Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Sloppy Seconds

CATV 3 20150903 1319(10)
HIGHLIGHT? Dapper Ric looking all Clark Kent. 
I hear the ratings have gone up a twinge since the last few weeks. Of course, they were down so low there really wasn't much left to go. Good for the show, and I'm sure they'll be another up-tick for the St. Jaysus reveal (whenever that will happen). In the meantime, I'm left with the memory of  the slow motion sequence that was Sonny being shot. 

What does one dine on when the mobular boss is laying in his own pool of blood?
 Eggs Florentine and Lemoncello. That's what. 
Settle in and let me tell you what happened this week on the show! 

 20150831 1409

Maxie gets the part of Marjorie for the movie. Lulu seems jealous. She was jelly even though she encouraged Maxie to go for the part.  She listened to the words on the script and I believe it dawned on her that the movie was about she and Dillon. Not sure how long I'm going to last with this. Although having Maxie involved is way better than Lulu being the only one. 

20150831 1434(38)

Kiki's mad that Morgan and Mama slept together. She gave them both a piece of her mind. I would have had played/written her reactions WAY differently as you well know. It would involved nasty tie-up sex with Morgan and taunting of Ava with an Instagram video of everything. But! They opted for the more calm way out. Wasn't impressed.

20150831 1430(36)

Silas murder mystery solved on August 31--the promised "one month murder mystery" was done. So, were you shocked?  *crickets*.  Yeah. ok. 

20150901 1511(41)

My fave part of the whole week was Nina telling her Mama off and Franco getting her through it. He's going to take care of her now--and yes, call me old-fashioned but I loved those scenes!! He was so tender and caring. She said all the things that needed to be said to her Mom and now they can build a life. She's blowing him a kiss right there...

20150901 1511(35)

And he catches it~!! Now supposedly they will be integrated to the canvas soon. I've given my ideas over and over again. Right now both RoHo and MS are on vacation so while some of you are happy, I shall be sad and bored.

20150902 1408(1)

ANNA !! It's Anna! She's back, she gave Emma a little teddy bear in a kilt. Then, she talked to Sam about life and Sam said "hey, since you're not in the FBI anymore, please come work with me on the ELQ scam". And she does, like right that second!  Anna gets Sloane to say he'll tell on Nikolas for rigging the election unless he gives ELQ back to Michael.  Ok, so Sloane goes to Wyndemere and doesn't go through with it at all...because you know Cassadines. They will kill you.  Sam and Jake are pissed that Sloane refuses to name Nikolas. 

20150902 1418(19)

And also at the Cassadines, Spencer readies for School in his nice British attire. He talks to Hayden and almost eats toast. Drives Nikolas nuts. Hayden and Nikolas decide to go for a swim. They get their bathing suits on.  I hope we get to see the Cassadine pool someday. I want gargoyles. 

20150902 1445(27)

BiPolar mania. Good scenes here and I like the way they dressed Morgan. Looked all slept-in and grungy. He and Maurice did the dance and although I still stand by my "he's a meth-head" idea, the scene worked.  I'm very torn on the whole thing because it's so close to so many people.  Having a soap explore the family connections and reactions is interesting but delicate. You know what I've said about it--so I won't go on and on. Michael talked to Morgan at the Metro and much of this did end up being "Michael the good, Morgan the bad". I'm willing to wait to see where this goes. I do hope they include the diagnosis process. 

CATV 3 20150904 1308(16)

Why am I adding this? Because Olivia takes Rocco for a walk on the docks at twilight. What could possibly happen? She's talking to Ned when Julian comes out. (I guess so he'll be in the area when Sonny is shot?). Olivia knows better, that's all I'm saying. 

CATV 3 20150903 1333(13)

Carson Wedding: Graciella readies the food.  All the men were ready and sitting around. TJ was taken by thugs and held at the warehouse. (Wedding cake down!). TJ calls Sonny and says come alone...yada yada. Sonny does go alone (no mob boss ever really goes alone) and apparently, didn't put on a bullet proof vest.  More on that later. 

CATV 3 20150904 1315

Meanwhile, the ladies are at Carly's getting ready for the wedding ..all except the bride! They give her gifts: Something borrowed, old, new, and blue. Valerie makes an impression on Lulu by giving Carly her Mom's cross to wear.

CATV 3 20150904 1356(47)

Wedding Dress. Nice Color. Maxie looks resplendent too. I personally like Carly's hair different but that's just me. 

CATV 3 20150904 1358(27)

He's down. Sonny's shot by some mystery gloved hand that peeps out from the curtain. He falls slo-motion onto the floor. Shot in the chest. Next week we'll be treated to his 'life or death' situation. (If anyone thinks he's dying then, well, you are a tater). He looks like he's doing push ups in this photo. LOL 
Ok, so...let me ask you: What is this supposed to do for anything? Why would we have another damn shooting--? Why Why Why. We know he's not going to die. We know he's not going to get out of the mob. Is this all for the 'mystery' of the shooter? We know it's not Julian. Do I care who it is?
Nope.  RUMOR says Carlos.  I want it to be Faith. David came up with the brilliant idea of Claudia.  I'm also thinking Mayor Lomax or Steve Harvey. giggle 

This shooting situation begs me to comment on the fact that GH just has too much going on with too many characters. Yet AGAIN, some new sub-plot is started with Sonny 'dying' in the hospital.  Um, don't we have enough going on? There's the whole mental health issue with Morgan. Why not have Carson actually get married (get it over with) and then deal with the Morgan issue? Nope--let's shoot Sonny and keep it up with this insane mob war mystery.  Sonny's been involved in bombings and shootings for some 20 years now. TWENTY YEARS.
You'd think he'd learn and wear that bullet proof vest whilst going to rescue a hostage. 

20150901 1458(8)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Nina confronts Mama. Perfect acting.  

20150902 1453(39)

PROP of the WEEK: Poor Cake. First it's not baked right...and then it ends up on the ground when THUGS take TJ.

20150901 1407(2)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Maxie sees Donna Mills in an orange jumpsuit. 

That's it!   I'm still waiting it out to see this transition process and if I can get hooked on any stories again. Right now? I guess I'm glad my work is ramping up because I can skip some days and FF. 


MatchboxGinny said...

Well said Karen!

I'm really trying my best to stay positive about GH's future because I know the new writers storylines haven't starting airing yet, but it's so hard.....

Especially when you have scenes with Jordan telling Anna how she thinks Duke would want her to move on with....SLOANE??? Oh c'mon. Stupid. And why is Jordan stuck in that damn office giving everyone advice on their sex lives?

Or when you have such boring Maxie, Lulu, Dillon scenes....Making a movie. Umm, okay.

I would like to be interested in the potential bipolar story for Morgan but the way it's been poorly handled thus far, I'm just not. I'd like to be able to give Bryan Craig props for his acting but to be honest, in light of how he has acted on social media and seeing his "could give a shit" attitude he had at the fan event recently, he has made me dislike everything about him. It's a shame because the character itself has such potential.

Carson Wedding. Zzzzzzz. The one positive, I enjoyed the women interaction. That was very nicely done. A tad over the top with wedding tradition given this is Carly's 298th wedding though.

I realize the actress who plays Joss was unavailable for the wedding but don't tell us she's spending another week camping with Jax when you just spent an entire episode repeatedly telling us it was the first day of school. Why not just pretend she's there like they do with Aiden or Liz's grandmother?

Saint Sonny being shot and having a life/death experience next week?? No thanks.

The Jason reveal. Ohhhkay. Any day now....baaahahahahaaaaaaaaa! Far too dragged out for me to care about anything and this was the ONE storyline I was completely interested in!

And Sam is back to her mumbling low talk again. Beyond irritating.

Also, are we done with the Donna Mills thing? Gosh I hope so.

I do enjoy Nina and Franco and was glad to hear MS say they'd become more integrated with rest of characters. Yay! I found something positive!

Looking forward to the new writers. Not that I expect miracles but anything has to be better than the garbage we've been getting, right?

Hope everyone is having a fun Labor Day Weekend :)

Leesy said...

Anyone given thought that the shooter might be Paul Hornsby? I mean, really, doesn't he just scream "New Mob Boss In Town"? And once again, Tracey will have fallen for a bad boy. Poor baby, I just love her (and Jane). Been doing a lot of ffwd lately, come on new writers! How about a LHASA FEVER thing to eliminate the excess characters? Can't get involved if we don't ever see people on air! Happy Labor Day all!

Anonymous said...

Tracy deserves a real romance so I don't want the shooter to be Paul.
I don't want it to be "dark" Nicholas cause that will just lead to having to hear about Emily.
Carlos (even though he is dead), Lomax, Brad's Family are all the safe bets...therefore boring.
Want to make the who shot Sonny storyline interested? Make the shooter
- Rosalie. Lily's daughter back to avenge her mothers death.
- Monica. Sonny took her three children from her. What has she been doing off screen this whole time if not plotting Sonny's demise?
- Jordan. Getting Sonny any way she can for taking Sean and TJ.
- Skye. Because I love her and want a Quartermaine back.
- Olivia Jerome
- Faith Roscoe
- Epiphany. Somehow blames Sonny for her son's death.
- Jax. To protect Carly, Joss, Morgan, etc.
- Lucas. Found his inner Jerome. To protect Carly, Joss, Morgan, etc. Why wasn't Lucas at the wedding?
- Anna. Blaming him for Duke and many others.
- Johnny Zacarra.
- Jake/Jason.
- Sabrina. Remember, she was not yet at the wedding nor with the ladies.
Of course this whole story and General Hospital in general would be a heck of a lot better if Sonny did actually die.

LSV422 said...

The high point of the week for me was Anna returning. And that handsome devil Ric in that suit with the glasses. I hate that Nik is so evil now. I honestly don't see any chemistry between LW and MB but I did like seeing Bobbie and the other women. Maxie was wiping a tear away. Morgan is really unlikeable so I don't care why. I still feel Nina and Franco belong in Shadybrook. I hope the surprise shooter is more of a surprise than Madeline being the murderer of Silas. Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

Di said...

I'm really hoping that they don't go the bipolar route with Morgan too. For one thing he doesn't really show the symptoms. Being "depressed" for an hour and then laughing with his dad is definitely not bipolar. And losing his temper for 2 minutes while drunk out of his skull isn't either.

I've heard that Maurice wanted this story line but I hope they don't start pandering to him like their predecessor did with Tony. Let the psychiatrist discover that Morgan still harbors resentment over being sent away and forgotten and that explains his bad behavior as a teen. That and feeling entitled and invincible since daddy is a mob boss, and having more money than common sense. (Notice he lost a bundle of money gambling again. Must be a whole orchard in his back yard.) And like you said,"include the diagnosis process. "

I still think they can redeem Morgan's character if he joins the army and they make a man of him. Either that or send him back to stay with Jax for a while till he gets his sh** together.

And I don't care about Sonny getting shot either. It's just another excuse for everyone around him to canonize him.

If they want to do something different have everyone grieve but admit that it was inevitable because he's a GANGSTER. He chose this life and he almost got TJ killed now too. (I hope the kid wakes up after this.)

kd said... It would involved nasty tie-up sex with Morgan and taunting of Ava with an Instagram video of everything.

lol I would have had her find a sex tape of Morgan and Ava as she threw Ava's things around the room. Then I would have posted THAT of their faux Facebook site or Boohootube and sent links to the newspaper. After all, Ava is a celebrity now. MUYHAHAHHAHAHAHA

And if "Franco" changes his name to Robert" I'd be more invested in him and Nina. Every time they say Franco I cringe. He has never been Franco. He has never even tried. He's always been faux Todd.

I did like the scenes with teenage Nina and "Franco" in the jail. I think they make a cute couple. And Nina deserves some happiness.

I LOVE that Anna's back. I hope they give her a strong story line and get her back to the Anna we know before "the writer" tried to desecrate her character too. We need Tracy and Anna to be our strong older women!

One of the reasons I hope that Carlos is involved in this is so that Anna can get rid of the guilt once and for all. Maybe she can even take him down legitimately and we can forget that stupid scene on the docks once and for all.

The ladies are at Carly's getting ready for the wedding was one of the highlights of the week for me. We need more family scenes like this.

96meimei said...

Haven't really watched this week--I give GH 15 mins to catch my attention and that didn't happen this week--though Ric in those glasses made me pause.

I HATE all this mob stuff and like others wish that this was the end for Sonny--he and Sam have to be the two biggest mumblers in soaps--with BM not far behind.

Madeline as the killer no surprise there. I don't care how cute Nina/Franco are they aren't all that interesting IMO. I feel the same about Morgan/Kiki/Ava though MW is a great actress.

Olivia is such a freakin' hypocrite--well her and about 10 others on GH. I'm sick of this Mikey propping he doesn't nothing all day but whine about AJ, ELQ, Sonny and yet goes to the wedding. Jake has no reason to care about the whole Michael/AJ/ELQ thing so I find all that stupid. I wish they would just out him and move on so that by Christmas Elizabeth can save PC and be redeemed (as if that would ever happen).

I'll try again next week and see but not counting on anything good. I can count on Sunday Surgery to keep me up to date

AntJoan said...

About the pregnancy rumors, I guess you guys don't mean Valerie? I think it should be Anna or Tracy, or maybe Monica--they can bring back the dead, I'm sure they can resurrect someone's ovaries.

AntJoan said...

Oh, and happy Labor Day, everyone!! We are having a BBQ today, than going to one tomorrow, and the weather in Brooklyn is really nice!

Shelley said...

Yes, at this point a Morgan recast should be in the works. It's hard to root for a character when his portrayer is just so I liked.

Di said...

AntJoan, I've heard pregnancy rumours before about Robin too. And isn't she due back soon?

Happy Labor Day to everyone too. The weather here is beautiful too and is expected to be nice all weekend.

Shelley said...

Apparently Valerie is pregnant, so maybe FINALLY the stupid and boring Lulu/Dillon/Maxie/Dante mess can at least move along a bit. I mean, it will be boring and dumb also but at least it won't just be people talking to their boss about their sex lives (or will it?) and people in a room reading a script out loud. Seriously, there are way too many players in this story and they could honestly all just go.

BM has been so unlikable outside of the show I can't get behind him at this point. I think he should not be bi-polar, they haven't done it justice. But make him a meth head, send him to rehab and bring him back as a different person and I'll see if I care anything about Morgan Corinthos. Wait, can Kiki go there also? Just she can stay there.

Rick and those glasses? He looked good but they were their own separate character in that scene and they were chewing up scenery! I have no idea what he and Sonny were even talking about!

I'm the only one but I don't care if Jason never finds out. Jake is much more entertaining, gregarious and fun to watch.

LiamAZ said...

Sorry Sam fans, but I just do not understand this mission she is on against her cousin Nik (even though she knows nothing about the Jake/Jason situation) and it's making me dislike Sam again. I wish Nik would just tell her to shut the hell up and remind her that she is no moral compass considering her background and crimes.

sonya said...

"She listened to the words on the script and I believe it dawned on her that the movie was about she and Dillon."

Wait I'm confused. I thought it was about Dillon and his girlfriend who cheated him.

"I would have had played/written her reactions WAY differently as you well know. It would involved nasty tie-up sex with Morgan and taunting of Ava with an Instagram video of everything."

Wait, WHAT?!!?! ROFL!

"My fave part of the whole week was Nina telling her Mama off and Franco getting her through it. He's going to take care of her now--and yes, call me old-fashioned but I loved those scenes!! He was so tender and caring. She said all the things that needed to be said to her Mom and now they can build a life. She's blowing him a kiss right there..."

Karen you don't think Nina and BobTodd are amish? ROFL!

"TJ was taken by thugs and held at the warehouse. (Wedding cake down!)."

Yeah the cake died. :( But at least it wasn't bludgeoned to death like Sonny's cake was when Connie murdered it!

"He falls slo-motion onto the floor."

Slo mo no.

sonya said...

"MatchboxGinny said...A tad over the top with wedding tradition given this is Carly's 298th wedding though."

And THIS time it's forever!!! ROFL!

ishouldreadmore said...

Happy Labor Day, everyone.
I don't understand why Sam is so hot about bringing Nic down, either. Or why Anna was so into it. Doesn't make any sense to me.
I am also with Shelly about not having a Jason reveal at all. Let him be Jake. He is nicer, more interesting. Let him stay Jake for another five years, marry Elizabeth, Sam can marry Patrick, they can all have babies, and THEN find out he is Jason. Now that would be a conundrum.
Today is my 40th wedding anniversary. Yes, it is true: I got married before I was born. : )

sonya said...

Oh I know who shot Sonny!!!! Heidi!!!!!!!

AntJoan said...

Happy anniversary, ishould. Sonya, hehehe, Heidi . . . I like Morgan and think he is a good actor, he also looks like Carly and Sonny's child, would hate to see him leave . . .

nance24 said...

It looks like MB has taken the show hostage again now that TG has left. The only way to make the shooting interesting for me is Sonny being actually dead. I also love all the cute stuff with Franco and Nina and did anyone else see their clip was on the Soup this week? :)

Michelle Latta said...

Great SS as always! You guys are frickin funny!! Heidi shot Sonny! Karen I love Franco and Nina too, I tried not to like her but they fit, love them. Sonny is stupid, the mob is stupid. In 20 yrs Sonny hasn't learned to wear a condom or bullet proof vest. If Valerie ends up preggers, I will throw my remote at the tv. People really need to put a condom on or take the pill. LOL! Hope Carlos isn't the shooter, but I'd be on board with Faith or even Claudia.
I agree with ishouldreadmore: I'd love for Jake to stay Jake. I love BM and Jakes chemistry with Liz. Everyone is happy, Patrick and Sam, Jake and Liz, and now Hayden is alive and kickin and she and Nik can mix it up. HAHA!!

cjw4579 said...

Kristina...I want the new rival to be Kristina. Also, what happened to Rick being in control of a large portion of the docks? I thought that was the whole reason he left town years ago.

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...Sonya, hehehe, Heidi . . ."

"Michelle Latta said... You guys are frickin funny!! Heidi shot Sonny!"

ROFL! Thank you thank you. I'm here all night. Hahahaha!

david said...

there is a website with spoilers that says that AVA is pregnant with morgans child. i'll believe it when i hear it from karen. i went to google and typed in "general hospital spoilers" and it came up.

as for the shooter... i think it is brad's mom. they had said that she is coming on the show, and there is speculation that brads family is part of the asian mob. i'm going with that.

although i would LOVE for it so be claudia or faith. but that is wishful drinking.

i'm glad sonny got shot. what i hate more than anything is the media saying "will he live? will he die?" are we stupid? he's the lead character on contract. I think... now, it is just speculation... that he will live. anyone else?

sonya said...

"david said...although i would LOVE for it so be claudia or faith. but that is wishful drinking."

I'm sure you DO get drunk while watching GH! ROFL!

gracegirl said...

Brava Karen,great surgery! If you didn't have this blog and all the wonderful bloggers who commented here then I would probably stop watching GH all together. It's really sad. I read the same about Ava that you did Dave. And I'm with you Michelle in regards to condoms the pill and bullet proof vests! And I still think Nina & Franco are the bee's knees and they may very well be the only story line I care about right about now so I'm glad they're hanging around. The rest is just stupid.:-)

david said...

I think I got it.

THe shooter is Jennifer Smith. She wanted to interrupt the wedding and then she is going to have sex with Sonny on the floor of the warehouse.

oh wait. that's been done. brilliantly, I might add.


sonya said...

"david said...I think I got it. THe shooter is Jennifer Smith. She wanted to interrupt the wedding and then she is going to have sex with Sonny on the floor of the warehouse."

Ewww! So Jennifer has sex with Sonny while he is bleeding on the warehouse floor? ROFL!

sonya said...
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