because he's been isolated into their dysfunctional world. Add Sam's baby angst, oh lord, here we are. Welcome to Boresville!!!!

sonya said...

Watchintele said... I hope that it was Sam who was behind Franco coming into Jason's life! Revenge for dumping her and having a child with Elizabeth. Now that would be soapy. Having her inner Cassadine come out.
WOW! I love your storyline about Sam!!! :) That would be very interesting and yes so very soapy! :)

lisa said...

Watchintele, I totally agree, Sam and Jason are so dull. The Franco story was so long and drawn out that jason killing him was , meh, dull. I don't care about them at all.

My2Cents2 said...

OMG I was in the grocery store today and I saw Sonny got shot?
Must have been at the end of the show. I FF everything yesterday but Patrick & Liz. And Sam & Jason.

Can't wait until February writing starts!

So I know this is a very silly question, but I suppose he lives?