Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BACK to School; Carson Wedding

ANNA's HOME!! yippeee! She looks so good. Emma is getting ready for school. Anna tells her she left the FBI. Sam asks Anna to help her in the PI business. LOL. Yep. she did! 

They are right, around here, school started today. First time in my lifetime before Labor Day. So, they got that right!!

Hayden is just moved right in, hasn't she? Eating breakfast, acting all wifey?

Morgan goes to Sonny's all wasted. "Up all night" and he gambled.  Gets all Bieber like and has a meltdown. "It's YOUR FAULT" he says to Sonny.  Then he says Michael is the good son. Cries. Sonny says he'll always love him. They hug. 

Carly and Jake..he brings her flowers. Carly tells him all about how she and Jason helped Sonny with his bipolar. And Emily Q too. 

Michael has a dream about arguing with Sonny. Sabrina's in bed next to him. They talk about (what else?) Morgan's bipolar! 

TJ made a nasty cake for Sonny-- as a "Gift". It's pretty bad. LOL They throw it out and have to start over.  They make it in 3.4 minutes!  

END of Show: TJ Kidnapped by masked men, drops cake.  YEP. LOL 


  1. Well, Meeber is true to form: it's all someone else's fault. Yeah, he's not to blame for acting like a butt head.
    Karen, how is the weather in your part of the country? I ask because Sonny was sitting by a roaring fire, and even if it is September, isn't it a little warm for a fire?
    Found my mind wandering a lot today, so I probably missed a lot. But that's how it's been going. Yesterday was interesting (mostly) and I watched it all. Today when I wasn't ff, I was thinking about other things.

  2. OMG..the FIRE!! LOL I complained about that on twitter so much!! It's 88 here now, and humid as all hell.
    Plus, how small is Sonny's house? Why are they having the wedding there and not Carly's?!

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  4. Sonny's home:

    Sonny: It was torcher last night if you know what I mean.

    Translation: I was really really really REALLY horny!

    Then Sonny Jr aka Meeber walks in! Sonny brings up coffee. Why do people on soaps, always think coffee will sober the person up? That is so dumb! Actually, their scenes were great!!!!! Beautifully done. Made me cry! Great job Brian Craig!!!! :)

    Carly's home: Carly and Jake.. Bipolar blah blah blah Morgan blah blah blah, Saint Jason blah blah blah. Hey Carly brought up Emily! Yes Carly Emily did help Sonny realize he has bipolar! :)


    TJ: Well today is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives and the whole thing is ruined because of me.

    Uh over a cake?!!?! Gee TJ melodramatic much? Molly turning 18 was quiet. No happy birthday Molly, no party, nothing! Uh they didn't have to throw the cake away!! What a waste!!!OH a new cake YAY! At first I thought TJ would accidentally drop the cake, but no no he was KIDNAPPED and the cake fell! :( Poor cake!!!:(

    Cake: Someone help me! I'm hurt!!! :( I'm also delicious!

    Michael and Sabrina: They are just so cute! :) And when Michael was telling her that Morgan might have bipolar? It looked like the actress was trying not to laugh ROFL!

    Wyndemere: Spencer wasn't sorassed YAY! :) Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: Since only a towny...... *looks up in air* Sorry mother! Only a philistine would dare wear this ansamble, AFTER labor day.

    ROFL! So good to see you again Spencer! It's been awhile! :) Hmmm he wants Nik and Hayden back together? What about Britch Spencer?! Are you not thinking about her anymore? Well, Nik and Hayden do look cute together, but I don't want them together until she gets her memory back, and she finds out Nik had her shot. Then she can get angry, and then forgive him. :)

    SamTrick's home: EMMA! They didn't sorass you! YAY! Yes Emma it sucks to have school before labor day! I wonder why school changed that in real life. ANNA!!!!! YAY! She is back, that means the original Yum Yum Sloan won't be far behind!!! Oh Anna has to call him! YAY! Emma misses Duke. :( Oh no Sam and Jake scene! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Didn't watch. Forgot and was still watching Grey's on Lifetime....

  6. I thought Bryan Craig really brought it today.

  7. I thought Bryan Craig really brought it today.

  8. Brian Craig was wonderful in his portrayal of a bipolar Morgan. He was irrational and very depressed, which is the other side of being manic like he was when he was talking fast and all jittery yesterday.

  9. The thinking on starting school earlier is to try and get the first semester done by Christmas. I started back to work in mid August. Some schools started at the beginning of August. They will finish before Memorial Day!

  10. Frank Strovel said...
    I thought Bryan Craig really brought it today.

    Yes he did. His and Maurice's scenes were really good today. And didn't he call him daddy(aahh),when he finally agreed to see a doctor.

    Also, Haley reminded me so much of Nancy Lee. He mannerisms, the way she moved her head and the way her hair moved, facial expression, her overall style. It was like watching a young Alexis. Score 1 for the casting department.

  11. Writers for Wednesday:

    Scott Sickles
    Elizabeth Korte

    Katherine Schock
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Jean Passanante
    Chris Van Etten

    Director: Scott McKinsey

  12. The fire bugged me too, Sonny has a roaring fire going, but his doors were also wide open.

    I also thought Brian Craig did a good job even though Morgan has been on my last nerve lately and so has the actor with his sleepy portrayal. But he really came alive yesterday. I thought it was touching when he called Sonny "Daddy" which showed Morgan's vulnerability.

    Still not feeling Carly and Jake's insta-BFF status. LW's laugh seems very forced when she plays w/Billy Miller and she seems to be doing most of the work in their scenes (to me).

  13. I need a Jake reveal soon. I don't care how guilty Elizabeth feels. I want to see the fallout and if the writers don't bring the drama and everyone just forgives her and Nickolas...ugh, I'm done.

  14. Well I might be off by a day or two but I am pretty sure that Sonny has been on every day for the past 10 episodes. And we're back to the same people filming with the same people day after day. Looks like the show is getting back to where it was 4 years ago. Boo.

  15. Sonny has been on too many days to count.

  16. I'm sick of seeing Sonny everyday, too. If he was involved in something interesting that would be ok but nothing exciting. They ever learn do they? Just keeping MB happy and the hell with the ratings.



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