Monday, September 28, 2015

Bedsore Alert: Day 12

Yep, Sonny is in bed day 12 (real weekdays). Carly wants to get married.

Anna's back...seeing Julian and Alexis.  They argue. 

Paul is at the PCPD. Dapper looking. Introduces himself to Dante. Tells Dante to take some time off. Dante's like "nope". 

Liz talking to Patrick about marrying Sam. She's a pill. ugh..they are in the "Blood Donor" corner of the hospital chatting.  They go into Carly/Sonny's room and find out they want to get married today. Liz is all "AWWW" .
Patrick and Liz witness the ceremony. Liz dreams of Jake...Pat dreams of Sam...meanwhile at the Chinese restaurant...

Sam and Jake--talking about Jason.  Sam is so Eore it's driving me crazy. They sit and talk about Jason. "What if Jason was alive"?? (camera to Jake) "what if I could hold his hand"? (Camera to Jake) 
The Chinese restaurant owners come out. The Gram KNOWS that Jake is Jason. Her eyesight is bad but her "other senses" work fine. And then she wants to BLESS the two of them on their special day--Pfffft because she KNOWS it's Jason. So they just go along with it to make her happy.  They "renew their vows" . YEP... they are standing there just like that pic up there and say the words LOL!! 

FIVE Families: Ava names: CARLOS as the shooter!! I would have told them Sloane. No one likes him anyway. But whatever, she names Carlos.  Michael doesn't believe her. Other people do. They want A Cease Fire between Corinthos/Jeromes. Both Ava and Michael have to agree. They shake, Ava leaves to go get custody of Avery. Michael is like "you can't do that and run the mob"..She said Sonny does it. Michael says "He's not a mother". Ava's like Oooooooo what a double standard!! 

END: Carly and Sonny exchange rings only Sonny can't complete it..he drops the ring and THE BEEPER GOES OFF! He's either flatlining or seizure, can't tell.
Dear God he's never getting out of that bed. 


Di said...

Could Carly have had her hand any farther away from him? lol If he hadn't had a seizure he would have at least popped his stitches trying to reach her.

And i think there's 6 families there or someone can't count. Or is it 5 families and Don Corinthos because he's a kingdom unto himself?

JPink said...

I just can't. It's so bad!

Di said...

At there is some information and possible spoilers on Tequan Richard. I don't want to leave the whole link without permission as it gives information in the link.

david said...

how is Ava, Michael and the 5 families the new writers' commitment to "more romance"?

david said...

what is the population of port charles? does anyone know?

i simply ask because there is 5 mob families in this town. FIVE. I thought this was a tiny little shipping town. It must be the size of NYC if not larger for there to be room for 5 large mob organizations.


and only 2 cops. lets not forget that. there are 2 and ONLY 2 cops in this town.

incompetent ones at that.

sonya said...

Today was so boring!!!!!

Julian's home: The same dialog!!!!

Anna: You killed Duke! You killed Duke!

Julian: No I did not. I'm innocent!

Anna: Alexis do you believe him?

Alexis: Yes I do.


Police station: Yeah I don't like Paul being in the mob. That is all. :)

The 5 families meeting: Ava flies in with her cape and it took her forever to say who shot Sonny! Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos!? BAHAHAHAHA! Hey the guy who was next to Michael, the guy in the light suit, looks like Governor Andrew Cuomo :) And I want to know if that woman is Brad's mother!

Noodle Budah:

Sam: There is this voice in my head, and no matter how hard I try to stop it, I hear it over and over again that Jason didn't die.

Voice in Sam's head: Jason didn't die! He is still alive! Go find him!

Voice in Sam's heart: What are you doing!?!?! Jason is dead!

Voice in Sam's head: No he isn't!!! And I am not going to argue with you again about this!

Voice in Sam's heart: Fine!!! Be that way!

Oh you gotta be kidding me! Robert's grandmother who can't see very well, senses that Jake is Jason!?!? And wants them to have a blessing?! And Sam gives in to that?! COME ON!!!! I have a headache from the writers hitting us over the head with this! The scene went from bad to worse!!!! *shakes my head* Is Robert and Brad related? I hope so!

The hospital:

Liz and Patrick: Oh boy. Liz is a cheerleader again!

Liz: Ra ra sis boom ba!

Sonny's room: Yes! Time to get married!!! :) So that they can fight for little AJ! Two witnesses? I thought you were only supposed to have one? Oh they are getting married!!!! Oh oh looks like Sonny is having a seizure!

Oh look! Guza was in the credits. Nah just kidding. But it felt like a Guza show today.

Di said...

David, I don't think the 5 families are all from Port Charles. I believe PC and the surrounding areas were Sonny's "territory" and then Julian came in and tried to take it over. The other families are from different areas of the eastern states, near to or surrounding Sonny's. they don't encroach. that's what stops conflict between the families. Julian coming into Sonny "territory" is what caused the problem.

Avalonn said...

I haven't commented in a while because I'm just so tired of this!!! When they all start wearing black and we see Sonny, Carly, Sam and Jason every damn day again...I'm getting Guza flashbacks. Please NOOOOOOO!!!!
Here's a refreshing change, what if Sonny wakes up from his seizure or whatever and thinks HE is Jason Quartermaine!! At least that would be better than this ReGuzaraited mess. God help me I'm starting to miss Fluke :O

sonya said...

"Avalonn says I'm getting Guza flashbacks. Please NOOOOOOO!!!!"

Yeah lately it has the Guza feel to the show. *sigh*

JPink said...

I was flipping channels a couple days ago and caught 2 minutes of Days of Our Lives. The writing and acting was so good and moving that I watched the whole show and now I'm looking for it on purpose. This is what great soaps are supposed to look like.

Julie Langley said...

Who is Paul's boss??!!

gracegirl said...

I just can't believe how mind numbing it's gotten. I watched today and couldn't believe Jake & Sam agreed to that. Come on!! I watch Price is Right and then the news. I was curious one day and decided to see what B&B, & Y& R were all about so I watched and now I watch just about every day. I don't watch much t.v. at night,I don't have cable or a dv anything. On
Wednesday I watch Nashville and a couple of older throw back channels here and there but I really enjoy my daytime shows and 2 were cancelled and now GH is circling the drain so I'm going to give these two a chance but I really do hope they have a plan to turn it around and not cancel it. The only good thing coming from it right now is this blog. Thanks Karen for keeping this alive.

LiamAZ said...

Ugh...kill me now. I am so over this. One of the reasons I almost left GH for good was due to the constant, constant, constant focus on the mob and pimping of Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Sam that coinciding with the destruction of core families and vet characters.

...and here we are again.

LSV422 said...

I had to ffwd. almost the whole show yesterday and I guess this is how it will be most days now. B&B is much better. I really hate the rebirth of Michael Corinthos, Jr. The Sam and Jake stuff was beyond ridiculous - Sam doesn't even have a clue yet? Great detective instincts.

Robin Little said...

Totally agree with LindaV, this mob stuff is so stupid and I had high hopes for Michael as a Quuartermaine. Geez, that didn't take long! Oh, but wait forever for the Jason reveal. How can everyone but Sam not know he is Jason?!?!

SaveOurSuds said...

david said...
how is Ava, Michael and the 5 families the new writers' commitment to "more romance"?

LOL GH edited out the wrong stuff if they want to use the #FallinLoveWithGH hashtag! I don't care how much TPTB want to claim this is not The Sonny Show because if it walks like a don and talks like a don...

nance24 said...

How are we supposed to #fallinlove with GH again.......this stuff is cringeworthy. Is it me or was Sam wearing the same shirt as in that picture with Steve B?? Billy M must be thinking WTF did I get myself into here

cooks7570 said...

I wish Ava would have punched out Michael for that mom comment.