Friday, January 19, 2018

Drunken Lesil

Anna opens the door--OBRECT'S DOWN!!  OMG she's drunk..she took an Uber over. She's looking for Faison. She thinks Anna has him. Then she says Faison is going to get Nathan, then kill her. (and Anna too).  She tells Anna about Faison's other son--"Heimrick" (so German!) and that Faison put him in boarding school..and the only person Faison ever wanted a son with was Anna. 

Sam has her dress, they are going to be married! They need flowers. All kissy. 

Sonny tells Jason that Sam will always love him, and he'll always love her.
Jason goes to Sam's place--really quick in a weird edit thing. Oh he went to tell them about Faison being close to being captured. Sam says they might take the kids on the trip to keep them safe.  Later, Drew books their honeymoon to Tahiti...they are taking the kids. He doesn't care what Fiason has to say about his past, he only wants his future with Sam. 

Laura's taking down her mayor posters. It's SPENCER'S FAULT!! lol... Not sure why? But she has to go see him. Valentin wants her hospital board seat as well.  Oh, Spencer broke both his legs and Laura is going to France to be with him Six weeks. Must be Genie needs a vacation? Anyway, she wants Kevin to run in her place.  Kevin is like NO WAY--plus "my serial killer brother" would derail that idea. 

Kim and Jason are at the bar together. She's freaked out about how Jason looks-- and says that Drew was a lot different from him. Drew was cocky and had a swagger.  She finds out that Drew and Sam are getting married.  Julian comes in and tells Kim that Jason is a mob killer. 

END:  Obrect gets knocked out when she walks out of Anna's house--it's "Faison".  We can tell by the ciggs. 



  1. If Laura is going to be gone 6 weeks can't she just get a leave of absence from the hospital board now? I hate that they're taking her out of roles that would keep her on our screens longer.

  2. PLEASE tell me that Genie isn't out at GH. This abrupt departure reminds me of when she left last time. Noooooooooooo! Makes no sense to me ...

  3. did the ticket envelope say sinclair, or am i seeing things

  4. This is prob way out there.. but Anna was acting so weird/cagey about Heinrich.. is she his mother?! Ugh hope not

  5. Sonny needs to SHUT HIS PIE HOLE UP. Keep your opinions to yourself you two bit wanna-be, punk thug.

  6. I'm guessing Genie has left. The mayor story ended waaaaay too abruptly. Some gossip sites say she's gone.

  7. Dang, if Genie is leaving I am depressed. She is so good and I was really enjoying her pairing with Kevin and the mayor storyline. Maybe it's just a temporary thing.

    1. I'm sure she's just taking a vacation. She'll be back.

    2. Just read the news, wish it weren't true. 😠

  8. .Michelle Latta said...

    I'm sure she's just taking a vacation. She'll be back

    ** Yeah, what we're watching now I'm guessing was shot right before the holiday break, and she's just extending her's. There is NO WAY IN HELL she's going anywhere. There was a great interview with her and Jon, in SOD a few weeks back. Both of them are having a LOT of fun with the way things are going, so the thought of her leaving is pretty preposterous. She did say she'd love an actual set to live in, though!



  9. Chandler Mansion:

    Dr. O and Anna: Dr. O went down like a sack of potatoes! HAHAHAHAHHHAHA! This storyline of Dr. O SKEERED of Faison and not telling him that they have a son together is so stupid. Sure I can buy that Faison would want a son with Anna, but ignoring his other sons because they are not Anna's?!?!? COME ON! He always wanted a son.


    The hospital:

    Doc and V.C.: Hmmmm new bromance? Probably not. :)

    Levin: Poor Spencer!!! :( OH DOC running for Mayor? I like that!

    Charlie's pub:

    CarlyKim and Julian: More scenes to see if they have chemistry? :) What is that called when a soap does that? Anyway love their scenes!! So love when she calls him Charlie. Wait Julian has a chef?!?!!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's a bar not a restaurant! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Just rename it Charlie's restaurant, or Charlies.

    The floating rib:

    CarlyKim and Jason: Cute scene. :) CarlyKim wins the line of the day.

    CarlyKim: So I wonder if I will ever get a chance to shoot.


    CarlyKim and Julian: Oh great!! More scenes. :) I like how he is warning her about Jason hahahaha. Will Jason warn her about Julian?

    Paint and Wall's home:

    Paint and Wall: Time to get married!!! Gotta hurry up before her wuv for Jason overtakes her!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jasam: MORE EYE SEX!

    Carson home:

    Jason and Sonny:

    Sonny: She loves you, you know..

    Jason: I know.

    Sonny: You love her.

    Jason: I know.

    Sonny: She will always love you.

    Jason: I know.

    Sonny: Forever and ever and ever!

    Jason: I know.

  10. Oops forgot one thing.

    Sonny and Anna:

    Anna: Heimrick!!

    Sonny: Bless you.

    Anna: Oh thanks. Do you have a tissue?