Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Surgery: DNA (Daughter Not Accurate)

Does this mean no wedding cake? 

So, it was the week of another wedding that wasn't. What did you think? I am still sad that Michelle left because I would have loved to have seen her playing these scenes. Not that CW didn't do a good job, I just saw Michelle's "Nina" fall in wub with Sasha so...
Oh well. That's ShowBiz!

On to the surgery. There is a lot to dish about --both good and not so good. I do think there's some wedding cake left so..let's eat! 


NON-WEDDING OF THE WEEK:   WELP.  It happened-- The "Sasha Secret" is out, sister!! I wasn't sure it was going to happen. Between Maxie's mouth and Lulu's "guilt" I thought maybe they'd save it awhile longer.
Thank goodness I was wrong!

This is a secret that was LONG LONG overdue. 
Lulu sure got ish for exposing the truth, didn't she? Even Maxie was throwing the shade --then when the truth was out, she was all "I KNEW IT"!! UGH...
I'm giving the whole "Wedding Reveal" a C because it just didn't grab me. I usually like "soapy" reveals but this has been done SO many times.  Plus,'s true, I really wanted to see Michelle play this story out. 


Not that Cynthia didn't slam it up when she laid into Sasha but.. you know, we watched Michelle's "Nina" fall for Sasha. I take awhile to deal with recasts anyway. Jax coming to the rescue was typical Jax behavior. Having the house on the water, surf board standing on the wall--scotch in the cupboard. You know, white knight.  GH decided to play that out then skip a day before checking back in with everyone which killed the momentum for me. Big time. 
(Photo thx to Michelle)


FORENSIC AUDIOLOGIST OF THE WEEK:  So, Spinelli does what the PCPD can not..realizes the frequencies in the audio tape could have been masked. (They had to have consulted someone, it all fit). He saved the day until....


HERO OF THE WEEK: Some rando FBI guy stepped in and wouldn't let Sam off the hook! I howled!! Now, I really REALLY wanted that guy to be Taggart coming back to haunt ol' Sonny but I'll take this.  The "international" waters thing was great.  Sam wasn't thrown back in jail but she can't "leave town" . (photo thx to @yael) 


DEFENSE OF THE WEEK:  Oh..boy. Tad comparing gender identity to what Franco's going through? Um.. well, that should make for an interesting messy discussion! Mr. Gray is going to take his case and argue Franco IS Drew now because he believes himself to be based on his memories and "self". Personally? Don't care--just glad this guy's on my screen. 

CHEAP SKATE OF THE WEEK:  Geeze, Julian, just give Olivia back her deposit. Plus, would't it be in Escrow? Are they just doing this to make Julian be a dick again?  I guess so because he totally laid into Brad with a choke hold. Personally, I like a little Danger Julian-- he's been "Flannel Charlie" too long. But not giving Olivia her money? Dumb. 


I don't know, seems to be growing.
It also just slid down here nearer us...
Don't worry about it, it's just my moss... maybe we'll have it with blue cheese later

POINTLESS CONVO OF THE WEEK: I have NO Clue why these three were involved in sandwhich making and talking about stupid crap. Did you know that Robert "interviewed" Daisy? WELL HE DID...and guess what? HE DID IT OFF CAMERA! But we get this?? I tell you what, it's these kinds of decisions that make it hard to champion for this show. 


WORSE TEEN MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Good lord, if you saw this you'll know what I mean, if you didn't-- well, spare yourself. SO Awkward. SO SO cringy. I guess it was supposed to be "lustfully charged"?? BUT um.. NOPE. 


WTF OF THE MONTH:  I mean. MONICA? I know you've lost most of your kids and I'm sure you're traumatized but... basically just talking to Franco like he IS Drew? Not even hesitating? Um.... basically bizarre. Then she gets the word from Robert that Drew-Drew really is dead and the moment is lost because she just told Franco "he is a Quartermaine".  Tracy needs to be around to smack some sense into you!.  I needed a stiff drink after these scenes. 


WUBSY WAS HAPPY TO SEE THIS OF THE WEEK: Ok, he's a serial killer. Ok, ok, so he killed her daughter-- but damn, I DO NOT CARE!! Ava and Ryan are so good together and forbidden that..YEP, it's SOAPY GOODNESS!! Call me crazy but sign me up. 



Brad goes to see Dr. Neil for prescription meds; Dr wants to see Lucas too
Monica tells Franco he's a Quartermaine
Mr. Gray thinks he has a case to get Franco out of Ferncliff
Cam says he'll testify to get "Franco" back
Sasha comes clean with Nina; tells her she's not her daughter
Val and Dr. O are off the hook, for now but Nina's not sure
JaSam are hot on Peter's trail but the goon guy says Sam payed his bills
Valentin tells Laura he threw out Helena's portrait 
Moss keeps expanding on the Corinthos Counter
Willow says she won't take Wiley from his daddies 
Dr. O is going to Switzerland
Valentin says he's going to Greece and talking Charlotte with him. 
Lucy pushed to have Sasha be The Face Of Deception 


Jordan dies in a shoot-out leaving Curtis for Ava or someone else
Mac takes rightful place as Police Commish 
Laura gets a new wardrobe 
Valentin, not being able to live without Nina, jumps off the parapet and lands on..
Peter (giggle)
photo thx to @TheWSB 


That was that.. I really enjoyed Monday's show, then was annoyed...then thought mid week was ok but Friday ended in a whimper.  Are they still off schedule from some interruption? Because..that was NO Friday show!!  I'm hoping Dr. O doesn't really leave because she's a beacon of light. 

There is a new show Monday-- GH is famous for repeats on "holidays" but I guess that day isn't as major. I also might have a new podcast out this week so keep an ear/eye out! 

Photos thx to @Redbil; @SoapJen 


  1. Karen, thanks for telling me about the new show Monday. I see that my station is carrying the Columbus Day parade, which starts at 12 or 1, I think, so I was upset that they might not have a show.

    1. The parade in NYC runs from
      about 11:30-3pm & will air on ABC,so my fingers are crossed that we'll get to see GH.🤞

  2. OK, thanks, I guess that means no Rachael Ray.

  3. Off topic...since it's a holiday but GH is new are dr offices open?
    Great SS!

    1. They are here Michelle. I guess it would depend on the doc though.

  4. Thanks Karen. Wonder if the cast have a running gag on the horrible moss too.

  5. Thanks Karen. I love all your suggestions. I giggled too. lol I'd pay to see that last one.

    And you're right about the interruptions. Why do they always do that? They also seem to interrupt great scenes with a 15 second blurb of other people all the time just to kill the momentum. It's like pulling teeth to get the scene finished. Someone needs to have a talk with those editors. Drama interruptus yields no results people.

  6. Yes, Julian should give Olivia back her deposit but I am glad he put Brad in a choke hold. Brad has made a terrible mess of things and now he is threatening the only person who tried to help him. When the secret comes out about Wiley/Jonah ( hopefully before he is in college), Brad is toast! Dr. O must not go to Switzerland, she is the best part of the show right now.

  7. Another Great SS, especially your suggestions for the week.
    I'm beginning to not mind CW. If they separate her from Val and let her develop her own quirks she may get better at being Nina. I do like her with Jax.
    It's all getting a bit stale with all these too long story lines.

  8. Karen, thank you for the PERFECT answer to what should happen to Valentin (& Peter, too). That chuckle will get me through the rest of the day.

  9. Couldn't agree more about Valentin dropping on Peter, just perfect! So the moss is now officially more interesting than Mumbles. (Three cheers for the random FBI dude!) Joss and Dev definitely don't work in my book, and Jordan is just an awful sourpuss. I applauded Julian choking Brad, couldn't have happened to a nice guy. Where oh where is Anna?

    Thanks as always for SS!


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