Thursday, September 3, 2015

GUY..he's GUY

Rob Derringer is back playing Sloane. I almost wish he wasn't going to bite it ..I like this guy.
Poor Cake. Note the new background behind Kelly's. Looks like a Rochester bridge. 

Ok, so Everyone is all: "You know the guy that took the shipment"?...the "GUY"?? Then Jordan says "that WISEGUY"?
Bahahahahaa...Anyway, HE took TJ.  He's the one that said Julian hired him (which he didn't). 
He's making TJ make a phone call.  He tells Sonny to come to the Warehouse alone. 

Um, RIC looked RESPLENDENT today WOW. I usually don't go crazy over GH guys but I loved his suit/glasses! We need more Ric/Sonny. Way more.  Morgan comes down and drinks coffee

Michael is going to the wedding. That's he and Sabrina's attire up there :) I kid, I kid. I know you all love them and think they are cute. TO me? Amish. 
Carly and Michael just talked and talked about Morgan. OF COURSE@@ and so did Sonny and RIC! 

Sam and Jake stood outside Wyndemere for 20 min talking before ringing the doorbell. GEESH. Sam asks if Hayden knows who Jake is.  Nope.
Then Sam tells Nik that Anna's going to expose his plot in the Mayor Lomax election. 

Anna got Sloane to promise he'll tell Nikolas he's going to tell Jordan he messed with the election.

Ok, so Sam and Anna are trying to make Nikolas give ELQ back to Michael by blackmailing him about the Lomax election.
Sonny went to the warehouse (apparently alone?) 


  1. Ric did look pretty cool in those glasses and that suit.
    Anna wants to make things right morally after having shot Carlos down in cold blood by being part of blackmailing Nicolas. OKAY, fine. That makes no sense at all to me.
    Why do they keep wasting talent by having great actors (Finola, Jane for example) play totally stupid story lines? Anna's passion was so phony and misplaced.
    And Karen, the fire in the living room is still raging!! So funny.
    Michael is going to the wedding for his brother, Ric is all worried about his nephew, Carly and Sonny are totally preoccupied with their son, the inconsolable Meeber.
    And the guy, the guy, the guy, you mentioned, is that a shoutout to Lewis Black? Cause my hub and I use that line all the time.

  2. I loved Ric's look today too. And Nikolas', of course. I think a muscle shirt can be so much sexier than a bare chest at times. And Tyler Christopher wears it so well.

    I like this Sloan much better too. I wish he was staying. I even felt for the guy. The other Sloan just made my skin crawl every time he got near Anna.

  3. Writers for Thursday:

    Suzanne Flynn
    Elizabeth Korte

    Jean Passanante
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Katherine Schock
    Chris Van Etten

    William Ludel

  4. Chris is the last guy !! Only when Scott writes are there 2!!!

  5. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but HAPPY WEDDING DAY!!!! :)

    Carly's home: I just love the Carly and Michael scenes today! So sweet! :)

    Carly: We are forever.

    Oh you mean like the 4 other times you and Sonny married?

    Michael: You're the best mom in the world.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Sonny: I wanna marry the hell out of you.

    Translation: I can't wait to have sex with you as soon as we get married!

    Sonny's home: Oh Sonny! What is with the fire in the fireplace!! I'm all hot and sweaty just looking at it!!! Isn't it humid in your house? WOAH RIC!!!! Ric looks like Harry Potter in those glasses!! Ric looks like a sexy nerd!:) Yummy!!! I wonder if those glasses are really the actors glasses. Oh look! Morgan is okay and sober after drinking coffee! Coffee is magical!

    Morgan: I love you dad.

    Oh geez! As soon as he said that I started to cry! Another awesome moment between father and son! :'(

    Kelly's: OH IT'S MR. YUM YUM! He is back! YAY! Awww yes the cake is dead. :( The poor cake. :'( WHY!!!?!!?! :( Anna and Mr. Yum Yum scene! The chemistry is undeniable!!! :) Great scene with them! Yes so glad he is going to help her!!

    Wyndemere: Oh man! Sam and Jake Doe were so boring outside talking! Nik and Hayden were fine, but then Sam and Jake Doe had to come in and talk with them. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sam and Jake are not getting anywhere! They are going in circles!!

    Sam: Election tampering is a federal crime. So, either you go to prison or you give ELQ to Michael.

    OH! NOW we are getting somewhere! I'm awake! :)Oh and Mr. Yum Yum walks in! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Try to squirm your way out of this Nik!

    Jordan's office: Dante and Jordan. Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Anna walks in! :) The hair twins! :) Anna needs her help GREAT! :)

    Warehouse: Hmmmmm.. That one bad guy's name is Dicky! :) I betcha Dicky's sister is Heidi!:) I miss Heidi. :( Oh sorry but I digress. Poor TJ! Oh there is Sonny to save the day!!! I thought he was going to get shot at his wedding. I guess the new writers changed that. Hmmmm.

    Karen says Michael is going to the wedding. That's he and Sabrina's attire up there :) I kid, I kid. I know you all love them and think they are cute. TO me? Amish.

    Oh Karen! ROFL! Love the picture. :)

  6. Ok so I watched yesterday and today back to back and it was well done. I didn't ff thru anything but commercials. Whoever said Molly was Alexis like (yesterday), I agree. I too enjoyed Ric and his glasses. As for the fire, its NY, maybe nights and mornings Sonny gets a chill LOL! I love Sloane (this one) and hate to see him go, seems like a waste.

  7. I really thought that the "guy" was getting his orders from Ric. But then, the "guy" got a call from his boss while Ric and Sonny were together. So who's the boss?

  8. the boss is FLUKE!!!!!
    imagine that.
    and yes I am sorry for mentioning that name after the hell we have all been through, but it would be funny, for a second.

  9. "Mrs. Goose said..So who's the boss?"

    It could be Tony Micelli or Angela Bower. ROFL! :)

  10. I know who Sonya wants it to be. hehe And that would be my guess.

  11. "Di said..I know who Sonya wants it to be. hehe And that would be my guess."

    What? Who I want to be the boss? Who? :)

  12. Ric looked great! I am so overjoyed to see Anna back and I like this Sloane, too. Hate to see him killed off.

  13. Sonya said...What? Who I want to be the boss? Who? :)

    Carrrlos. lol

  14. "Di said...Carrrlos. lol"

    Hahaha. Why yes!!! :) I do! There are rumors, so I hope the rumor is true! :)