Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did I Blink and Miss Sweeps?

I'm late !! It's 2:30...so I missed part of the show. Not sure it matters? I see twitter says it's mostly all Nell and not a lot of JaSam. 

Sam is in active labor at the bottom of the ravine. Sam says something's wrong with the baby, she can tell.  The ambulance is taking an age. Jason has to deliver the baby--head is out. She's yelling, he's low talking (seriously had no clue what he was saying). She pushes.  Baby is out, baby's not breathing. Jason gives her mouth to mouth. Baby is breathing. Sam passes out. 

Carly's all upset in Nell's apartment. Sonny comes in just as she's leaving. She says "Let's talk" She says stuff then "you are screwing Nell". 

Bobbie and Nell.. Bobbie knows she's from Florida. And Bobbie tells her she knows she had an affair with Sonny.  Bobbie just yelled at her-- and Nell cried.  Nell leaves and goes to find Michael at GH 

Boardroom stuff, Tracy's trying to stall with paperwork stuff.  Hammy Finn sold his drug patent to get the money for the hospital. He saved the hospital! 

Julian is still handcuffed to the radiator-- yawn..Olivia is yapping away.  She finds out that the hospital didn't sell. Will she kill Julian? YAWN.


  1. Seriously! He doesn't hear her scream but the clouds clear from the moon and he sees her???? Slaps hand to forehead, gmafb! smdh....so this is what stuck to Jellys wall???

  2. I never can understand Jason. mr and mrs mumble. can't stand these 2.

  3. The show was preempted here for a news broadcast about a small plane crashing into a condo. No one lived in the apt. No injuries. Pilot killed. They repeated that for an hour, showing us the hole in the roof and the building while the announcers listened to themselves talk. Then the important show (Ellen)started and they went off air. Obviously ABC thinks we only use GH for background noise here and we don't really want to watch the show.

  4. I didn't finish watching today's show yet, but I have to say: So Sam can hear everything Jason says even though he is not yelling, but he can't hear her breathy yelling? You mean to tell me a woman in labor can't yell? Makes NO sense . . .

  5. I will get the boring awful part out of the way first.

    The ravine:

    Paint and Wall: Wow!!! Paint has been whisper yelling so much, she lost her voice!!!! Oh no! Wall can't see it's so dark!!! What can he do?!!?!! Oh Paint is starting to yell! Wall still can't hear!!!! WHAT DOES HE DO NOW?!!?!?!?! Oh wait! The moon!!!! The moon is lighting his way!!! HE CAN SEE HER!!!!! I can't hear anything he says to her. I think I will just sing the by the light of the silvery moon song.

    By the light of the silvery moon,
    I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune,
    Honeymoon keep a shining in June,
    Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we'll be cuddling soon,
    By the silvery moon.

    Oh oh the baby is dying! THE BABY IS DYING!!!! Oh whew the baby is okay! :) Oh oh Sam passes out!

    By the light, (not the dark but the light),
    Of the silvery moon, (not the sun but the moon).
    I want to spoon,
    To my honey I'll croon love's tune.
    Keep a shining in June.
    Your silvery beams will bring love dreams,
    We'll be cuddling soon,
    By the silvery moon.

    Onto the great parts of the show.

    Carly's office:

    Nelle and Bobbie: GO BOBBIE!!!!!! :)

    Nelle: That's not how it is you don't understand!!!

    Oh shut up Nelle!!!!! Bobbie is right you and your crocodile tears!!!

    Nelle's home: Gee Nelle. You don't have your laptop to go to sleep? Oh but of course it has to stay on! So Carly can see it!

    Carly: Oh Nelle. You don't know anything about payback, but you will!


    Carly and Sonny: Gonna divorce him Carly?!

    The hospital/The boardroom:

    Tracy vs Dr. O: Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: What did you get for your vote? What did he promise you? Some directorship at a cushy clinic for the criminally depraved?

    ROFL! Wait a minute! Awwww Hammy baby! You didn't!!!!! YOU DID!!!!!! You saved the hospital!!! You sacrificed!!!! :'( I love how Michael, RayRay, and Tracy stalled! :) And I love Dr. O's face when she had no choice and raised her hand! ROFL!

    Olivia Jerome's seedy hotel room:

    Julian and Olivia:

    Olivia: I also told you it was her fault!


    Olivia: I can't help it if your daughter is so stupid!

    Well you got a good point there. I can't argue with that.

    Doris Day & Gordon MacRae - "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"


  6. I agree that sweeps were really a letdown.

  7. oh Gee, I guess I have nothing to say, Except I enjoyed to days SHOW.Julian will not be a villain anymore, And General hospital saving story is over, Nell is busted , Olivia story is over, ending some of the stories is good for me, now they could start telling more of Anna and Valentines story.( Hopefully )

    1. I'm glad the hospital is saved, I don't care who did it, so that is a good thing. I kinda enjoyed today's show too. Wonder what will happen to Julian now that hospital is saved? Love that Nelle is busted but the why's I'm waiting for...

  8. I thought the scene between Bobbie and Nell was excellent. Jackie Z was really in rare form!!!

  9. Did anyone else notice that while patient was giving birth She was bundled up like she was in Alaska and began labor in skin tight bluejeans, socks, shoes, scarf leather jacket etc. The whole time she's screaming she can feel the baby come she is STILL wearing the tight jeans!! In the scene where Wall delivers Trim we see a loosely draped leather jacket on her knee. Does anybody remember when Lucy gave birth to Serena in a snowstorm? And Scotty's hands and shirt were covered in blood and signs of birth? Lucy was sweating and screaming. I'm questioning how little Trim made it out through the tight jeans, why Wall has no blood anywhere on his hands, even what the baby is wrapped in shows no blood, and Wall apparently cut the cord with slivers of moonlight… Worst delivery ever. It was beyond fake. GH can do some great deliveries and it has, this however was just so poorly written, produced, directed -whatever- it is shameful. I agree with everyone above that Paint never screamed above a whisper...and there really is no suspense because everyone knows Kelly Monaco is not leaving. ( although as boring as her storyline is I don't know why she stays). There's also the details that she fell down a ravine and bounced like a ball but appears to have suffered no broken bones, not even a sprained wrist. Since Wall has never delivered a baby, it might've been pertinate to have 911 talk him through it as I'm sure the Cell Phone that worked at the top of the bridge would continue at the bottom. So many lapses I could go on and on...it could've been dramatic but instead it was just sad for all concerned – especially the viewers.

  10. Yes, it was SOOO stupid, he just kept saying honey and sweetheart, to Sam, then to the baby, didn't understand anything else he said, tons of fake suspense, and, yes, she gave birth with her pants on!!

    1. You can't give birth with parts on....he said he felt the head

  11. When Trim was born, I kept wondering where did Wall get that blanket?!!?!! Someone on another board said "why Sam suddenly wore a ginormous scarf is answered." Ohhhh her scarf was the blanket!!!! DUH! :)

  12. Ugh - that birth was beyond stupid!! Mind boggling even. Best part of the show was Bobbie giving Nelle hell! Didn't need to see Sonny/Carly flashbacks. Yeah, that is what the scarf was for. Normally Sam just wears a light leather jacket in winter. They are just so creative aren't they?

  13. AntJoan said...yes, she gave birth with her pants on!!

    ***And her coat still zippered!!

  14. Sam to Jason: Save her, save her (then passes out). Yes, WE GET IT, St. Jasus is the savior, could it be any less subtle? And now, apparently, he also has been trained as an ob/gyn (well, maybe he does remember his med school training, after all . . .)

  15. "Michelle Latta said...You can't give birth with parts on....he said he felt the head"

    Of course you can!!!! Baby Trim is strong and can go through pants!!!!!

  16. And, of course, St. Jasus can get a baby out through pants, he can do ANYTHING!!

  17. AntJoan said...And, of course, St. Jasus can get a baby out through pants, he can do ANYTHING!!

    *** except speak coherently. lol

  18. I must be the only one on this blog that can hear and understand paint and wall.

  19. There must have been ten minutes of Sonny & Carly flashbacks I had to fast forward through.

    If we must have so much S&C, how about designating one day a week, say Monday, where the entire show is S&C. Tuesday could be Paint & Wall day. Wednesday through Friday could be the rest of the cast and would be the only days I would watch.

  20. I have never seen anything as ridiculous as Jason asking for a sign, the moon comes out and there's Sam. I'm not sure if those are supposed to be KM's amazing scenes that FV has been talking about???? As for Nell I wanted Bobbie to find out her true story, could care less about the fake sleep over