Thursday, January 4, 2018

UT OH Late late late! SORRY

So...another filler day?? 

Finn tells Anna what he remembers and doesn't with this Cassie fight.  Cassie isn't dead--- she's in a coma. Someone stabbed her with the needle on Charle's Street. Anna goes in to see Cassandra on the life support machine. We are left thinking that Anna may have turned it off. BUT! She released her to the custody of the WSB. *sigh*

Valentin is interrogated by Dante and Jordan. Nothing really happens.

Nate ask Amy if he DNA results are in....nope, there's a back log. 

Nina is talking to Dr. O about Nathan's heritage, and Felicia walks in and Dr. O jumps up and hugs her? (huh?? )) Oh, it's to plan Maxie's shower.  Maxie is there too. Dr. O wants to have her shower at the Charles' st. Pub. Dr O and Maxie talk about Nate's Dad--Dr O is hedging-- and Maxie says there's a DNA test going on. Dr. O like like WHAATT?  Why the hell would Maxie tell her there's a DNA test???

Felicia tells Lulu if Faison is in PC, he's hiding inside of Wyndemere. 

Sonny, St. Jaysus and Spin are in Sonny's office, Spin's been tracking Faison and has gotten nada on him so far.  Spin hacked into the email of the publisher and found out the person emailing about the book stopped when Jason got out of the clinic. Spin's computer then did a simulation to finish Faison's book -- (that PK Sinclair thing) and..after all this gobbeldy GOOK, the computer thinks Faison has a son. 


OMG, who's seen the NY Quits commercial with "I will Survive" on it?? It's so good!!


Alicia said...

Why didn't Maxie use the same mail in DNA that Josselyn did and she got results back in 24 hours? Would have been way faster and less likely to be tampered with. And Maxie is looking way Prego for just finding out LOL, agreed it was stupid to tell obreict about the DNA test, maybe she has pregnancy brain, (which can happen.. been there)

Arwen Tedhams said...

So....Nathan is possibly Faison's son? Would make sense.

K said...

I really don't think so. Olbrecht wanted to give Faison a son VERY badly. But, she gave birth to Brit instead. (Which was a HUGE part of why she and Brit had trouble getting along.) Were Nathan Faison's son, she wouldn't have given him to her sister to raise as if she were his mother. She would have been overjoyed that Nathan was his son, and would have told Faison he was the father, then. Whoever it is, she is she is as close to being terrified of this person as she can possibly be. She loved and adored Faison, so that just doesn't fit.


Pat..... Sun..... said...

I've seen these two posts in a Facebook group.. This theory makes perfect sense to me. What do you think?

1) Spoilers say Nathan has a brother in Port Charles. I say it's Peter August. He is the son Faison had the falling out with. Peter is the author and it explains why he is he'll bent on Lulu finding Faison. Obrecht is protecting Nathan from Faison and Peter.

2) So when Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli were reading the blank pages and Spinelli said the "son's" name, Octavius thoughts of Ancient History class came to my head. Octavius changed his name to Augustus when he became a ruler/dictator, so I believe that Peter August is Faison's mystery son in this book.

BeaArthur said...

Those theories are weak to me. Why are we supposed to care about a character we just met? If it's Peter August that's pretty disappointing

LSV422 said...

I just love Finola - what a phenomenal actress! She and ME were great yesterday - love them together. Kristina W. looks amazing - glad to see more of her. Yesterday's show wasn't exciting but it was still good. I agree with the Peter A. theories, too. Maybe he was the reason Faison escaped PC and he is using Lulu to find him.

Michelle Latta said...

Does make sense though

AntJoan said...

Yes, I also thought that Felicia looked phenomenal.

Someone please help me, I am still confused about this: If I remember correctly, Anna came home and found Finn and Cassie on the floor? Then somehow Finn is in hospital and Cassie has disappeared? Why would Anna leave with Finn and leave Cassie there alone? And WHEN did they find Cassie, this was a surprise to me! I think I am missing something here . . .

AntJoan said...

I also find the fact that Felicia's and Lulu's hair color/style match EXACTLY (except for the length of the hair) to be somehow disconcerting.

LSV422 said...

I think there was a loose end with Cassie being left in the house. They apparently found her in some alley. Totally didn’t make sense.

K said...

LSV422 said...

I think there was a loose end with Cassie being left in the house. They apparently found her in some alley. Totally didn’t make sense.

** I thought it was just a mistake or screw up with the editing. Since the next day Anna was standing over her in the ICU, and then called Robert to send in some WSB agents to move her to a WSB facility.


sonya said...

The police station:

Lante: Dante wins the line of the day.

Dante: What do you want?


Charlie's pub:

Dr. O and Nina:

Dr. O: Where is everyone? I said 9:45 am. It's already 9:43. They're all late.

What??!?! ROFL! They are not late! It's only 2 minutes early!!! ROFL!

Dr. O and Maxie: Oh Maxie!!! You have such a big mouth!!!!

The hospital:

Finchy's room:

Fanna: Love their scene!!!! Kiss already!!!

Cassie's room:

Anna and Cassie: Anna is having a nice sweet conversation with Anna. Too bad Cassie can't say anything back! ROFL! Glad Anna didn't kill her.. Oh oh the WSB got her! YIKES!

Sonny's office:

Spinny, Jason, and Sonny: SPINNY!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great scenes! Glad Spinny is helping! :) When Spinny was talking about nostalgia, yeah I get it, but I agree with Spinny. :)