Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Julian Falls Down

Wow, got it wrong. Totally thought Milo would be shot by Morgan.
Oh, did I tell you I hate Morgan today? LOL

Michael and Alexis rush in and Morgan goes "He's not dead, he's on the ground like a little bitch" Seems Julian fell down while tussling for the gun.
Michael is trying to talk him down, and Morgan is going nuts.  He finally leaves Julian alone. Michael kicks him. Alexis is all "Michael is cold, calculated and crafty". They are SO making him a King of the Mob. 

TJ and Ric. Ric is talking to TJ about Julian. TJ's wearing cammo shirt. Does he think that no one will see him? He's done being kidnapped. 
Lomax tells Ric he's fired.

OMG, I'm going to admit something right now. I am so liking Sonny KNOWING Jake is Jason. Why? It fits in a eerie way. He's had a giant trauma and just "knows" that's Jason. Sayson wub!! Liz is going to be in such BIG TROUBLE over this !

Maxie and Dillon scenes were so boring. Talking about Fathers.  She says she'll take Frisco as a Dad but knows Mac is there as her father.  Unfortunately that pic is from yesterday -- Tracy wasn't on today. 

Ava and Paul. He wants into the mob... and btw, Paul is now the DA. 3 DAs in 4 months. 3 Polish Commish in 5 months! Goodness. 
Ava agrees to work with him.


mysticcmegg said...

I cannot wait for Elizabeth to get found out. Actually I am surprised they wrote her that way. I still think that had she told Jake he is Jason long ago he would have forgiven her, I don't think he's going to remember being married to Sam anyways. I bet they have to find each other all over again. Hope they don't I never cared for them as a couple.

ishouldreadmore said...

No comments on today's show. I wanted to thank everyone, though, who responded and explained to me why they hate Sonny, and tolerate Julian. Karen, you were the clearest.
I did not watch GH for long stretches at different times, and I wasn't watching when Sonny first appeared on the scene. I have been in and out of the show for so long, and did not realize how repetitious the story lines have been. I quit watching during the Guza years, only reading Karen's blog to keep up. So I do plead ignorance to the troubles with Sonny's continual retellings of the same old story.
One reason I have liked Sonny is because of Maurice Bernard's relationship with children on the show. I know I have said this before, but when Skye was on with her baby, she was having an angry confrontation with Sonny. While this was going on, the baby was looking at Maurice and grinning and cooing. Maurice obviously loves and gets along with kids. He is good with all the child actors; remember him with Spencer? I realize that there is no connection between that and the character, but it did color my perception some.
I have always disliked Julian, the character. While he may not blame others for his troubles, he is just as ruthless. And he hid behind his grandson to save his skin. And please, please, please, enough of the sex with Alexis. That character is so totally ruined for me now. (I did love what Morgan said about her today.)
Anyhow, I appreciated everyone's explanations of their Sonny hatred, and I kind of wanted to tell you I understand now, and why I don't share ALL of your feelings.
I love the exchanges in this forum, and I am glad to be a part of it.
Thanks, Karen, for sticking with the blog.

SaveOurSuds said...

I noticed that GH's twitter account is using the hashtag #FallingInLoveWithGH which is really a good idea except that GH needs a lot more love and less violence a.k.a. Sonny.

sonya said...

Today's show was so boring!!!!!

Julian's cabin: Oops! Julian didn't get shot! He lost his balance and hit his head! ROFL! So basically,

Kangaroo Meeber: You are going to die Julian! Die die die! Die die die! Yes you are! And I will keep talking like this until I shoot you, which will be in a couple of hours! Or I will just talk to you to death!


Michael: No Morgan you are better than this! Dad doesn't want you to do this!

Kangaroo Meeber: DIE DIE DIE JULIAN! DIE DIE DIE! Where do you want to me to shoot you? On your shoulder, your head, your side? You choose!!!!

Actually Meeber won the line of the day!

Meeber: He's not dead, he's on the ground like a little bitch.


Q home: I'm not sure what the point of Dylan and Maxie's incessant talking was about.. But yes Karen it was boring!!! Although I did like Maxie talking about Frisco! :) But other than that, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Julian's home: The Ava and Paul scene was boring. Why didn't she just knock him over the head and take that damn recording? Or kiss him and take it! Or have sex with him and take it! Do something!!!!!!! That poor recording is crying and scared!

Sam's ex home: Ric was fired!!! Awwww! Now what are you going to do Ric?!

The hospital: Sonny is so high on morphine he thinks Jake is Jason! ROFL! I actually like that. So basically,

Sonny's room: Saint Jason saint Jason Saint Jason. Jason help! Get Morgan!

Jake and Carly with a side of Liz thrown in:

Carly: Saint Jason Saint Jason Saint Jason. He fixed all our messes. He was the greatest! Saint Jason:

Liz: No Jake! Don't do it! Don't go to the cabin! I forbid it!!!!!! You can't go! Stay with me!!!!

Carly: Saint Jason Saint Jason Saint Jason.

Everyone on this blog: Saint Jason Saint Jason Saint Jason Saint Jason.

Notmyghanymore said...

I don't understand the Julian love either. He is a cold blooded killer who has never shown remorse for those whose lives he has taken or for thier families. He killed his sister Olivia, Mickey diamond and the guy who ratted him out to Sonny when he first got to town. He ordered the hit on Duke. He tried to kill Morgan, TJ and his sister Ava. The only time he is sorry for his actions is if Alexis threats to leave him.

dar said...

I was so disappointed that Morgan didn't shoot himself.

sonya said...

"dar said...I was so disappointed that Morgan didn't shoot himself."

Where? On his foot? ROFL!

david said...

I dont know what show all of you watched today, but I got to watch some old white guy in a long white robe walk around the tarmac of an airport.


dar said...

Actually, Sonya, I was hoping he'd shoot himself in the crotch so we'd never see him and Ava again

kdmask said...

Julian hasn't been on since 1993. Doing the same things. Over and Over.

sonya said...

david said...I dont know what show all of you watched today, but I got to watch some old white guy in a long white robe walk around the tarmac of an airport.FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR.

ROFL! Ahhh the pope! :)

"dar said...Actually, Sonya, I was hoping he'd shoot himself in the crotch so we'd never see him and Ava again"

Hahahahaha. Yeah I used to love them together! The writers had to ruin it. It's time for both of them to move on.

LiamAZ said...

I think the only thing for me that could save this whole repetitive Jerome mess is if Julian was murdered and it turned out to be his alive-and-well sister Olivia who killed him. I'm not a huge fan of bringing back characters-from-the-dead, but I wouldn't mind seeing some Olivia/Ava fireworks and of course there is history there with Olivia and Anna (too bad this couldn't have happened when Duke was still around). In any case, the other thing that completely turned me off from the Jeromes was the fact that I had to watch yet another storyline that conveniently linked Sam to more people on the canvas who would become a part of her family (I always felt the push to connect Sam with Alexis being her mother was forced). I mean, we still have no clue who Liz's mother is and that is unacceptable for longtime viewers. I'm starting to believe that Sam is the continued link between everyone else and Sonny-ville. But, I will admit that I find it humorous that Alexis' girls' daddies (Julian, Sonny, & Rick) are all despicable. Way to go Alexis...such a departure from a completely different character you were when you first arrived in PC.

Cosmoetica said...

Each show is like another mile on the Bataan Death March. It's horrid rt now!

LSV422 said...

I don't love Julian, but I really dislike Sonny, mostly because of MB. He may be the nice guy with the kids, but TIIC do have to cater to him as they did with Steve B. and this is what has killed the show over the years. I do wish that Morgan had shot himself but watching Michael kick Julian was horrible. I have no use for him anymore. Everyone is so sure Julian shot Sonny with absolutely no evidence and not one of Sonny's many enemies. How about the police really investigate for a change? Not great writing.

Panda said...

I'm really concerned at the direction the show is going. Now Paul is added to the list of morally corrupt men. Once again Tracy may be duped. Will we see women fighting over another mobster as has been rumored? How did Paul even know where the flash drive was? I hate what they are doing to Michael. I doubt Jason will become anything but Jason Morgan at this point. I do not like mob stories and so far the "tweaked" scripts are all mob. The Frank Smith mob was clearly BAD and Luke fought to leave it and bring it down. Enter Sonny Corinthos and the mobsters became the leads, heroes and moral compasses of the show (St. Jasus). Formerly smart women were dumbed down to follow the mobsters around, have multiple children by them, and abandon any of their principles. Sadly I don't know how long I can hang in there with a show I've loved for decades since I did not care for the Guza years and we seem to be going in that direction.

sonya said...

"LiamAZ said...(I always felt the push to connect Sam with Alexis being her mother was forced)."

Yeah so did I back then! I hated that they were mother and daughter. But now I love it. I love the Davis girls scenes! :) So very sweet! All the sisters together with their mom. :) Awww! :)

jher said...

I finally tuned into the show for the first time in two weeks. I'm not liking this direction they are taking Michael in. What happened to getting back ELQ? It's not even mentioned anymore. I'm really sick of watching General Mob-spital. I only watched during the Guza-era because of Johnny Z (and they screwed up his life) but now I don't like anyone to even want to keep watching.