Monday, September 21, 2015

Cartel Day

Did they even TRY with a different lake house for Alexis?'s the exact same one! LOL Geesh!! Stupid Morgan. Alexis needed to mace his face. Morgan just all mad. Mad and pointing the gun nilly willy. 

POOR SONNY..poor post-op Sonny. Blah. 

Ava and Paul. Paul taunts her with the flash drive.  And yes, as we knew, Paul is the one targeting Sonny all this time. Because he can't be back for the Quartermaine family Story or Dillon. Nah...he's back because of SONNY. 
Every damn storyline on this show leads to Sonny. SMDH. 
He wants to run the Jerome-mob with Ava. 

Patrick and Sam...she's not saying yes right away. She's not saying yes right away 'because of Jason". 

Only good thing was Maxie and Tracy. Tracy is still stuck in the living room but Maxie was a good distraction. 


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  2. Wow. NLG was really good today. She deserves an Emmy.

  3. just crack me up at the right moment. :)

  4. SamTrick home: So basically,

    Patrick: Will you marry me? Even though I don't have a ring and I am not on one knee.

    Sam: Oh you can't propose to me now! Tomorrow is Jason's and I anniversary! Wait until that day passes, and THEN you can propose to me.

    What an odd scene. And while they are cuddling on the couch, there is a big ass glass of wine on the table!!! Any huge cheese and crackers in the kitchen?

    Q home: Maxie was very annoying to me today! Tracy's question about why does Maxie care about her love life, is spot on!

    The hospital:

    Jake and Carly: Jake is wearing black!!!!!! :)

    Sonny's room: Oh oh Sonny is delusional!!! He thinks Jake is Jason!!!! :0

    Sam's ex home: While Michael and TJ were talking, Milo was really busy texting! ROFL! Who were you texting Milo? Piffy?

    Julian's cabin: So basically,

    Julian: I got a bigger gun than you!

    Kangaroo Meeber: No I got a bigger gun than you!

    And then,

    *hop hop hop*

    Kangaroo Meeber: I am going to shoot you!

    *hop hop hop*

    Kangaroo Meeber: You shot my father!!!!

    *hop hop hop*

    Kangaroo Meeber: Get out of here Alexis!

    Kangaroo Meeber just kept talking and talking! We had to wait for Michael to show up obviously! But to late!!!!!! Shots fired! Who got shot?!!?!?!!

    Julian's home: Woah! Paul has got the hard drive!!! Wait wait HE is the one who shot Sonny? Well that is very anti climatic. Unless Paul is lying. Hmmmmmm. Paul wins the line of the day. Something about power and Ava's hair! ROFL! Paul you should have seen her hair before when it was black! Hahahahaha. That poor hard drive.

    Hard Drive: Help me!!!!! Scotty where are you!? I've been kidnapped!!!!!

    Karen says Did they even TRY with a different lake house for Alexis?'s the exact same one! LOL Geesh!!

    ROFL! Yes same house! That is what I have been saying! Hahaha!

  5. This is what Paul said that made him win line of the day.

    Paul: No although you are a very attractive woman. I particularly like the hair.

    ROFL! You should have seen her with dark hair Paul! I wonder if you would have liked it. :)

  6. I like the actor who plays Paul but do we really need more mob? He probably saw pictures of "Denise" in the paper after the trial so I think the hair comment was for the change in color. And Nancy has won an Emmy for daytime anyway. Longer scenes are good when they are interesting.....

  7. I'm not much of a fan of Alexis anymore. I liked her when she first started on the show (more rigid like Stefan), when she interacted with Helena, and I liked her scenes when she went off on Sonny for her sister Christina's death. I also liked her earlier scenes with SB's and TB's Carly as well as her scenes with Diane, but haven't really cared for most of the writing for her since she entered Sonny's orbit.

  8. LOLOL David, good one. The only thing I enjoyed yesterday was Maxie and Tracy.