Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nora Gannon Buchanan

And...Frank announced tonight that Hillary B Smith is coming to GH.  She is noted for playing Nora Buchanan on OLTL for years and year. I'm assuming that's who she will be on GH now that ABC owns rights to that show again. I loved HBS...loved Nora but you know--don't we have enough people on this show already? Plus, she's a lawyer, kinda like Alexis. Oh well...let's see how it goes! 
NOTE: Rumor has it that she's back for a short-time lawyer gig. Maybe defending Alexis? 


Di said...

Maybe that's why they're getting rid of Alexis as a lawyer, so another OLTL character can take over her spot. Soon there won't be any GH left. They're even getting rid of the landmarks like Jake's.

sonya said...

Yeah I heard!!!!! Actually her full name is Nora Hannan Gannon Buchanan Colson Buchanan Buchanan! ROFL!

Carrie said...

Oh man! I'm still waiting on my Skye/Lorenzo/Blair mystery adventure. SkyLo 4ever

Anonymous said...

Having adored her on OLTL, I'm definitely alright with her coming aboard (especially if it IS as Nora), even though GH is insanely overpopulated, now to just hope Jelly doesn't screw things up.

Carrie said...
Oh man! I'm still waiting on my Skye/Lorenzo/Blair mystery adventure. SkyLo 4ever

** As much as I would love to see that actually fleshed out and resolved, I've made peace with the fact that it's not gonna happen. And if it did, I definitely wouldn't want Jelly to be the ones to write it. As much of a problem that RC had in his last 3/4 of a year on GH with stuff, this was something he was planning to do. Structure and information wise, he was MUCH stronger writing than Jelly is. Not to mention his knowledge of both shows' histories is something that would have been vital to pulling it off sucessively. Jelly has proven over the last year and a half that their grasp on GH history is tenuous, at best. (Their utter destruction of Paul. V.C. is absolutely nothing like the way the character was originally described as. (He terrified Helena)) I wouldn't want Jelly anywhere near something like this.


Anonymous said...

I have ranted many times about the hostile takeover of GH by OLTL. Sorry, I did not watch OLTL. It, not GH was cancelled. I want to see GH not OLTL.

GH does not need another lawyer. We have Alexis, Diane, Scotty, and Ric.

GH does not need another woman in this age category. Instead give better storylines to Monica, Tracy, Anna, Felicia, Alexis, Lucy, Bobbie, Laura.

What GH needs in men of this age range. And preferably doctors or business people, not psychos or mobsters. Who do we have - Mac, Scotty, and Kevin. They had great potential in business man Paul Hornsby till they ruined him. They took good Doc Steven Lars and made him a criminal. They killed Alan and Justus. Monica's judge boyfriend disappeared. Bring back Ned, Jax, Robert, Sean. Recast Tom Hardy.

LSV422 said...

Disappointed! I was hoping the announcement would be that someone we actually care about, Tyler C., was coming back to GH.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Nora MIGHT be the "friend" that Bobbie called today for help.


Arwen Tedhams said...

My fantasy...Nora, Diane and Alexis open a law firm together. Miller, Davis & Gannon and they get a spin off!

Bobby Bear said...

As long as they keep her away from defending any modular types (I know, I'm dreaming) I'm all for her joining the cast.

soaplover said...

I'm happy because Nora was always one of my favorites. Excellent actress, fun character. Have to agree that we really need more mature men on GH, not women. They need someone for Anna...someone wonderful like Duke. And I agree with friscogh that any new men must not be mobsters ! THAT we don't need.

OLTL was a great show and many of the show's characters were beloved. I don't mind them coing to GH as long as they choose the best, like Nora. I'd love to see Viki again, but I suppose Ericka has retired, with her seven Emmys lined up on her mantel.

Otherwise I guess we have the ones I loved best--Roger, Easton, Nora.

And I have long suspected the reason OLTL was canceled over GH (other than ratings) was because Bob whatshisname loved writing the Godfather over and over with Maurice on every single day. And Bob had influence.That was a time fraught with conflict