Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Tainted Wub

And...apparently in the end, it doesn't really matter. 

There I was, all ready to do a nice Sunday Surgery recapping things and feeling pretty ok about the week. Then, the news broke about Genie. I actually was on Twitter Friday saying "oh, she can't be leaving leaving--she's probably going on vacation".   It seems she's not even recurring now, just gone. 
Call me foolish. 

I loved the whole Charles' Street story. Raved about it. So happy the new writing team was tackling something Ned-Laura centric that had a different rotation of cast members than the same old 3. Little history of Port Charles thrown in.  But, thanks to management and whatever idiot (s) decided that Genie's contract wasn't worth enough to renew, it's over.  No, the story isn't over--but the enjoyment sure is. You think I really want to tune in knowing they had to write her off in a 2 day sequence?  NOPE.  Think about it: Genie's been on the show since the 70's.  They beg Tony to stay--and certainly gave him a ton of leverage to come/go and receive a ton of money. We know from Sarah Joy Brown that she fought the fight with pay equity at ABC.  Chrishell Strause tweeted yesterday that that pay scales have long been a source of contention in daytime.  Now we lose Genie. 

Ergo, I write this short blog with heavy heart.  It sure is difficult to talk up a show when you know that something like that was happening behind the scenes.  Writers seem to be doing their best to revitalize  the show and TIIC just keep hiring new people and losing good actors. If people stop watching, it's on them. 

AVA'S BLACK MIRROR EPISODE: Much better than I thought it could be. CVE said on twitter he'd love to do it with all the characters if the "stars aligned".  It was kooky, weird and glorious. Having Megan Ward step out as Kate/Connie? Perfect. I gasped! Element of surprise is always a great thing. I also loved Ava reading everyone's sins in the room-- it's exactly what we all have been saying. 

GROWN AVERY: I liked her...she looked like a Jenner but she was a great actress and could totally be Sonny and Ava's kid. Too bad she's from the future. 

FAISON IS COMING:  He's not really here yet, but his hands are here. 

JASAM ANGST: Do I love him? Does he love me? What about Drew ? Where am I ?? Who am I??  How long we trapped in this hole? 

OBRECT WAS DRUNK:  Here's a hint: it's worth the look on Friday's show just to see her. Glorious fun. 


REMEMBER THAT TIME GRIFFIN HAD HIS HANDS ON AVA'S BOOBS?  Oh, wait... ok, now I see it. Nevermind. Giggle

That's all I have for you.  Here's a post from Jamey Giddens on Twitter. Speaks volumes: 

Dear , we humbly ask you to investigate the pay disparity among female and male performers in daytime. Ellen Pompeo spoke up after 14 years; Genie Francis has spent 40 years on and off 's never being treated equally to male stars.


  1. Great SS! I am still ticked off about Genie, so ticked I took GH off my dvr to record. Will I watch again? I don't's still fresh. She deserved more than she got!!

  2. Still can't believe they did this to Genie... I am more than disappointed, I am angry... Why do such a thing?

    The article I read said that she was told back in 2017 that she would go to recurring in 2018, and she said that it was unacceptable.

    Good for her!!! It IS unacceptable.

    When SB came back the show was fantastic for awhile, but is now moving back into it's same old boring self. I can't imagine enjoying watching it anymore.

    I wish her the best going forward. Maybe she can join the Hallmark channels stable of stars. I would watch any movie she was in.

  3. Karen, can we PLEASE orchestrate a campaign to bring Genie back? She is the most important character on the show, IMO. I will call the numbers given here, and email as well, but I am not on social media. Can someone do a # for Genie Francis, or come up with some other campaign? Can someone who is on Twitter, etc., tell Genie we are fighting for her?

  4. Michelle: I will miss you if you go, but I don't blame you, I am soooo depressed about this. Will all that has happened in Hollywood, etc., this is a GIANT slap in the face to all of us.

  5. gh has so many useless characters,get rid of them get genie back

  6. It was one thing when they let Rebecca Budig go. She was relatively new and GH was not good at the time, but to do this to Genie is just so wrong. Not only a fan favorite but her story was just beginning. Most likely Kevin will be next. It seems they want this show to be about Jason, all day every day. Maybe time to rename the show, but it might not last that long.

  7. Great SS! Still overwhelmingly disgusted by the Genie news. From what I’ve read, it was FV, who was behind this and the writers were blindsided. He should be the one getting fired. He ran the show into the ground until he lucked out with a great head writing team. Not only was MB’s contract renewed but so was the actress playing Jordan, who is ok but not on all that much either.

  8. I am sad and disappointed that Genie won't be on.

    I'm not sure if this was already mentioned but did Micheal, as CEO of ELQ, refurbish the appartmrnts that TJ and Molly are in? Weren't Morgan and Kiki involved with it? Maybe Micheal should oppose Ned---keep it in the family.

  9. I am following Michelle and taking GH off my dvr. This is unacceptable to me. I can live without it.

  10. Crazy. I am sad and surprised to see Genie dropped from contract. Genie and Jon are definitely gold and she's a pillar for her family. It's a hard pill to swallow in soap opera land, however nobody knows what happens in lives we do not live. I'm sure all will be ok in the end.

  11. I've pretty much been in shock since reading the news. (My posts on Sat pretty well sum up just where my brain has been for the last 2 days.) Since I avoid social media as a whole, I'm not too sure what we can do that WILL actually work.


  12. K, you and I, and probably others, avoid social media, but most do not, I'm sure there can be a Twitter campaign or something. How did people prevent Becky from being fired? What did they do? At the least, we can call the numbers and email the address offered here.

  13. I sent an email to the address someone gave here, and it was returned as "undeliverable." Doe anyone know the correct address?

  14. From Michael Fairman "Soap Buzz": According to a report from Soap Central on Saturday: “Francis was informed in late 2017 that she would be dropped to recurring status in 2018 — and that executive producer Frank Valentini wanted Francis to appear in about a dozen or so episodes per year. Francis was said to be devastated by the decision and reportedly refused to agree to appear so infrequently.”

    I say good for her!! She has too much integrity to allow herself to be treated this way. And not only her, but the fans as well.

  15. AntJoan, try posting on Frank's facebook account. He hates negative posts.


  16. Dayum, just when Genie FINALLY got a decent storyline. She and hubby Jonathan Frakes bought a beautiful home in LA last fall, too.

    FV needs to be fired.