Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lots of Tears

So... looks like they recast Mike Corbin--Sonny's Dad with the guy that played Wojaowitx from Barney Miller. 
Why? Who knows. Why now?  Who knows. I used to want RH back about 4 years ago and have him run Kelly's and help Morgan with his gambling addiction but that time has past. Read about it in Soap Opera Digest. 

I have another head cold so I might not make it far today. We shall see. I keep forgetting to hit "publish' when I'm done. UGHHHHHHH. DERP. Sorry. 
Eden and Ryan--she tweeted this photo saying goodbye to her castmate

Nathan dies. Yep. Gone. Griffin has to tell Maxie and she loses it. She goes in to say goodbye. Sad. She sobs. Everyone is sobbing in the hall. Flea and Mac are there, Nina and Val--Dr. O and Dante.  Maxie goes in to say goodbye-- then Amy says goodbye-- and is going to put the sheet over his head and Dante says he'll do it. Really SAD--Dom is doing a great job!! wahhhhh!! HE says he'll take care of Maxie and the baby. 
Dante then calls Jordan and Lulu. Jordan is talking to Stella (who's mad about her heat) and Lulu is with Curtis in Kelly's. Curtis drives Lulu to GH 

Fiason is in bed--sees Peter August and gets a scared look on his face.  Killy go in to see him. He says to Drew "I see you got Jason's girl...are you here to thank me"??  Drew wants to know where the flash drive is (that's the disco ball Maddox had)-- and Faison says he didn't know it existed.  Wants to know why Sam doesn't go back "to the man she really loves" lol   
Meanwhile, Nina runs down the hall screaming Faison is a murderer and tries to get in his room. Valentin and a cop hold her back. 

Dr. O tells Dante this is Lulu's fault--great dialog (you should hear it, too fast to type!). Lulu get to GH and sobs in Dante's arms. 

Maxie goes into Nate's empty room one more time and remembers him touching her stomach when the baby moved. She and her parents go home. She sees the stocking hanging on the fireplace still "Nathan, Maxie, Georgie and Baby". Amy brings by his belongings. 

Jordan tells the PCPD cops that Nathan died.  Later she goes to GH and looks stunned, puffy--wobbly. So real!! 

OK, so back in Faison's room, Peter goes in and Faison looks scared. Pete says "Jason Morgan shot you in a great spot" or something. Faison asks where the flashdrive is with Drew's memory on it. Peter replies "I'm not telling you, I owe you nothing..we aren't working together anymore--DAD"  --Great scenes!! WOW-- that Wyatt guy was good during this. I honestly had no use for him but he's playing smarmy-boy just great. He tells Faison he shot the wrong son and that Nate is dead. Faison reels back--he's like "Yes, you killed the good one, not the one you hate".   Anders Hove is perfect!! EEEEE!!!  He goes into Afib and Pete won't give him the call button. He walks out. 

END: Maxie goes through the bag of Nate's stuff. Sees a photo of them... his wedding ring and then pulls out the ultrasound photo she gave him (at the elevator) and it's covered in BLOOD!!! waaaaaaaah..


  1. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ Sad Ryan is really gone. At least it was his choice. Wish they'd bring Laura back, still pissed! Sounds like a great show!
    They recast Mike cause Ron Hale retired from acting.

  2. I cried the entire episode! 😭😭 it was so sad and so well acted, realistic. I didn't realize how much the Nathan character will be missed. Why couldn't Nell or Sonny have died? I would have saved on Kleenex lol. I can't see how Maxie will forgive Lulu and I don't blame her. Too bad Faison is gone. GH needs more villains, real villains not pseudo ones ala SonnyπŸ™„

  3. Pretty well done story. Glad the called out Lulu and her five minute journalist career. Didn’t even go to college. That’s soaps. Should have recast Nathan. They had all the right folks there for Maxi. Hope Faison doesn’t die. Such a great baddie!!!

  4. I feel heartbroken. As I said here before, maybe Nina will understand how Lulu feels after she married the man who killed Lulu's brother. And now Lulu is partly responsible for the death of HER brother. So sad!!

  5. Valentin was looking a little quilty in a few of the scenes after nathan was shot. It makes me think he was somehow involved in this fiasco and he never expected the fallout to land on his own doorstep.

  6. AntJoan -

    So true about Lulu and Nina!

    I have so much love for Kirsten and she really knocked it out of the park the past couple of days - not overacting, but perfect reactions. Deserves an emmy nom. I also love the chemistry and blossoming relationship between her and Liesl. This is going to definitely take a toll on Maxie's and Lulu's friendship, as well as Lulu's marriage perhaps.

  7. Omg, seriously ugly crying today, was hoping they would go the coma route with Nathan, should have known, they were just too happy. I'm waiting for the Maxie/Lulu blowout and I'm really hoping Maxie doesn't lose the baby on top of this. Valentin is still acting really shady and I don't understand why. Maybe Henrik was planning on selling jason to the cassadines when fake Jason had his implant removed? I still don't know
    Call me permenently confused I guess

  8. maxie,leisel,and nina were all fantastic. not needed was felicia(minnie mouse)as i call her . she never was a mother to the girls. and this is all lulu's fault.

  9. Why was Felicia wearing a Halloween wig?

  10. So now we get Sonny's father, more air time for Maurice. This is ridiculous. Why have we not heard about why Genie Francis was put on recurring. Oh yea Frank needed more money to bring sonny's dad. Come on GH fans STOP WATCHING now until we find our that Genie is put back on contract. I for one have not watched GH since the announcement about Genie. We need to show them that we fight until Genie is brought back.

  11. Today's episode was the perfect example to show GH doesn't need Sonny/Carly/Jason.

  12. Yes, GH does need Sonny, Carly and Jason! Funny how we all have our favorites! Oh boy, Maxie has a long road ahead. Dante promised Nathan he will take care of Maxie and baby. If Lulu and Dante’s marriage is in trouble due to her poor judgment, hmmm...

    1. That's the route I think they'll go. I can't say I'm not looking forward to it!!

  13. I lost it...blubbering idiot here. Between GH and This Is Us I'm gonna need to buy more Kleenex! Michelle Stafford and Kirsten rocked their scenes today!

  14. I agree Wanda Woman. I boohooed like crazy - this was so well done. I hope Lulu gets her just desserts. I wonder if Heinrik will stick around. FYI in the new TV Guide they jeered GH for the Genie fiasco. Well deserved. As far as I'm concerned they didn't need to spend big money on recycling another Carly. Kim could have been a lesser name and maybe they would have had money for Genie. Doesn't Sam have any expression other than blank now?

  15. Watson said...

    Pretty well done story. Glad the called out Lulu and her five minute journalist career. Didn’t even go to college. That’s soaps.

    ** Nah, that's just connections. I've seen it happen iRL before. While Lulu does seem to have lost IQ points in the double digits, after she was rescued (and recast) from Stavros' walk-in freezer, her getting the job via her connection with Sam isn't all that absurd. (It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.) Lulu pretty much already had the job, before she even saw Heinrich for the first time. When she went to talk to Sam about it, Sam had essentially told her the job was her's, and to go and talk to him, and tell him that Sam sent her.


  16. Wanda Woman said...

    Today's episode was the perfect example to show GH doesn't need Sonny/Carly/Jason.

    ** I could not agree with you more! GH did action and mob stuff far better before them. And it didn't essentially revolve around the criminals like it has for the last 20 years.


  17. Michelle Latta said...

    I lost it...blubbering idiot here. Between GH and This Is Us I'm gonna need to buy more Kleenex! Michelle Stafford and Kirsten rocked their scenes today!

    ** One of the occasional "side effects" of my pain meds is that it can intensify emotional feelings at times. (It doesn't 24/7 as I've been on them for 20 or so years. It seems to be random when it does or doesn't happen) While watching last night was one of those times it decided to "kick in" like that, so to speak. It took me about 3 hours total to watch all of the episode. The way everything played out, was just for lack of a better term to describe it, very brutal.


  18. Mike Corbin recast? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( Crap crap crap! I like Ron Hale!!

    General hospital:

    Nathan's room: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :'( I cried!! Maybe Nathan has faked his death and is still alive!!!!

    Faison's room:

    Paint and Wall, and Faison: Oh look how cute.. Paint is all pretending she is tough! :)

    Auggy and Faison: Oh well this was a great scene! And so much fun too!!! I was waiting for Auggy to call him father.. Dad eh that will do. :)


    Nina: Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great scene!!!!! Of her running to Faison's door and crying on the floor! :'(

    Dr. O and Dante: Great scene!! Gee Dante you didn't defend your wife! That's cus you know she is right!

    Naxie's home:

    Mac, Felicia, and Maxie: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Why did they have to show the sonogram with blood on it?! :'(