Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Soup's ON!


This week saw THREE episodes of General Hospital. Ergo, not a hell of a lot to talk about. Couple that with the boring things happening and you should be out of here toot sweet!  

Wait a do I serve the potatoes first or the peas? 
Jason, we aren't actually SERVING The food. 
Huh.. well, can I have a donut? 

Hey, got some great hair there for a homeless guy. What  products do you use? 

OMG. This "Juilan Bomb" thing is a ...bomb. JaSam, including Curtis, are running around trying to find out who planted what like it's 1982. Meanwhile we get to see English Pawnshop Man and Robe Wearing Mystery lady every now and then to remind us how much we don't care. 

Hey, don't I know you?
I think I was in court with you during the rape trial. 
Maybe I was drinking back then too. 

So, rapey Tom is dead. Who done it? Franco's trying to find out--not Jordan because...well, this is GH.  So he goes to our new hangout Pete's and  drops some cash to learn about the night Tom was there. Alexis is lurking in the corner. He puts 2 and 2 together. Alexis had some flashbacks making it look like she did it. *sigh*. Whatever.  PS I haven't seen a jukebox like that in ages. Not even in dive bars. 

Hammer-Time is down again. 

Anna, what do you see? 
A watch.....a hall..and a watch......wait it's the watch again......
Anything else?
Um....oh up ahead....there's a..a.. watch. Broken. Watch. My watch. 

OMG I'm married LOOK!! 
I took all your wedding stuff and did it!! 
Ok, don't get all mad, I'll send you photos and you can put them in your album!

You boyz needs to just calms down. I"m only on for 2 scenes and I need no fightings.
Who ares yous anyway?
I'm Tom Baker's Brother. 

Is your name Cook?
No I'm a Baker...

Candlestick maker? 
Oh Francos you are such a card! 

Why aren't I on this show more? I mean we're great friends, I'm witty and fun...
I don't know, Diane, why am I drunk all the time? 

Some homeless guy getting roughed up, getting the gang of 3 closer to the "mystery lady in the upstairs of the pawnshop".

Alexis figures out she was the last one to see Tom, Franco figures it out too. Her bar bill was $62. Thought you'd like to know that. PS. I put my money on Tom's brother as the killer. I mean, why else is he around? 

Hayden seems better but Hammy Finn is down again.  So you know, we get to see him shoot up. Which if you think about it, that's what he's done since he got on the show. Zzzz.

Anna's getting hypnotized to try to remember stuff about the Whistler. So far we've got a broken watch. 

Val and Nina are married, she wants to be Charlotte's mommy. She tells Naxie. They are shocked! 

So, see ya Monday if I'm able!  GH better step it up. Also, conflicting reports are out that DAYS may be canceled to make room for Megyn Kelly. People pulled it's report after Soap Twitter at them alive, but EW still has it up. The show may up in the 3rd hour of the Today Show which wouldn't affect the show.  Keep an eye out on that--we can't afford to lose another soap! 


  1. Hahahaha another funny Sunday Surgery! :)

    "PS. I put my money on Tom's brother as the killer. I mean, why else is he around?"

    But why would he kill his own brother? :)

    "She show may up in the 3rd hour of the Today Show which wouldn't affect the show."

    Yeah that's what I heard too! So for her to be on the Days timeslot, is just rumors.

    "Keep an eye out on that--we can't afford to lose another soap!"

    No we can't! :(

  2. lol Definitely more entertaining than the show this week.

  3. Great job Karen with so little to work with!

  4. Karen/sonya said...

    "Keep an eye out on that--we can't afford to lose another soap!"

    No we can't! :(

    ** I actually still watch all 4 that are left. Partially, because I've watched all of them for a long time, and since I've invested so much time into watching (and definitely enjoying for the large majority of time), and because that's all we have left, I continue to watch. Also as I've said in the past, my grandmother got me into watching them with her, when I was a kid. It was "our thing", so to speak. At this point in time, they really are one of the last connections that I had with her, that remains today. Even if there are only 4 left (Days and Y&R were her favorites, btw), I'm always thinking about what she would think about what happens on screen, while watching everyday. Primarily for all of these reasons (and some others), are why I still watch, even though I know things will never be as great as they were, due to budgets and what not. I've definitely complained loud and often about stuff. But, with the state of the genre/industry as a whole, the thought of losing Days (even though things have been pretty rocky over the last few years) scares me. Hell, the thought of losing ANY of what's left scares me, and it really should do so, with any longtime watcher (and not just Days watchers). One of these days I'm going to learn to stop rambling on forever, and stop subjecting everyone to so much text! (I hope)


  5. K, no apologies necessary. I believe we enjoy each other here more than we enjoy our show.