Friday, January 27, 2012

Karmas a BITCH, Kate!!


You go Johnny!! TELL Kate where it's at!!
BOOM! Johnny as a Batman type villian? Yes,  I'll take it!! BOOM!
Maxie and Lulu were fun...Lulu looking all "ratty"...drinking again in the morning. hee hee
I saw Bob the Badger!!
Spinelli and Sam--sorta pointless but whatever
Sonny: "Alexis-- please ummm, my pier, she blew up..and I need you to take care of it" ahahhaa.
Patrick trying to tell Jason it's dude's code and he should have spilled on Robin. heh. Jason was like: Huh? Blink. 
BLAZE...Skye found the birth certificate--- !! that was a good touch. And Lulu freaking out at Luke about the wine..interesting. Lulu throws BAR WARE at Luke. Ummmm, Lulu only Sonny can chuck barware.
Sam's cramping. 


sonya said...

Johnny: Poor Johnny!! He is in shambles! He won't tell Kate or Carly anything of what is going on. He blew up the elm street pier. The one Sonny bought! I just want to hug Johnny. :'(

Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Robin and Jason: The results are in!!!! So Robin, What is wrong with him?!!?!

Spinny and Sam: Oh oh Sam is cramping!!! The baby must be Franco Jr! :)

Sonny: He wants Alexis's help to make it all go away! ROFL!

Maxie and Lulu: Lulu has so many bottles of wine!! EEP!!!! I like that Maxie is concerned.

Luke and Lulu: Lulu throws the glass of whine across the room! ROFL! Are you going to blame him for making you an alcoholic Lulu? :)

Carly and Johnny: Oh KISS TIME! :)

Carly and Luke: LOVE IT!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The best part of today's show -- No CasSUCKra!

frisco said...

I laughed out loud when Maxie asked Lulu if she was wearing granny panties.

I skipped all Sonny scenes but the rest of the show was good.

Deb K said...

'Was he walking or floating'? (Johnny) LMAO! That was funny Sonny! (John @ the pier)

I walk around the house in my sweats or pj bottoms when I am home. I like being comfie. Though I drink coffee for breakfast and not wine!! LMAO! I also BRUSH the teeth first. Stanky breath Lulu!

On one hand I am happy to see Carly not with Shawn. I saw no chemistry and they are leaning her toward Johnny now. I still think Carly should go home and be a mother to her children first! But that isn't who Carly is, is it?

IMO scenes are being cut and added. Though it may not make sense to see Sam & the Grasshopper, how do we know the original scenes weren't cut? They could have been scenes of Maggie, or LIW & Delorse. Notice they were only on one day this week. I think they are being edited out. Which is fine with me!

Hey Sonny, Kate is in the process of taking you down. Wayyyyy down!
Are you ready?? lol

Clearly Sam is going to have a difficult pregnancy. Still, it will be worth it to get a little 'stone cold' out of it!
Will their be a problem because of the test she took? Is that why Spinelli was rattling on and on about loving the baby no matter what?

I missed Tracey today. And Papa.
Didn't Edward look old yesterday?

I am likin this show!

sonya said...

My2cents says Hey Sonny, Kate is in the process of taking you down. Wayyyyy down! Are you ready?? lol
ROFL! I'm ready! :) Is Kate working for the FBI? :) I hope! :)

Didn't Edward look old yesterday?
Well he is 110 yrs old. :)

Deb K said...

Sonya..I thought he was 109??? 110?

Kate is working for Jawn McBain??
Wasn't he with the FBI?

sonya said...

Deb K said...Sonya..I thought he was 109??? 110? lol
ROFL! Didn't he just have a birthday? ROFL! Or maybe he will be 110 soon! :)

Kate is working for Jawn McBain?? Wasn't he with the FBI?
Yes! He used to work with the FBI until he became a cop. :) Oh Kate working for Jawn! Delicious. :) Oh and I love your nickname for John McBain. :)

Deb K said...

Did you read Karen't BREAKING NEWS Sonya??

Jawn is how Gnatalie pronounced his name. Jaaaaawwwnnnn

Melodybluez said...

Just got finished watching today's show...was ok. I think this is mainly the "setting up" stage for things to happen as the new staff take over and we move to sweeps time, which is going to get explosive!

If they have Johnny saying, "Wait'll they get a load of me." (Jack Nicholson's Joker in Batman) We're in big trouble! Crazy Johnny's back out to play again and he's blowing stuff up. Do I like Johnny and Carly?...Nah, not really. They're a plot point, not kindred spirits. She's kind of like an older version of Maxie for him. Someone who has now been in his orbit for a while and she's an easy boink while he's on the brink of destruction...a boink that will do nothing more than stir Sonny's ire all the more. Sonny's not too fond of sharing his women, even if they aren't technically his anymore!

Kate...I'd love it if she'd be working with McBain. It's a good idea to bring him on. Her secretly working to destroy the dimple machine? I am all for it and heck, it is about time a woman got to take down a man on this show!

Lulu...I cannot stand watching this gal anymore. I am pretty sure Julie needs a job, but if I didn't I'd take a walk if this is all they were doing with me on this show. I think it is sweet that Maxie's concerned. I have thought that Jen has done a suitable job as Maxie, but she just (for me) does not have the rapport that Kirsten had with certain other characters, and Lulu is one of them. Maybe it's because Julie and Kirsten are pals in real life...that comes across in their scenes. At least getting dressed and throwing bar ware is a step in the right direction. I am tired of seeing her sleep until noon and stay in her jammies while Dante plays the good cop. Viewers who dislike Lulu always say she sucks the life out of her partners, well, this one has sucked the life out of HER!

Luke...Ok, this man has always been a shady anti-hero. He's been a rapist, a con artist, a mobster, etc., but he's never been THIS vile before. What did Johnny ever do to him? Heck, the guy used to date his daughter and used to be his business partner in the Haunted Star. I always got the impression he liked Johnny. They are doing with Luke what they did with Carly last year. They made her just downright mean last year to the point where it was childish. (They dropped that crappola about framing Dante which she and Spin were supposed to do.) There's a lot of characters on this show who need some redemption to be likable again. That's the thing about bad people/villains. To be watchable and perhaps even likable, the viewer has to see some shred of humanity there. Sonny's humanity has always been his kids, but now even that doesn't work to save him from being totally despicable. I hope the new writers realize this.

Sam...I did read that there would be twists and turns with this pregnancy...and I do think the child will be Jason's.

I guess from Robin's grim look that something's wrong with Jason. We have to wait until Monday to learn what it is!

I hope the new writers pick couples and stop playing musical couples so much! Is Liz going to be with Ewan or Matt? Is Maxie going to end up with Matt or Spin again? Soap couples do this sort of thing, but GH turns it into an art form!

I read Kristen Alderson from OLTL got a THREE YEAR CONTRACT with GH??? HUH??? Something's messed up there! I don't see any soaps lasting for a lot longer, especially not GH. I am not trusting anything that comes from ABC, that's for sure. Maybe GH will be saved and maybe not, but I don't trust them at all.

lisa said...

Rumors are that Jason will be the father of Sam's baby but you know how paternity test results are always messed with on soaps! They say there will be doubt that he is the father. There will be complications in with her pregnancy. There always seems to be with every woman's pregnancy on the show.
Steve Burton said they convinced Carlivati to let them be happy for a little bit to appease jasam fans. So we will see jasam romance in the next few weeks. I so can't stand this couple but congrats , again, jasam fans. Carlivati seems on board with Frons as far as jasam is concerned.
My hope is for a romance with Liz/Matt or Liz /Ewan and Old vets coming back ( Robert, Anna and lots more ). I know they'll probably convince JJ to come back to tie up liz/lucky story but I don't have any desire to see them back together. I do hope more Q's come back. I hope for rich storylines before GH closes its doors.

sonya said...

Deb K says Did you read Karen't BREAKING NEWS Sonya??
You mean about Kate being followed? :) Or maybe she isn't. :)

Jawn is how Gnatalie pronounced his name. Jaaaaawwwnnnn
ROFL ROFL! You are right she does! Hahahaha!

Frisco said...

Why do people want Kate working for some OLTL import? Why not have her work for TRUE GH characters Anna or Robert????

Rhonda said...

I'm with you Frisco, but while we're at it bring the real Kate back so we can actually be interested in her.

How many poepl wish it were Kirsten Storms saying the Granny PANTY line instead of Jen? No offense to her at all, but that voice is shrilling. Kirsten would have made that line hers.

And go away Carly.