Friday, October 12, 2018

Court Date

Friday! I'm here for once!! I may not last the whole show because I slept about 3 hours last night.

I'm steaming some fun shows now to soothe my soul. I think I told you I'm caught up on "The Good Place". I just got into "Dead Like Me" --which apparently, I missed in the early 80's??  I love it! 

Michael and Carly in court. Nelle is there ...WITH super blonde hair!! LOL..seriously? Hightlights in Jail?  Nelle taunts Michael about Jonah's death. Michael says 'you mean nothing to me" Nelle says "I know something you don't and when I tell you it will change everything". 
Chase shows up too. Bitches at her--just like Carly. 

KELLY'S; Outside: Krissy, Sam and Alexis. Molly did well on her GRE's Kristina isn't impressed. She asks Sam about Jason. Brad comes along with the baby and WOW--but Krissy looks sick when she sees it and leaves quick. ANVIL? Sure looked like one. Did anyone else see that!!?? 
Brad has Nelle giving him Wylie flashbacks. 

Inside: Chase and Jordan welcome Valerie to the PCPD. They had lunch together. 

DOCKS: Valentine pays Curtis. Curtis looks very handsome-- Curtis tells Valentin that Nina is meeting with Sasha. Then tells him to not try to get back together with her. Weird scene.

PARK: Liz, Franco and Aiden. Liz is concerned about Aiden at school. You know, if GH thought ahead, Molly could be Aiden's teacher--and working on her masters. I don't think we know what she went to college for. It would have been good.  The teacher left a letter for Liz in his backpack. Liz wonders if that's why Aiden didn't want to go to school. He says yep. 

THE METRO:  Sasha and Nina. Nina asks about the necklace then basically insults Sasha's mom saying "Maybe she didn't want you to have it". Nina suggests they go to Paris together. Sasha says she doesn't want  a relationship with her, she loved her mother (who's dead now). Nina botches the whole lunch. Ends up crying and asking if they can start all over. They are meeting again tomorrow. Michelle Stafford was pretty awesome in those scenes. 

END: Brad walks into the courthouse with the baby and sees Michael and Nelle in the hall. I have no clue why he's there. He must have said but I missed it. 

Krissy and Valerie and walking in the park..Krissy is saying she feels like a failure. 


  1. Dead Like Me was a pretty good show. I also would like to see The Good Place, sounds interesting.

  2. someone mentioned that valentine set this sasha story up to win nina back , i agree. she is not nina's daughter.

  3. What was the note all about in Aidens backpack? Did he punch someone at school? LOL!
    Me thinks that Valentin fabricated this Sasha and Nina's baby really did die....gonna backfire big for him now that Sasha is rejecting Nina. Oh and I want to bitch slap Nelle.

  4. The only thing the note said was that the teacher wanted to set up a meeting with Liz.

    I think Nelle MAYBE was going to tell Michael about Jonah until they all ganged up on her???? IDK

  5. Lindie, yes, I thought so too, that Nelle was going to tell Michael. Or maybe she just was taunting him that she knows something he doesn't know . . . Didn't finish watching yet.

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought that Nelle already had her trial. Is THIS supposed to be her trial? If so, they made a big deal about the last time she was in court, and no one even mentioned that this was coming up. Maybe the actress decided at the last minute to come back for this? Anyway, at first I thought this was the sentencing, but that is done with a judge, not a jury. Can someone please clarify this for me, I thought there was a trial already . . .

  6. Pier:

    V.C. and Curtis:

    "Karen says Weird scene."

    Yeah it is! I hope V.C. didn't pay this Sasha woman to pretend she is Nina's daughter!!! That is the vibe I am getting.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and Nina: Strange scene!!!! I am getting a strange vibe with Sasha!! Like maybe she really isn't Nina's daughter. Great scene with Nina though.

    ValeNina: Oh Nina! You are breaking my heart!!! :(

    Outside Kelly's:

    Alexis, Krissy, and Sam: Man I hate this scene! Krissy is all jelly of Molly!!! I am so proud of Molly's accomplishment!!! Can't you just be happy for your sister Krissy?! UGH!

    Alexis, Krissy, Sam, Brad, and Jonah:

    "Karen says: Brad comes along with the baby and WOW--but Krissy looks sick when she sees it and leaves quick. ANVIL? Sure looked like one. Did anyone else see that!!??"

    Oh I didn't even think that Krissy had a baby and gave him up!! When she was acting strange, I was thinking what the hell is wrong with her?

    Alexis and Sam: Oh give me a break!!! Sam shut up! Alexis is Krissy's mother and she has every damn right to be concerned!!! Krissy is acting very strange!!!

    Inside Kelly's:

    Valerie, Chase, and Jordan: Hmmm Val and Chase would be cute together. :)

    Jordan and Valerie: Hmmm. When they were talking about Curtis, I was confused.

    Valerie and Krissy: HUH?!?!! What the hell is that Krissy?!!?!?!

    Valerie and Curtis: HUH?!?!! I was still confused.

    Valerie and Jordan: Then when they talked about Curtis, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I remember now!! Curtis and Val used to date!!! I totally forgot!!!!

    The REAL park:

    Friz and Aidan: What's wrong little buddy? :( Oh a letter from the teacher!!!! I doubt we will get that scene. Or will we? Hmmmm.

    Valerie and Krissy: Oh come on!!! Krissy stop whining and tell me what is REALLY going on!!!!

    Court house:

    Carly, Michael, and Nelle: NELLE! YAY!!!! Oh she isn't wearing makeup.. Very realistic. :)She is still manipulating Michael! Hahahaha! Michael wins the line of the day.

    Michael: You look appropriate.


    Chase and Nelle: *Snicker Snicker* LOVE IT! :) Go Chase!! :)

    Brad and Jonah:

    *Brad and Jonah stroll in, and see Nelle, and Michael*

    Brad's thoughts: OH OH! Crap what do I do?!!?! I think I just peed my pants.

    What the hell is Brad doing there?!?!?!?!

  7. "Michelle Latta said... Me thinks that Valentin fabricated this Sasha and Nina's baby really did die.."

    Yeah my spidey soap opera senses are tingly!!!!

  8. OK, I had said that maybe Sasha isn't Nina's daughter. But I do think the baby lived, because Madeleine said so. She told Val. From there Val might have pretended to find her, and then have her disappoint Nina so that Nina would turn to him (which she did). However, Val hired Curtis to find Sasha, he didn't pay someone off to pretend that they found her. And they did 2 DNA tests. So something doesn't add up.

  9. Brad was saying something about Jiley, which I couldn't quite catch, and then I think Alexis said something about him being a world traveler, or something, couldn't quite catch that either. So I thought that maybe Brad had gone to the courthouse to get Jiley a passport.

    1. Yes he got Wiley a passport, I may have missed it too, possibly they took a trip or are taking one but of course we all know it's for when they skip town with the baby. (AntJoan)

  10. I am not sure any DNA test taken in Port Charles has ever been correct. Let me know if I am wrong.

  11. I am still wondering if Sasha will turn out to be Brit's daughter. Brit is coming back soon, the actress playing Sasha looks a bit like Brit, and if she is Brit's wouldn't the DNA be similar to Nina's...? They stressed that "99%" chance number many times. Which is usually how it goes on those tests, but since they have stressed it so much it makes me wonder if that 1% missing is the Brit connection. As for Brad, could he have to go to the "City Hall" for some documents of some sort so he can get that passport for Jonah/Wiley? Small town like that, would probably have all the municipal offices in the same building as the courthouse. Having trouble watching the Kevin/Ryan story. He is soo good at playing Ryan that I get creeped out!!! lol

  12. How old is Molly Lansing supposed to be? The actress is 20. Too young for GRE, but guess Molly is older than actress?????

  13. I agree Michelle Stafford was amazing in those scenes. I don't think Sasha is her daughter and Valentin has something to with it. NuJordan looks like someone and I can't think of who lol

  14. lindie said...
    How old is Molly Lansing supposed to be? The actress is 20. Too young for GRE, but guess Molly is older than actress?????

    You can take it anytime in university. It's only good for 5 years though so some people wait a few years to make sure they want to go to Graduate school right after graduating.