Monday, January 22, 2018

The Genie Situation

So, if you haven't heard yet, Genie Francis was basically given the choice of recurring status (appearing 12x per year)--or nothing.  Having an icon of her stature offered recurring at this point (when her story of Kevin and Mayor is going so well) is mindboggling. The soap community have really come together on Twitter and the airwaves to get the word out that his just isn't acceptable. 

How can you help?  
First of all, if you want all the real dish--tune into Daytime Confidential's NEWEST Podcast on iTunes that is about Genie and #TimesUp .

 If you are on Twitter, tweet to @channers3 who is Frank Valentini's boss.  Head of ABC is @BenSherwood.  Ask that Genie be given the respect she's deserved and that we, the fans would really miss her if she never returns.  Use hashtags #GenieFrancis #GenieIsGH #TimesUP 

Get the word out to "General Population" --or those that aren't on the net and may not know that Genie is off the show. Remember, many just saw her character suddenly pull out of the mayoral race. 

Snail Mail.. hell, they still regard good old fashioned letters as fans who really care enough to take the time to write. 
Frank Valentini
c/o ABC TV/General Hospital 
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood CA 90027 


  1. Thanks for posting that, Karen. I left a comment on the GH line, and signed some petition. I HATE how ABC/TIIC treat Genie. Over and over. Sickening!

  2. Ok, this is not a sarcastic comment. But I would like to ask the group: Has Genie ever really had a great storyline? There are (were) leading ladies on other soaps that were always front and center and always nominated when awards season rolled around. But have they ever really wrote for Genie a storyline she could sink her teeth into and show exactly what she is capable of on screen?

    I almost want to say when she returned from cassadine island and luke was mayor and saw her from the balcony. But they dropped the ball with that.

    Maybe when Lulu was sick and they introduced Nikolas as her son?

    I really like her. I wish they would give her that big great "grand dame" storyline that she is capable of.


    I know she has given us great performances. and I know she has had storyline, but is there any one big great "yes!" storyline that comes to mind for you that was written to make her shine?

    PS. I am old school on not on twitter. I am sending a letter via snail mail. Or maybe a valentines day card that says "I Love Genie"

  3. In response to David, did you watch in the 70's? Genie Francis was "front and center", and written great storylines, all the time. She was raped to the soundtrack of "Rise", by Herb Albert. She was charged with Murder. She was 50% of the phenomenon known as "Luke and Laura". And then...she somewhere along the line...became "Luke's love interest". Anthony Geary's side kick. I, personally, was never a great fan of either Genie or the character Laura, but I know inequality when I see it, and this WREAKS of it. I hadn't watched GH in quite a long time, and just recently checked in to see how Steve Burton's return would be handled (hope springs eternal that Stone Cold will be resurrected as Jason Q, as opposed to Jason Morgan). I think that Steve's return was handled well, boosted ratings, and may have contributed to more of the Sonny/Jason show, and the demise of "Laura". Until the actresses on GH are treated with the same respect the actors are, I am OUT.

  4. I'm. out. Done. Kaput. Zip. Nada. Nope. Finished. For. Real. This. Time.