Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"What about Today"?

Morgan won't go to the Doctor.. because "I promised I'd go after the wedding. He never got" LOL. He is five!! "What's Michael going to do: talk him to death"?!!  
Carly figures out Avery is vulnerable to Ava since she and Sonny aren't married.  Carly wants Avery brought to the hospital and Ric to figure out what to do to get her to stay away from Ava. I say she'll have to get married to Sonny? 

Sam is going thru Jason's stuff because it's their anniversary. Paddy plays the guitar...weeping softly. HA get it? 
Sam cries when she looks at the wedding rings..closes the box. Goes in to see Patrick with coffee. She says she's happy with him. She still needs time to say yes though. They have sex. 

Liz and Jake are in bed. He's dreaming (I think) about the wedding's just voice over so not sure. She says "it's our anniversary" of them meeting. Ironical, no? Since it's he and Sam's real wedding day?!   (SEE BELOW FOR MORE) *

Dillon wants to toast Papa Paul for the DA job. He's all happy for daddy, having no idea he's really trying to be head of the Jerome mobular clan.

Ava is thinking over Paul's offer over breakfast. Scotty comes in. She wants him to get Avery for her by the end of the day and she's going to give him 1million. 

Alexis says "she hates the mob" and gets Jules some ice for his ribs. She wants him to get away-- but he just leaves. He goes to his apt to see Ava. They talk about the mob and the fact he is really out. 
Later, she goes to meet Paul to introduce herself to the new DA.

*OMG...I have to write this separately..get this. LIZ...says to Jake "why not get married today"?? 
ON JASAM'S WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! BAHAHAHA. Major Troll from writers. WOW can you imagine if they DID get married on JaSam's "day"? HOLY HELLO fights all over!! 
Jake says to her "today doesn't feel right"...They pick Nov 6th, meaning its' going to be until then for the Jake reveal!
I predict that SamTrick will pick the same damn day lol!!

BEST PART OF TODAY'S SHOW?? Baby Avery goes to GH. Carly's holding her. Ava walks in and says "Mama's here"-- and Avery says: "MAMA"??!!
Seriously! It was priceless!! Wow, I love that little baby!!! 

ahahahahaa. Sorry that's just too funny. 


  1. AHHH! I was slow at work and actually followed your live tweeting of the show (of course I'm not watching). Talk about Holy Hello! You are a riot. I wish I could do that every day. Thanks again for being so great at your "job". :)

  2. Carly: "We have to find a legal way to stop Ava"

    Morgan: "Lets kill her. Lets kill JUlian. Lets kill Avery. Lets kill every single person in port charles because in my brain, that's the SANE thing to do. Ok, who's with me. Who do you want me to kill first?"

  3. I love that baby too, kd. She's always a breath of fresh air.

    I can't stand to watch these days. Morgan is like an addict in the throes of withdrawal. Michael is now wearing black and kicking people. And "lie on the floor and die like a little bitch" are the words that greet the kids as they come home from school. Yep...Love in the afternoon - mafioso style. When are the new writers starting????

  4. I miss the Morgan that was just an obnoxious slut. Can we have him back? Not feeling the bipolars story line. It just seems so...insensitively done. His real struggle so far is that it makes him murder-y. Shouldn't we see extreme highs (happiness) and extreme lows (depression) instead?

  5. What about Dillon saying Sonny isn't "too evil"? Hahahahahaha! Nah, he only killed someone a couple of weeks ago just for mouthing off at him. (I have equal contempt for all other GH mobsters.)

    I'm hoping Dr. Kevin Collins examines Morgan and determines that he's not bipolar, just a hot-headed dumba**.

  6. Carey-- LOVE that you saw my tweets!! I love live tweeting. I have to type FAST..really fast. Thank god I took it in HS whew

  7. SamTick home: Patrick playing the guitar and singing! *swoon*

    Sam: I'm thrilled. I'm flattered. I'm deeply touched you asked me to marry you. I can't stop thinking about Jason.

    Me: 0-0

    And then after their lovemaking, she comes out and look her cupcakes are out and almost fell out. Sam with the box and the rings. UGH! Geez! She is still in love with Saint Jason! She is SO not ready to be married to Patrick!

    Julian's home: Ava and her dress that has a cape on it! She is flying around and has a lot of visitors! :)

    Sam's ex home: Does Alexis live in that apartment?! I thought she lives with Julian at his house. I'm confused.

    Jake and Liz's home:

    Liz: Let's get married today! WEEEEE!

    Jake: That would be wrong! How about November 6th.

    Liz: Well, okay.

    The look on Jake's face the whole time when Liz was talking about let's get married today! ROFL! His face his priceless hahahaha!

    Q home: Sweet scene between Paul and Dillan. When Dillan left, it looked like Paul was looking and feeling guilty!

    The hospital:

    *hop hop hop hop hop*

    Kangaroo Meeber wins the line of the day.

    Kangaroo Meeber: I promised I'd go after the wedding. He never got married, so.

    BAHAHAHAHHA! Yeah Karen he is 5! :)Awwww little AJ! :)

    Ava: I think Avery would be much happier to see her mommy.

    Little AJ: Mama!


  8. "david said...

    Carly: "We have to find a legal way to stop Ava"

    Morgan: "Lets kill her. Lets kill JUlian. Lets kill Avery. Lets kill every single person in port charles because in my brain, that's the SANE thing to do. Ok, who's with me. Who do you want me to kill first?"

    ROFL! Great one David! :)

  9. I'm starting to get the Carly hate back again. Michael had legal custody of Avery and he GAVE her to Sonny without any legal action as far as I can see. Carly is nothing to Avery and I hate her trying to keep her away from Ava, who is no worse than Sonny when it comes to violence. It is her baby. And the Dillon/Maxie dialogues are going on way too long and too boring. I like the actor and he is pretty good but so bland. Very happy not to see Nina and Franco for awhile, though.

  10. Avery saying Mama was the best thing on the show in ages. I can't believe they are actually being this insensitive about Bipolar disease. Morgan is acting like a jerk, plain and simple. I worked with a woman that was bipolar for 17 yrs and other than being moody sometimes I never saw any behavior like this.

  11. I too think they are writing the Bipolar Story all wrong. Morgan acts more like a druggie who needs a fix and NOW! Wish he would just go away but I'm sure hes not. I was hoping when the gun went off that Morgan was the one shot.... And I also agree Avery does not belong with Carley but then Ava shouldn't have either, poor little thing what a life she was born into.