Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sadness Times Ten

What's in it for me if I tells you?? Faison says he took Jason because he's the perfect assassin and he took Drew because Jason was brain damaged. So, why not transfer the brains? WHY NOT??  After that was done, Helena took Drew and programmed him. Jason was supposed to die, but Heinrick 'betrayed" Faison. Faison says Jason owes his life to Heinricks 'rebellion'.   Faison says that Drew knows 'more than he thinks' and knows how Heinrick is.  

Nathan is out of surgery-- he still has a high probability of infection. Maxie goes to talk to him. Cries, talks about baby clothes.  
Lulu yells at the nurse says she HAS to see Maxie. The nurse is like NO!! Dr. Obrect tells her to get out. Lulu leaves. 
Later, Dr. O talks German to Nathan, telling him she was glad to have him as a son but wishes it was still a secret because Faison wouldn't know.  She leaves. Nina comes in and talks about him being her True North and baby brother she found again when she woke up from her coma. Cries.. Maxie cries. Valentin just watches--looking weird. Hmmmmmm. what's up with him?? Maxie goes to the ladies room while Dante sits with Nate. That bathroom scene was PERFECT! Single camera and film not video..but they cut it so FAST! They should have shown more!! 
Dante talks to Nate about their friendship yada yada. 

Lulu goes to Kellys. Pete August talks to her and says it's not her fault. She says it's hard being a cop's wife. 

Anna and Finn. Finn says he shouldn't have left her-- he was an idiot. She said that he would be in danger if he stayed. So she walks away--crying.  Lesil comes running down the hall to go into Faison's room. Anna stops her and says to go be with her son. Dr O says: "he's a cancer Anna, if you won't let me kill him, I hope you do".  
Finn tries again with Anna. She shuts him down --and he finally is like: Ok, bye. 

Dr. O calls Britt in the jail. 

Killy are home. Peter is talking to them about Nathan and the shooting at Crimson. He says it's a "personal story" but they have to report it because all the press will be on it and they have to get ahead of the game. He wants to go confront Fiason. When they go to GH Jason fills them in. Drew says he has no idea who Heinrick is. God, Drew is SO grumpy all the time. He needs to chill out. 

END:  Nathan wakes up, he feels the baby moving (sob) then they are talking about blue eyes and being in love and he FLATLINES.  WAHHHHHH


  1. KS has been truly heartbreaking, as is this whole scenario. Poor Finn - Anna just won't give in. I had a hard time understanding what Faison was saying to Jason, so I was glad Jason repeated it twice, to Anna and Drew. Lulu meant well but she is such an idiot. Nice performances all around though. So sad.

    1. Thank you, I couldn't understand Faidon either, figured it was me! The scene with Maxie in the bathroom was awesome, I agree with Karen, wish it were longer. Finn and Anna need to get it together. Nathan had me bawling. Hope the actor is only going away long enough to do that movie or whatever.

  2. If you're going to leave a show, that's how it should be done, not offscreen. Look at the drama they wrung out of this exit.And all the side stories that people will want to watch. *sniff*

  3. Paint and Wall's home:

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Paint and Wall and Auggy: Oh yes! Let the truth come out!! :) Sure sure. This Auggy is a mystery. Especially when he burned his bullet proof vest!!! :)


    Auggy and Lulu: Hmmmm what is happening here? Opening up to him about personal things? WOW! They are not even friends.. A start of a fling? :)

    The hospital:

    Fanna: So sad!!! :( They love each other!!!! Listen to him Anna!! Finn wins the line of the day.

    Finn: I'm not done. Still talking.


    Faison's room:

    Jason and Faison: Awww how sweet. They are bonding.. New Bromance. :)

    Nathan's room: No why does it seem like the whole scene with everyone coming in his room to talk to him was like a goodbye thing? Even when Nathan was talking, it seemed like it was a goodbye!!! FLATLINE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(

  4. I was sooo shocked at Nathan's flatline... Even though all the clues were there; the visits from everyone, etc. I was completely fooled by the interview that I read where RP said not to worry, that he wasn't leaving, just taking a leave of absence.

    Loved his last line "I love you like there's no tomorrow"... Whoa!! What a tear jerker. He left on his own accord he said on Twitter, and still they gave him a wonderful sendoff. Better than they did for Luke, Tracy, or Laura. Really a very sad story.

  5. OMG, what a tear-jerker!! And with Laura leaving, I am doubly sad!! I was hoping against hope that Ryan was staying, then I read the interview .. .

  6. Here's an interesting tidbit that may interest some. They're adding more people to Sonny's circle. More stories that will tie to him, no doubt, while the Q mansion is becoming no more than a free daycare for the invisible tots.

    1. Grrrrr!!!! Time for me to tune back out after Nathan's death scenes.

  7. Hey Karen did you see that DAYS was the only soap to gain? Not GH....I hope TIIC get their heads outta their arses and bring Laura back!!

  8. Di, probably when MB signed his new contract he wanted even more screen time so they brought back his dad. I think Ron Hale was looking really frail when he was last on so they recast.

    1. Yeh Ron retired, which is a shame cause I loved him as Sonnys dad.

  9. I understand the reason for the recast, Linda V. And the reasoning behind it.

  10. LSV422 said...

    I had a hard time understanding what Faison was saying to Jason, so I was glad Jason repeated it twice, to Anna and Drew.

    ** No luck at all with getting the closed captions working?


  11. Michelle Latta said...

    Yeh Ron retired, which is a shame cause I loved him as Sonnys dad.

    ** Not to mention this means now any chance at all of scene with Mike and Delia (Illene Kristen) no longer exists. :(