Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another New Character

SOD is reporting that an african-american male has been cast. Not for nothing, but isn't Shaun in jail with the wrong bullet matching the one in Hayden? Why did they cut Shaun anyway? Even if the actor wanted to leave? Recast!


ALL ABOUT SONNY. But Sonny wasn't even on. Patrick was checking the bullet by his spine. 

It seems he may be paralyzed. Please spare me this. No one on soaps EVER stays paralyzed. EVER, unless they are in real life. 

Sonny gonna need this?  

BTW, what happened to Molly? She just...what? Gone? She was going to the wedding and?? 

This was the St. Sonny show today. Even if he can't walk, he'll always walk on water.

I hate the mob stuff. Just hate it.

PS. Paul looks suspicious. 

PSS> Tracy hasn't been out of that livingroom in the last 7 times she's been on. 


  1. They probably shot all seven of those scenes at the same time, kd. That way they only had to pay Jane for one day.

    And poor Sonny "doesn't deserve this." Seriously? His holiness murdered a man in cold blood just a few weeks ago. He shot Dante in cold blood when he knew he was a cop. He's a cold, calculating criminal. He most definitely deserves this.

    And now it looks like TJ is going to get roped into the mob too.

  2. Terrible episode. Rest In Peace Michael Quartermaine. What a waste of time and fabulous storyline potential. Just like that he's a Corinthos again. ALL HAIL SAINT SONNY. GMAFB.


  3. **Writers for Thursday:

    Suzanne Flynn
    Elizabeth Korte

    Jean Passanante
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Katherine Schock
    Chris Van Etten

    Larry Carpenter

    **Let's remember, the episodes airing from last week until new material begins are ones that were penned by Ron but "fine-tuned" by Frank and team.

  4. Karen--Molly helped bake the cake then said she couldn't go to the wedding because it was orientation at PCU and she'd be there all day. I imagine further absence will be explained by saying she is babysitting Emma and Danny while Patrick and Sam are tending to St. Sonny.

    I am with you about being sick of this. I'm not a fan of violence. If I were I'd watch primetime. I'm a fan of romance, and have watched daytime for 30 yrs. However, this may be the end of it for me...I'm FFing through everything, even Anna's scenes! And Nik's scenes! They are two of my favorites and within a month of each other they shot someone (or had someone shot). I hate how every little problem on GH can be solved by shooting someone with a gun. Art reflecting life, I guess. And way too depressing.

  5. I agree 100% with all of the above. Not interested in the mob stories at all.

  6. Karen hahaha great chair! Perfect for Sonny! :)

    Theme for today: Anger and yelling.

    Police station:

    Julian and Dante: Anger and yelling!!!!

    Jordan's office: Anger and yelling with both Jordan and TJ! TJ listen to your mother!!! Stop gushing and romanticizing Sonny!!!


    Hospital: The scene was all over the place today! The scene was like it had ADD and Bipolar all rolled into one! Morgan can't think straight and is all over the place! Jake is trying to bring Morgan down.. Sonny's bullet traveled to his spine!! So he might be paralyzed.. That would be interesting. :) Morgan yells at Ric and blames him for Sonny being shot, and Ric yells back. Carly yells at Ric and blames him, Michael is taking control and kicks Ric out! Actually I liked the Michael scene. It was strong and powerful. :) Although I didn't like him saying that Sonny is his father UGH! There are rumors that Michael will join the mob to help his father, which I don't like either.

    Bullet: I like where I am! I am NOT moving anywhere!!!

    Q home: Oh a nice calm scene. :) Poor Paul got divorce papers. :( Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: A failure because of a divorce? HA! Look who you are talking to. The Quartermaines have racked up failed marriages in record numbers.

    ROFL! So true Tracy so true. :) Oh oh Sabrina had to tell her BFF Tracy and Paul about the shooting.

    Jake and Sam: Oh more Saint Jason!!! He was shot here and died here in the water! It's been 3 years!!!! 3 YEARS!!! If you can't remember,

    Does anybody remember?!!?!! This would be Sam crying 3 years ago.

  7. they are clearly copying the script of the godfather.

    vita (sonny) gets shot. is in bed for awhile and Michael (Michael) the good son, the pretty boy, takes over the business

    meanwhile, one of the sisters gets beat up by her boyfriend (any guess who?) and then sonny (morgan) goes all postal (or, in this case, bi=-polar) and beats the hell out of the boyfriend. followed by sonny (morgan) getting killed by the mob.

    vito (sonny) eventually dies with his grandchild in the garden

    kay (carly) is a wasted character like all the women are in the godfather.

    connie (Olivia) yells a lot

    anyone wanna chime in? who the hell is fredo? He dies too.

  8. I hope the new writers can save this mess and move away from the mob stuff. I'd personally like to see Sonny stuck in a chair for a while with Pfiffy hired to look after him. ROFL

    Now that would make for the kind of humor I like, the kind that involves great one liners and not just regurgitating food or flitting eyeballs.

  9. "MatchboxGinny said...
    Terrible episode. Rest In Peace Michael Quartermaine. What a waste of time and fabulous storyline potential. Just like that he's a Corinthos again. ALL HAIL SAINT SONNY. GMAFB."

    This really upsetting. No words. Apparently the lesson to learn from this year's horrible story telling is that if you win an Emmy, your story gets F-d up! Bad weaves and character destruction is your reward!

    And the whole Sonny being paralyzed stuff would be way more interesting if this all had more layers to it. Having everyone worship Sonny does absolutely nothing to make me feel any emotions. Shouldn't a lot more people be questioning how his horrible lifestyle got him shot in the first place? I can't believe Ron wrote this!

  10. Ugh-I also hate seeing more mob. Couldn't stand Carly and Michael yelling at Ric. Where was the hospital security? Dante yelling at Julian was annoying, too. Liked seeing Paul & Tracy and Sabrina looks pregnant. Hiding behind the purse isn't working.

  11. "Di said...I'd personally like to see Sonny stuck in a chair for a while with Pfiffy hired to look after him. ROFL"

    Piffy: Time for a sponge bath!

    Sonny: No I'm okay. O-O


  12. once again, the writers at GH have glorifies dirty cop / rogue cop Dante.

    "violence and bullying is cool" said the 9 yr old who turned on GH one day after school....

  13. Di, MatchboxGinny, and CareyN said it all for me. So much for Michael being a Quartermaine. So much for Sonny paying in any small way for killing A.J. So much for Jake being Jason Quartermaine. So much for balance on the show. When I actually keep putting off watching that day's episode, I wonder if this is it for me. Sonny totally deserves every bad thing that happens to him. He's a murderer and a mobster. The only hospital stories we get are when various mobsters are shot. Seriously how many times have Sonny and Jason been shot? Patrick should be one of the leading men, not patching up mobsters or sitting on the couch with Sam until she dumps him for Jason.

  14. Totally agree with everything said above.

    I'd love someone at the network to say we're done glorifying gun violence and we're no longer going to show it on daytime TV. Can you imagine GH with no guns? No more shootouts and gunshot victims. The writers would have to write RELATIONSHIP and CHARACTER based stories.

    Turning Michael into a mobster is a terrible move. Anna and OldNewSloane have no chem at all, and that's pretty hard to do with Finola. Hayden is boring. Poor GH is sliding downhill and picking up speed.


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