Thursday, January 12, 2012

DAY 4 out of 5 For OLTL: Farwell Faternity Row

Oh man, so many one liners in today's show. "Why did Judith Light snub me at the Fraternity Row wrap party"?
Agnes Nixon: "The bridge between  the real and the fantastic"... she was giving an "interview' for the end of Fraternity Row. 
Starr wants to go to LA....Rex, Gigi and Shane going to England. 
Megan's Daisy award was on the table..(an Emmy) "Those stupid writers will have a DNA bombshell on the last show" says Clint. 
Vicki Lord doing interview about Fraternity Row "many inherited a love for their show from their parents or grandparents". Viki's speech is the BEST EVER describing the love of soaps. I hope it's available online in it's entirety for our reading. WOW...
Fraternity Row ending: Loraine  is a MAN!! ahahhaha... too fun. 
David Vickers: "My Wikipedia was hacked'!!  
Sam: "What's a sex change"?? 
Todd liked the ending "I liked the part where MOON stayed with her family"
Someone on Twitter  said the Llanfair scenes were the last ones shot of all the scenes. sniffle
Everyone waving and the slo-mo was just so...sad. Even Todd starting crying (really) and was all sniffling. Tea saw Tomas!!
Matthew's reaction was actually "real" --being a snotty reluctant dad. I could see that happening in real life.
ONE LIFE TO LIVE was trending in the USA again today!! Tomorrow: Baby born!

GH: Why will I bother? Ah, maybe Helena talks today.  NO she just LURKED. What a  waste of a good actress! BTW, how does Cassandra get HER MONEY? I assume she eats.
Olivia saw Maggie/Steve kissing. I so hope that she knocks the beeatch OUT! No, she goes sees Sonny who tells her his restaurant is going "legit" and he's naming it after he and Kate/Connie's fave place from the past.
Mulva was on.
Helena skulked. She could have been digitized into this scene, we'd never know.

I can't stand this Steven and Maggie's so bad. SO BAD. There's still no logical reason he wanted her in town.
Alexis finally calls Sam!! wow!! About My Face--heh. It was really cute and fun. I bet NLG adlibbed a lot of that.
Stupid PCPD scene, Michael busting in, all MAD. Mad, mad, MAD!! I hope McBain knocks him the hell out when he comes on
Some storyline sacred cows are going to get a real beating when the newbies come on.   I hope so.
Jolivia scene! The temp went right up when Johnny walked in!! She walked right back out. And then Sonny/Johnny stood around fighting.

NLG tweeted: Mo and I have agreed to share a dressing room to make room for the delicious cast increase of oldies and goodies. It is a huge sacrifice for both of us. Mo is a mirror hog and I talk to myself. I get annoyed when he keeps asking me to touch his bicepts and he hates it that I'm always on twitter


Carrie said...

<3 NLG! I can't wait to catch OLTL tonight!

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Zzzzzzzzzz. Ethan and Cassie chit chatting. *yawn* Oh look Helena is hiding and listening in on them. She has a knife! Helena are you going to kill off Cassie?!!?! :) Please? Pretty please? :)

Steve and Maggie: Zzzzzzz. They are bonded forever because of him murdering someone. Zzzzzzzz. Olivia sees them kissing and then walks away counting ROFL! Helena bring the knife here and off Maggie please!

Olivia, Steve, and Maggie: Olivia comes back and kisses Steve! Go Olivia!!! And then Olivia tells her to BACK OFF!! GO OLIVIA! :)

Olivia and Sonny: Oh Sonny is going to open the restaurant to the public?!!?! Interesting.

Jason and Franco: Zzzzzzz stop talking to Franco and just shoot him already!!

The police station: Oh the guy that people thought was the one who beat up the strippers was let go by the police. Michael isn't happy of course. Oh who cares about the person beating up the strippers!!! Let's get on with this!!

Molly, Alexis, and Sam: Molly is acting like a normal teenager YAY!!!! Alexis is having hot flashes again ROFL! Pari menapausal or menapause? :) Molly still has the picture book! They are talking about the cook and her kids left one day! Hmmm is one of the cook's kids Cassie? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

At first I was annoyed at the Faternity Row storyline being that there was only 2 days left. But they did a wonderful job linking it together and Vicki's speech was just perfect. I like how as she spoke the camera was placed on who she was talking about.

Not too much to say about GH I just hope that good storylines comes for our vets and not the OLTL characters!


Melodybluez said...

Karen, we were thinking some of the same things about GH today...

I kept wondering why they have great acting talent coming on this show, Anthony, Ingo, Constance...and they bring them on only to have them lurking in the shadows for days! Ingo's been lurking for what seems like ages. Anthony was lurking as Luke during his summer break return this past fall, and now they have Constance doing it. Bad use of a great actress.

They better be going somewhere with the Lady in White. With Helena there, I can only imagine Cassie is a creature of Granny Hels...or Helena, Ewan and Cassandra are all working in cohoots.

Michael...I was also thinking, "Hey McBain...could you please come on and give this kid the whooping he severely deserves?" I cannot even tolerate his yelling anymore. His lack of gratitude toward people who have sacrificed far too much for this little imbecile (Jason, Sonny, Dante)is just beyond maddening. By all means, please go work for the Z's, Mikey. I would actually enjoy watching Papa Z mess with him.

Maggie and Steve and His Olivia...This is Lisa Jr. all over again. The battle lines were drawn today. Could we please just spit the secret out about who died and send Maggie packing back to Memphis?

Dante is spending more time with Mulva than his new wife...uh oh...trouble a brewin'. I don't trust Mulva as far as I could throw her.

Why did Olivia go to see Sonny? I like how she was playing Mommy with Johnny and Sonny and their neverending "Mine's bigger than yours." argument. Play nice, boys. Johnny seems to be in limbo on this show. They seem to be putting him near any woman with a pulse. BB is great and has chemistry with just about anyone.

Davis girls...always love them.

Fronkey...bang, bang, bye, bye on Friday...I hope. Will Jason find out if Sam was really assaulted before he shoots? I'd want to know.

Anonymous said...

NLG is hilarious!

As for GH, I could barely get through it today. I am so waiting for February.

OLTL: I was a big fan of it in the nineties, but I have not regularly watched for about 12 years. After yesterday's news of some of the cast members joining GH, I decided to watch the last two episodes. I am so glad I tuned in! First, Vicki's speech about soaps had me crying. So true. Second, even though I didn't know a lot of the characters I was still entertained. They have such a sense of family and togetherness on that show that GH has been missing for a long time. I kind of wish I would have started watching again before there were only two episodes left. Oh, well. But now I am hopeful that even though GH may not last past September, the last few months will be entertaining with FV and RC. Lastly, David Vickers is Bo's son? Whaaaa?!? When did this happen?!


Anonymous said...

They need to put Johnny back with Lulu ASAP! She is the only woman that fits with him.I also hope the OLTL cast do NOT take up too much air time because i would rather watch the cast of GH NOT the cast of OLTL.

lisa said...

Missed GH today, and it seems I didn't miss anything. GH is like watching paint dry.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it should have said "I hope that good storylines comes for our vets and not JUST OLTL charcaters!"


Anonymous said...

Ethan is being brainwashed by Cassuckra.

She needs to go - there is no point in her being on the show other than for Helena to get her rocks off by luring the young Spencer.

di said...

I'm not only wondering how Cassandra eats, how does she travel all over the world? You need ID coming out your ying yang to get onto a plane these days.

And I have no interest in the Steve/maggie storyline either. I don't see its purpose.Everything is so disjointed.

I loved the scene with Alexix and Molly and Sam. One of the few I didn't ff today.

And just shoot him already Jason!!

My2Cents2 said...

OMG! LOVED this entire show today. I cried when Rex hugged Clint. I cried when Vicki spoke. Agnes. CLASSIC show today. If this is the writing that is coming to GH, it was bitter/sweet today saying good-bye.

I know, its GH. But how can we have a show without the B's?? Roxie? David??

Writers did a KNOCK OUT job ending this show along with Fraternity Row. BRILLIANT!!
Now on to GH!

Anonymous said...

Okay - be warned. I'm half Italian and half Irish...

What the fuck is going on with this stupid and shitty storyline between Ethan and Cassuckra?

Give me a FUCKING BREAK! I hope she dies.

The actress saying that "things are heating up" --- yeah - because that's me lighting your clothes on fire you stupid cross-eyed twit.

Elizabeth said...

I loved OLTL today. It was so great. Vicki's speech had my mom crying, which is not good because her eyes are still healing from the surgery the other day. I can't wait to see tomorrow's episode. I hope it is just as good.

I was thinking that when the OLTL characters show up on GH that John and Olivia would make a cool couple. He's going to need some loving since Natalie isn't coming with him.

Anonymous said...

A certain person (RB) just said that 2 more OLTL actors have been added and will be announced soon! Looks like GH is turning into OLTL 2.0....I'm getting scared. I wonder who maybe Natelie for John and Tea {shrugs} I don't know I guess we'll find out soon enough!


Ritapita said...

NLG is fantasic. How can you not love her?

Ahhh, Jolivia. You make my heart swoon.

For the record, Holly can stay gone IMO.

My2Cents2 said...

Something tells me in the next week we are going to be seeing lots of new additions to GH from OLTL.
Please bring David over!!!!!!!

kdmask said...

half Italian half Irish:
I am half Sicilian half Swedish.
SO I freakin' get it! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Good bye LIW, Maggie, Olivia, Spinelli, Franco, Ewan. Don't let the door kick you in the ass on the way out of town.

Whose life did Dr Steve take? Jake?

When does the new writing go into effect?? End of February?

Jason, you are one of my fav's, but if you don't shoot & kill Franco tomorrow, you deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

When do "The Mannings of Port Charles" start filming????

Anonymous said...

I'm not a OLTL viewer but I'm looking forward to the new cast additions. Anything that will lessen Sonny's time on screen has to be a plus. BUT I stopped watching Port Charles partly because I thought Michael Easton was one of the worst actors I had ever seen. Has he gotten any better?


Elizabeth said...

@Anonymous 10:36, I loved Michael Easton as Caleb. However, I stopped watching Port Charles after the storylines got weirder and weirder. Vampires, angels, and time traveling I can deal with (hey, I watch Supernatural), but I just couldn't deal with Avatars--whatever the hell they were. I also couldn't suspend my sense of logic; it just wasn't believable that the other residents of Port Charles didn't notice the paranormal activity going on on the other side of town (even the residents of Sunnydale couldn't ignore everything that happened there, although they did fall for some interesting coverups--you know like a town wide outbreak of laryngitis which was used when the Gentlemen stole the voices of residents in or to kill people and take their hearts without people being able to scream).

Mrs. B said...

No! Pls keep Olivia! She's the only female that remember she has a child!

Frisco said...

So we are going to have Mac, Dante, Ronnie, Delores, Anna, Robert and some OLTL import cop guy. Plus I beleive Shawn is an undercover agent.

I can not beleive I am going to say this BUT, will there be enough crime in Port charles to occupy all these crime busters? Perhaps my dreams are coming true and Sonny will get busted and actually made to pay for his crimes...bring on the electric chair!!

mosbp2003 said...

Ritapita, I agree- Holly can stay gone. There are so many vets I would rather have back than her...

I LOVED Vicki's speech. I sat here bawling like a baby and got completely depressed that my one hour "escape" each day is going away. I am *hoping* that the influx of OLTL to GH will make it worth my while to start watching GH again...

My2Cents2 said...

IMO...the show will take Sonny out. Electric chair? NOT sure if they go that far, but Shawn is undercover no doubt.

I guess with McBain coming, we will see even less of Mac than we do know. That saddens me. I would so much rather see Mac in a storyline than John McBain with his hands in his pockets chewing gum like he is Mr. Cool.

Holly can stay gone. I AGREE. Bring Lucy Coe back or Felicia.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I didn't last more than a few weeks after the vampire tales started. I will try to give Easton a chance and as I said, anything that gets Sonny off screen works for me. I have always felt that he ruined the show.


LindaV said...

For the person who mentioned this, Sonny had called Olivia - that's why she went to see him. Love her spunk and her so very realistic relationship with her son. I want her to stay. Who does Michael think he is going to the police station and demanding to see police files and having a fit? Doesn't he still have a police record himself? Someone needs to smack him. I hope Ted King is one of the two that Raven mentioned. Is there anything more uninteresting than Steve and Maggie talking about something that we don't know and could care less about. Yeah, maybe Cassie and Ethan. I hope Helena springs into action today and that someone remembers Jax is till around. Whatever happens with the new cast members, I don't want to see any less of NLG - the Davis girls are a treasure and even make Sam tolerable.

Unknown said...

We (wife and I) have never followed OLTL so dropping in characters from off canvas is going to do nothing but Jackson Pollack this mess of a painting even more. This looks like an effort to drive the ratings even lower by driving off folks like us who are holding on to daily viewing only tenuously so ABC can say, "Look. Nobody's watching this show even though we tried to drag the OLTLers to it. We need to cancel this expensive dinosaur."

Melissa said...

Watching Thursday's OLTL. Sobbing. Just sobbing. I am going to miss this show so much. GH used to be my all-time favorite but after spending my holiday break getting caught up on 6 weeks of missed episodes, I'm already 2 weeks behind again. I guess that shows how committed I am. GH has amazing actors but horrible story lines. I'm hoping the infusion of the OLTL characters will bring some life back to GH.

My2Cents2 said...
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Anonymous said...

There will only be one "Cassie" in my book and she was on OLTL.

This chick Cassuckra needs to go. She's boring and the storyline SUCKS!

Helena - please kill her now!!!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who ff through scenes maybe you miss the little clues being sent our way. For instance, Alexis getting "hot" at Jasam's wedding and again yesterday, with her crying jag about Jax a week ago. Menopause storyline? Sonya caught it. And what about all the looks Cassandra is giving to the painting at Wyndemere and her similarity to Lulu. Another kid of Laura's? Still a really bad storyline IMO.
OLTL knocked it out of the park again. I am glad to see some of the characters come over. Maybe we could have Viki and Clint take over or fight for ELQ. Or how about little Sam, the cutest kid on TV? Maybe Matthew as himself or as a SORAS'd Morgan?
I too don't want Holly to come back unless it is to help usher Ethan out. And I hope the two casts integrate with each other,so that one or the other is not featured too much. The writers are going to have their work cut out for them.Should be a very interesting month coming up.

renegade_killerbee said...

For the past ten years, "General Hospital" has been like a country radio station: THEY HATE WOMEN.

The only female character given major story to carry over the years has been Carly (and it doesn't matter whom has played her).

Fortunately, getting the exquisite Kassie DePaiva (10X hotter than Laura Wright, Ima jus' sayin') might balance things out. Sure, they'll shove both Carly and Blair down our throats but it will be a little more female friendly.

My2Cents2 said...


Kassie & LW fighting over Jax!!!

If abc chooses to merge these 2 soaps, it will be explosive.
Imagine BOTH Todd's on GH??

I LOVE the thought...........