Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Imagine Dragons

Michael Corinthos III

it's great watching Chad Duell in the Michael Corleone role on General Hospital good job Chad

Oh from the mouths of actors...! Well, there it is. All in one tweet.  We are all watching a soapy-Godfather knock-off and there's nothing we can do about it. I suppose if we are to continue with this viewership, the kool-aid line forms to the right. 

Settle in and let me tell you a tale of mob-dynasty and a tortured fanbase of shippers-- Oh how they must be suffering!! 

You know I'm going to suggest Chinese Food today. Heh. 

CATV 3 20150923 1312(22)

Well, since Jake and Liz set their wedding date to November 6th, we all know what that means: FIVE weeks until the ultimate reveal. FIVE. I get the whole "Sweeps" thing but good grief. Not only that, this Jason thing has taken on a life of it's own in that Liz is doing major major damage in the process of keeping the truth from him. We'll get five weeks for the bloodbath that is JaSam and Lisaon to simmer. Twitter is going to go all GoT. Rumors abound about the 'aftermath' everything from "Jake will know he's Jason but not tell anyone" to "Liz and Ric end up together when Jason tries to gain custody of little Jake"! I haven't even looked for answers to upcoming events yet because I'm not that sure it's plotted out to a "T". This will be so interesting. The writers will be totally switched by then. And who knows what's coming. Get ready for anything! 

CATV 3 20150923 1318(22)

Meanwhile, Sam's all mopey and depressed (as per usual) over the whole Patrick proposal. She can't even go through old Jason boxes without clutching the sacred figurines. She cries and closes it, unable to look into the depths of agony. Sam does rally long enough to make the love to Patrick. Then she goes and sits at Oodles of Noodles thinking about her past love. In walks...Jake. Jake, who's fresh from his own zex with Liz and wedding date being set! Oh the feels.
Cue Liason rage. This is going to get ugly. Way ugly. I'm here to watch that fall out! I have no stake in this game so sitting back and watching on the fence will be mighty entertaining. 

20150922 1440(9)

I did love when Sonny insisted that Jake was Jason. Very well done and believable. Liz was about ready to throw-up though. I'm so waiting for Carly to get "that vibe" too because she really should. Later, when Sonny talked to Patrick about his feelings he knew it wasn't due to JUST morphine. They are soul-connected after all!

CATV 3 20150924 1318(41)

Ava and Carly. Pretty glorious in their fierce Mama-love. Only, hey..Carly you're not Avery's mom. And if anyone knows what a mama can do to have/protect her own it's Carly. Deep down she has to admire Ava because if Ava didn't fight for Avery, well she'd be a real POS.  Baby Avery stole the show 2x this week: Once by saying "Mama" on cue and then reaching for Maurice to give him a kiss. Oh she's worth her weight in gold. (I know they are twins, so that's double the weight)!  Carly and Sonny will be married bedside and Ava will keep pushing to get Avery while 'running' the Jerome Empire. 

20150922 1429(1)

Morgan. Oh Morgan. I don't even know why/what they are trying to do here. We get the whole Godfather connection (see above). No one is even hiding it anymore. Morgan is so acting like he's coming down from straight-up addiction it's not even funny. But hey, let's keep saying he's bi-polar. :throwsuphands:  Michael is now dressing like he's already in the mob with the black shirt and jacket. LMAO. I really hate the "literal" things thrown in our faces. Gone are the prep clothes--HE'S CHANGED! He even says he's Michael Corinthos III at the Five Families Meeting. 

CATV 3 20150925 1336(2)

I wanna go to the meeting...
No you can't...
But I wanna go...
No, you are out of control
Wah..wha.. I'm telling MOM! and MILO! Big Meanie. 

CATV 3 20150925 1355(5)

Oh yes, the FIVE FAMILIES meeting. Pass the pasta. I just. I ...just... Well, I'm shaking my head. You can't see it but I'm shaking it. HARD

CATV 3 20150925 1300(14)

Julian and Alexis. Why does she suddenly believe him now? Everything points to him being the shooter--does she just 'trust' him all of a sudden? Guess so. For once she's right though and goes to the new DA to talk it out. She's super psyched that he's a 'clean' DA for once. AHAHA. Nope. He meets with Ava on the docks and tells her to go to the family meeting to say Julian was the culprit. If she does say that ..she's sealed her brother's death warrant. If she doesn't it's back to jail. Will Julian get thrown into the pokey AGAIN? *sigh* can hardly wait. 

CATV 3 20150925 1320(32)

Jason had no "big" reveal this week btw--he got a glimpse of Sam going to the motorcycle and a bit of the vows. Nothing huge. I still sit and think if this really happened Jason would have the same teeth/eyes--why does no one realize? Then I remember oh yea.."Soap" and well, whatever. Still pretty cheesy in this day in age to try to pull it off. 

20150922 1433(6)

Not a heck of a lot actually happened as far as movement goes. I love how Kristina totally just evaporated. POOF! Molly was "upstairs with a headache" when Ric came over and Krissy apparently just went back to college. That was that! I guess thanks for the 2.2 seconds? Maxie and Dillon had a talk about Daddies. She's good in any scene. He's still bland to me. I get no appeal from him at all. He's a decent actor--just..blah. And someone get Tracy out of that damn living room! LOL. geesh!!
By the way, Sonny was shot 11 days ago, not even counting weekends.  11. And maybe 3 have passed soap time. So..there you go. 

CATV 3 20150923 1358(36)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Carly and Ava. The dialog was great: "I didn't raise him". LOL. Both Maura and Laura were wonderful.  Baby Avery did her part by looking adorbs no matter who was holding her! 

PROPS OF THE WEEK; Oh gotta give it up for the phoenix and dragon. They've been around awhile. 

CATV 3 20150924 1358(28)

CATV 3 20150925 1329(8)

FACE OF THE WEEK: She loves her some Dimples! 

CATV 3 20150925 1340(37)

One more shot of the knick-knacks. See ya next week. Wonder if Sonny will be in GH another 5 days or what.


  1. The biggest disappointment I've ever had with GH is the fact that they made Michael a mob king-pin. I had such high hopes for a decent Quartermaine story surrounding him and Jason. Was hoping, all this time, that Jason's memory would recover reminding him that he is a Quartermaine, and not involved in the mob. Now they are showing the two of them becoming close as mob-ties... Hate it. Really, really, disappointed.

  2. Karen: can we all agree the show is doomed? It's just a matter of time before the announcement of its cancellation is made?

    I'm saying that Fall 2016the announcement is made and they give it 6 mos to wrap up. In Spring, 2017, GH is toast, on its 54th anniversary week!

    That's my over/under line.

    Any takers?

  3. Now I like Michael being part of the mob, and it really wouldn't have given him street cred to introduce himself as "Michael Quartermaine." But I hate the raging Morgan scenes. That got old fast. The Jake reveal has just dragged on too long. The way they bounce baby Avery from one home to another, the kid will have multiple personality disorder by the time she is five.

  4. Cosmo..I don't know. Maybe we are the ones that are 'off'..after all, ratings did slump. Now with Sonny-Central Mobular Mayhem perhaps there are throngs of fans that have been waiting for this. Who knows. The show is back to 2 stories. Sonny and Jake/Jason. Even Dillon's movie leads back to Paul leading to the mob. Julian/Alexis..mob. Even if they get Sabrina back into it (and have her carrying Michael's child)--Mob. Nina and Franco will probably buy into the mob somehow and knock off another family to BE a family. And so it goes.

  5. kd said... I still sit and think if this really happened Jason would have the same teeth/eyes--why does no one realize?

    It's the eyes that get me. Teeth could have been altered by the accident but they should have hired an actor with the same intense blue eyes. I realize that would have meant looking outside the "out of work soap actors pool" and taken a little more effort, but it would have made it much more believable. People would have kept looking into those eyes and getting a sense of déjà vu.

    And the new writers have to have at least some roads leading to GH again, not all leading to the mob. I get that the younger fans may like Michael better in the mob as the acting is much more intense, but they should at least balance it out and have Jason go back to the Q's. They're going to need protection soon when Paul gets his hooks into Tracy again.

  6. Hahahahahaha! Karen so funny! :) I always love Sunday sugary! Always funny. :)Babies who play Ava, are adorable!!! Wuv them! The damn Phoenix and Dragon! So annoying!

    "I wanna go to the meeting...
    No you can't...
    But I wanna go...
    No, you are out of control
    Wah..wha.. I'm telling MOM! and MILO! Big Meanie."


    "Cosmoetica said...can we all agree the show is doomed? It's just a matter of time before the announcement of its cancellation is made? I'm saying that Fall 2016the announcement is made and they give it 6 mos to wrap up. In Spring, 2017, GH is toast, on its 54th anniversary week!"

    Yup! I agree with you 100%

  7. Yeah, I'm soooooooo sick of that phoenix and dragon as well. The only redemption I see for them is if they link them to the Wu family. Maybe there are black pearls hidden inside of them like Robin's doll (from years ago)!

  8. Personally, I am thoroughly enjoying the Brad/Lucas storyline. And the Rosalie reveal? RIVETING!

  9. I came back to GH a few years ago (when Brenda came back) and when Ron/Frank came on board at first, it was really good. We got returns (Lucy! Anna!! Robert Scorpio. Felicia), Roger H as an even better Todd (Hate Franco but love the actor), and a decline of the mob (yeah). Then their budget must have been cut cause the pacing got very weird, the whole Tony G. plot was bizarre (and quite frankly good riddance), and the mob started to take center stage again.

    Some of the good: for the first time, I like the character of Sam (like her with Patrick, she's lighter), really like Billy Miller (and I hope he comes back as Jason Quartermaine, pretty please), really liked the Britch (took a while but she was great) and her storylines.

    But the mob and the complete lack of any accountability what so ever + the judgmental character actions just showcases the poor writing. These are great characters with still a lot of talented actors/actresses playing with rich history. I don't know how long I can last. The mob stuff is just draining and I keep forwarding through all of it. (I really dislike the mob stories but think Maurice and others are good actors, it's not them, it's the characters, plotting, and stories that I can't stand.) Thanks for letting me vent!

  10. Linda, I feel exactly like you did early years of Ron/Frank...then that weird pacing started. OY

  11. I watched a Facebook chat that Kirsten Storms did Friday, I think it was. One of the questions was about the new writers and she said we'd see their stories in about a month. Brandon showed up with Harper and they were so adorable :) It's on her Facebook page, I believe.
    I'm with the rest of you.. I do still like Maurice Benard but I am so over the mob stuff and the Jason/Jake story.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I saw her FB video Wanda..Harper got a time out lol


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