Thursday, September 24, 2015

Friday's GH

Thought I'd give you a little "Early Alan Q" for your delight! 

Well, I Missed Thursday because I was just too exhausted to deal and ended up napping for an hour before finishing all my OTHER work.

Friday I have a workshop/conference with my speech pathology stuff GH live again. I will have to catch up for Sunday Surgery.

Sorry Folks, but real life...she's a bitch. 


  1. Oh Karen! You are FINALLY doing the post I suggested to you about a year ago. (Have you been that busy it has taken you a year?) I once told you that a fun post would be to take GH actors and post one of their very early non-GH roles as a "throwback"

    Leslie = Happy Days (you did post this once)
    Stuart = Prince Charming
    Constance = The King and I
    Tony = All in the Family
    Finola = Staying Alive (I soo want her to be on DWTS. You KNOW Travolta will show up and dance with her once)

    I guess one post every 6 months is worth the wait. HA HA

    That's Leslie Ann Warren with Stuart. She was in Victor/Victoria and also in the movie Clue.

    I decided to boycott GH until the Jason reveal, which is rumored to now be November 6, about 6 FULL weeks away. Even then, I have my doubts it will actually happen. I simply cannot believe how long they have dragged this out. It is becoming as painful as the Fluke reveal.

    Now, if you listen to the spoilers and (poopie) scoopers out there, FRIDAY this week is supposed to be a big cliffhanger regarding Jake and his knowledge of Jason. Really? The same way we have endured Liz and her "I've got to tell you something" cliffhangers? I'm not taking the bait. Not any more.

    I'm not on twitter so I know very little about hashtags and their concept. But if I were, mine would be #NoGHtilNov6

    I did watch today. The Ava/Carly scene was good. It is clear the Ava gets custody of her daughter. The only thing I can see happening is Sonny shipping Avery and Carly off to the island, or Sonny's lawyer, whoever that is nowadays, (Ric?) petition the judge to get a psychiatric evaluation on Ava first. And we all know she is batshit crazy.

    If Friday isn't a really good clear direction towards the reveal, I am off on Monday for the month of October and picking up November 2. I know no one cares if I tune in or not, but hey, just thought I'd throw that out there. Of course I will be here every day since this blog is like an addiction to me.

    You know, like the addiction Morgan is on but they are passing off as bipolar.

  2. Karen, Life IS a bitch. But she does pay the bills.

  3. HA HA everyone..
    There's also big rumors that "Jason Knows" for awhile that he's Jason but needs to "figure things out"...

    If THAT'S true, I'd just love to see them pull that off. OY.

    By the way, did Kristina just VANISH? Molly was upstairs with a headache--Alexis went off with Jules and....what? THIS SHOW!! :Fistsintheair:

  4. "Karen says By the way, did Kristina just VANISH? Molly was upstairs with a headache--Alexis went off with Jules and....what? THIS SHOW!! :Fistsintheair:"

    ROFL! *hands you pepto bismol*

  5. Love your post David. and yes if I don't watch GH there is always the news here, which keeps me informed anyways. Ava is batshit crazy, they had better not give her Avery back, but I bet they will. Cuz thats how GH rolls, and I was impressed that Morgan was not all crazy yesterday talking with Carly and Ava, he was actually very calm. I would have thought he would want to wring her neck. Pretty sick and tired of the Jake/Jason storyline, and how convenient he goes to get Chinese food for everyone and Sam is sitting there. So predictable. :)

  6. "mysticcmegg convenient he goes to get Chinese food for everyone"

    Is that why he is there?!?! I must have missed that part, or forgot. Who is he getting the Chinese food for?

  7. And I wondered what Chinese food he was getting, didn't see anyone giver their orders??

  8. I so want to smash those stupid phoenix/dragon figurines into piles of dust.

  9. Julian's home: Alexis and her cupcakes are so happy that Julian is free!!!! :) Yesterday Alexis said that Molly is the only one who can cook! Who taught her how to cook? Did she have cooking class in high school?

    The hospital:

    Ric, Michael, and Kangaroo Meeber:

    Ric: I'm going to see the 5 familes!

    Kangaroo Meeber: No I will go.

    Ric: You are just a kid!

    Kangaroo Meeber: I am NOT a kid! Don't call me that!

    Ric: You are just a kid.

    Kangaroo Meeber: I told you to stop calling me that!!!

    Woah Calm down Meeber! You sure are acting like it even Ric said so! Oh Michael is going to see the 5 families, which is really ironic, since Michael never wanted to be in the mob, and Meeber did!!!

    Sonny's room: Oh oh Sonny has to fight to keep his daughter!!! Oh Carly has an idea! To get married! Yes Carly time to get married to Sonny. Right here and right now!

    Liz and Patrick: Liz on the phone with Gram, telling her the date when she is going to get married. You can just read Patrick's thoughts! I bet he is thinking, Sam and I can marry on that date too!!! Wow Liz is so hyper when it comes to Patrick and Sam getting married. Calm down!

    Pier: Paul and Ava.. What!?!?! He wants her to go sit with the 5 families and point the finger at Julian and say that he shot Sonny?!!?! I'm not sure I want Paul to be a bad guy. And there aren't 5 families anymore! Sonny shot that one guy!

    The 5 families: Oh yes silence for the guy who died. Oh make it quick because Ava just showed up! ROFL!

    Noodle Bota: *hits head on wall and sticks chopsticks in my brain* Oh and here is the best part!

    Sam: Deep down I think Jason is alive.


  10. "kdmask said...
    HA HA everyone..
    There's also big rumors that "Jason Knows" for awhile that he's Jason but needs to "figure things out"..." know I would be okay with Jasus deciding Sam is better off in the beautiful Samtrick pairing and just fading into the mist never to be seen again...Love Billy Miller but this story line and this rachet character is just UGH!

  11. Me four, Wanda!! What a horrible Sonny Carly week. I can't stand to see them everyday and Morgan and Michael even more so. What happened to Michael Quartermaine? Seems like the spirit of Guza is lurking. If this is what the new head writers are going to give us I don't want it.

  12. I just knew that Michael would declare himself Michael Corinthos III at the mob meeting. Good-bye, Michael Quartermaine. It was nice knowing you for 5 minutes.

    I would truly like to know if the writers expect us to feel like Sonny is better than Ava when he talks about how she killed Connie in cold blood and Connie didn't deserve it etc. when he did the same to A.J. I find it hard to root for anyone on the show when there are so many hypocrites like Sonny, Carly and Alexis.

  13. Also rumored that Ava will say that Carlos shot Sonny. Remember, they think he's alive. The only people that know he's dead are Ana and Sloane. I actually enjoy Jason with Sam more than Elizabeth. Elizabeth reeks of desperation when she's with him. With Sam, it's a better fit and better chemistry. If Robin is not coming back or being recast, then I want Elizabeth with Patrick. It's what Robin wanted for him. When Elizabeth gets found out, has her nervous breakdown, and is despised by everyone effected by her lies, Patrick will be the one to forgive her first. Then they can bond while she eats a whole pie of crow and they can fall in love. The end.

  14. Panda said...I would truly like to know if the writers expect us to feel like Sonny is better than Ava when he talks about how she killed Connie in cold blood and Connie didn't deserve it etc. when he did the same to A.J

    He also shot Dante in cold blood when he found out he was a cop. They glossed this over with the excuse that he didn't know it was his son. SO WHAT! He knew he was a cop doing his job and he shot him in cold blood. How Dante and anyone else can forgive this and say Sonny is a "good" and "honorable" man who doesn't deserve this is beyond me. I just can't watch this garbage anymore.

  15. Rumor has it that when Liz falls apart, Ric will have open arms for her.

    I agree with Di. I can't watch this garbage anymore.

  16. New GH writers plan to turn up the romance in Port Charles

    General Hospital's new co-head writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman, have big plans for Port Charles, including amping up the love in the afternoon.

    Good news for General Hospital fans who feel the lone ABC soap has been dark and depressing lately: new co-head writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman (who recently took the place of former head scribe Ron Carlivati), have big plans to reintroduce romance to the struggling show. And it all starts happening the second week of October, when the pair's material is set to hit the air.

    The writers spoke with Soap Opera Digest about their plans for Port Charles, and both agree that passion and love are missing from the current canvas. "There is a pretty clear interest in bringing more romance to the show, and I think both of us have a pretty good track record with that and tend to be emotional storytellers," Passanante says. "If you listen to us planning things and laying out a week of episodes, you always hear, 'Okay, where's the romance?' It's our natural inclination as storytellers to frame every story in romantic terms... You have to ask yourself, when you're approaching that as deliberately as we are, 'What's the love story here? I know there is a bad guy stalking somebody in this, but what are the romantic stakes?'"

    But Altman points out that romance doesn't necessarily just mean, "candles and flowers and rose petals, or sex." In fact, she says it's much more. "Romance is also yearning," she explains. "Romance is the wild, crazy, romantic gesture, or the unexpected romance, people finding themselves in a fraught place at the right time. And pretty much every day that we lay out, we look for those moments."

    Keep reading.

    Oh yes. Turn up the romance before canceling the show.. Right?

  17. Sonya, do you have news that GH is being cancelled?

  18. That was always my favorite Cinderella when I was little I couldn't wait for it to come on. Back then you had to wait for some shows that only came on once a yr. It was actually kinda nice. Like all the Christmas shows and wizard of oz. Anyway,I'm very grateful for everyone who posts. I haven't watched much either and actually went through a mourning period but I'm over it and the posts are great.I'm right beside you David,when I read Jason reveal most likely wouldn't be until Nov.sweeps I just lost interest. It's too predictable and ridiculous. One thing I did catch was the reason jakson was at the restaurant was because he offered to get food for everyone at the hospital and Michael accepted. And I know I'm probably the vast minority but I like Michael much better as a Corinthos. Just do. And definitely like Sam with Jason. For some reason the chemistry between Sam and Patrick is more like friends with benefits. Again,just my opinion. And I'm wondering where Elizabeth is going to find a rock big enough to crawl under when all the s**t hits the fan. Does anyone think it's ever going to get better?? I truly hope it does.

  19. "Julie Langley said...Sonya, do you have news that GH is being cancelled?"

    No but I didn't know AMC and OLTL were going to get cancelled and they pulled the rug out from everyone. You just never know.