Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Elephant In the Room


So-- here we are! Welcome to another week gone in your life. LOL... they are sure flying lately. GH was pretty good this week, especially the end of the week but alas-- the Genie pall hangs heavy over everything.  I know that Twitter has been hammering execs on the whole matter, and hopefully management is listening? Frank did a "I love me" interview with Michael Fairman so--?? Probably not. 

I've had a rumbly tummy all weekend--(so much is going around!!) so I'll have a poached egg with tea.  I think I may have a touch of something so-- again, blog will be brief.   
Photo thx to @laughingpenguin 

OMG! You got into MED SCHOOL? In like...what? 5 months? You must be brilliant! 
I know, I am!! 
Did TJ get in? He's bee working so hard for years...
No idea.  He's worried about not having a place to live and you know, eating. But YEAH for me!!

HI! Remember me?? Yeah, I"m still with Brad and we may adopt! 
I heard that months ago--we talked about it, your Mom and I...
Oh, you did? Huh.. I guess we've been searching off camera...
Where's Brad honey, I want to hug him too!
Oh Mom, you're crazy to think we'd both be here.  (laughs) 

Finn...this is going to hurt a bit but I'm only doing it for you own good...

Dare, dare....dat wasn't too hards now was it? 

You know, we'd be really good together..
Weren't we like a 'thing' once? 
What happened? 
I guess they like us subdued and paired with the angelic on the show..
Sad, isn't it?
yep.  We could be ruling this place by now.

Squee! I'm so happy!
Wow, I'm so happy too!
Hey, I'm so happy for you!!! You're both healthy, baby's healthy ..what could possibly go wrong? 

Oh, Hellswo. 

Oh crap. 

OMG Jason! 
That was close!!!! 
Nope. I still got it. Your hair still looks on point too. 

BEST SCENES EVER: Oh wow, loved this! Michael Easton and Anders Hove were just awesome. Two good actors, working the dialog like they are the characters.  Finn trying to be all sarcastic to a crazy-kooky Faison  who plays it like the lunatic straight-man he is. 


Faison is a bad ass who captured stupid Lulu and Obrect and gassed them with some old stuff left over from the last weird caper.  He also got Anna to knock out Finn and then touched her a lot. He fled when the PCPD were stupid enough to leave their sirens on.  He goes to the MC and shoots Pete August...tries to take Maxie but Nathan stops him --then Faison shoots him. He flees. Down in the lobby, Carly's standing there and Faison grabs her! Who saves her? Sonny? Dante? Herself? Nah, Jason steps out from behind the pillar and shoots. Faison and Nate go to the hospital, Finn working on one, Lucas working on the other. 

Alexis is running for mayor. 

Kiki got into med school. TJ's status: unknown. 

Franco is upset he may have only 4 people at his wedding. 

Killy is on honeymoon;  Nina and Val are on a trip. 

Lulu still remembers where the tunnels are in Wyndemere. 

Looks like Peter August is PK Sinclair and skulks in the bushes to meet Anna. 

Old FaisAnna clips are still fun.  Anna's more than terrified--will she be looking for her long-lost Faison baby soon? :eyeroll:  Going on a quest to find her past. This would have been the story when Alex came to town, to explain that whole wack-a-mole story. You know, Faison had his way with her, maybe Valentin helped her hide her baby yada yada. But. ?? Eh. 

Aunt Stella seems to have disappeared along with David Bensch? Bensch, don't care but Stella should be in the Charles Street thing, right? Have her run for mayor! 

Genie's still gone. The Charles' Street story is just going to be flat from here out out, no matter how much I like Alexis and Nedly. It sucks and it makes me angry every time I think about it. The show was so ON TRACK for me.  Even Burton coming back was exciting. Just not sure the vibes will be there anymore. 

Ok, I'm out! I really feel like someone ran over me with a truck! 


  1. Karen, hope you feel better soon! Thanks for a great SS!!

  2. Great SS! Feel better soon! Yeah, the Genie incident really overshadowed everything this week. The best part I agree was Finn and Faison. Those flashbacks were great, too! Um, how did Jason get into the MC if no one else could-through the skylight again? I don’t miss Bensch or the annoying, rude Aunt Stella. Will miss RP-Lulu has bad luck with guys. His acting finally improved and they were cute together.

    1. Lsv: I thought I was the only one. I wasn't a Stella fan, as for the Bensch character, I love the actor but this guy, maybe it's because we don't see him enough to invest. I agree Maxie has bad luck with guys. I hope Ryan isn't trul gone and will be back after he films this movie he's doing. I didn't watch all wk except Friday cause I had to see Nathan's send off. Too bad I'm still so mad I missed the sweet ultrasound scene.

  3. Oh and I will add that Finola was magnuficent in the Anna/Faison scenes. I hope he doesn’t die and comes back again.

  4. Count me among the people who can't stand Aunt Stella. Have been wishing she would leave for months. Since the people I can't stand rarely leave, I'm sure Stella will pop back in soon

  5. Aunt Stella will stay because she's a new characters. Writers make their money from new characters.

  6. I agree about aunt stella. can not stand her so rude

  7. LSV422 said...

    Oh and I will add that Finola was magnuficent in the Anna/Faison scenes.

    ** Doesn't that kind of go without saying, though? They're both so talented to begin with. Then when they get put together, WOW! :)

    I hope he doesn’t die and comes back again.

    -** When I read that, I first started to type "They wouldn't be THAT stupid to do something like that" and caught myself. Because if I've learned ANYTHING in the past few weeks, it's that the last 40 years of soap watching (GH in particular) standard common sense about how/what/why things go on "behind the camera/scenes" no longer really applies whatsoever, if at all.


  8. I can spell magnificent! Did I miss something or wasn't Peter shot straight on but wasn't injured apparently? Bulletproof vest? Maybe Nathan should have been wearing one if he and Dante were doing crowd control on Charles St.

  9. LSV, Yes, I noticed that too, I thought that Peter was shot, then he wasn't?

  10. When did he have time to dispose of the vest, much less why is he wearing one?

  11. Michelle Latta said...
    When did he have time to dispose of the vest, much less why is he wearing one?

    *** He may have been wearing one because he was going out to meet the "person" he was conversing with on the computer.

  12. Michelle Latta said...

    When did he have time to dispose of the vest, much less why is he wearing one?

    ** That was answered (kind of) at the very end of today's show. After Anna left the meeting location, he came back to there, and rummaged around in a garbage barrel (wearing gloves) for a few seconds and pulls out a vest with the smashed bullet where the heart would be and then put it in his pocket and tossed the vest back into the barrel. Next he takes a bottle of lighter fluid out of his coat (that would be used to fill/refill up a zippo), and squeezes the contents of it into the barrel, before pulling out a box of matches, and strikes it, tossing it into the barrel... Because yeah, lighter fluid and a match is gonna get rid of a kevlar vest. One would think though, ANY offspring of Faison shouldn't be THAT stupid. (And we really don't know for certain yet HOW the vest got in the barrel to begin with, since Anna had been standing there during the whole incident in Crimson.