Friday, September 11, 2015

Sonny Love Continues

The Sonny Opus continues! Patrick warns surgery may kill him. Everyone should go in and talk to him, tell him how wonderful he is.
Michael goes in: Oh Dad, I love you...cries.  YOU ARE MY FATHER...and I will be your son forever.

Exact Words.
RIP Michael Quartermaine. 

Anna and Jordan discussing Sloane and TJ.  Anna back-peddling because she could find out she shot Carlos.  Thank God they got out the scotch. 

Liz and Jake...Jake tells her what Sonny says-- "I knew you'd come"..."you always do". Liz is nervous. VERY nervous. She has to "tell him something" think she will? Ha ha. 

Sloane tries to get more money out of Nikolas. Hayden feels Sonny for him. Boring. Why did they make her boring? She was so sassy! Now she's stuck at Wyndemere being all sensible. 

Julian is at the PCPD. Morgan comes in to yell at him. Later, Dante punches him right in the pace because Julian was saying that Dante might have a wandering eye like his father.
Oh, got too close to the truth, did he? 


  1. Well i haven't watched todays yet, not sure I want to either knowing that stupid Michael is back all lovey dovey with Sonny. Its too bad they have to write him this way. Sonny needs to go but he won't and yes i bet the writers will kowtow to him now that Tony Geary is gone. grrrrrrrr.

  2. Theme: The blame game, and basically how Sonny is the bestest.

    Police station:

    Julian, Dante and Morgan: Morgan turned into a Kangaroo and started hopping and wanting to hit! So basically,

    Morgan: Julian!!! You shot my dad!!!! My dad is the bestest man in the world, and you should be in jail!!!!!

    Jordan's office: The hair twins YAY! Poor Anna can't let Mr. Yum Yum go to jail! She is stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    Wyndemere: Oh Mr. Yum Yum is whining and blaming!!! GreenHayden wins the line of the day!

    GreenHayden: What I don't understand is you were trying to have a thing with a woman who was out to put you in jail? What are you a masochist or just an idiot?

    ROFL! But then after that she is all feeling bad for him! :)And again more talk about the mayoral election! Say mayoral election 10 times fast! :)

    Liz's home: Liz is freaked out because of the blood! And basically,

    Jake: Oh Sonny is the best of the best!!! Amazing man!

    The hospital: Oh Sonny might be paralyzed! I hope so! That would be some great acting right there!!! It could change Sonny's life!!!

    Michael and Sonny:

    Michael: I love you dad. I will never stop loving you. You are my father. And for as long as I live, I will be your son.

    *brain explodes*

    Sonny and Carly: So basically,

    Carly: Oh Sonny! You are an amazing man! We are for life! We are life partners. You are the best man I have ever known besides Jason. You do walk on water!

    TJ and Carly: So basically,

    TJ: Oh this is all my fault that Sonny got shot. I have to do everything I can to make it up to him! He walks on water! He is such a great guy! He does nothing wrong!

    TJ and Sonny: So basically,

    TJ: Oh Sonny! you saved my life! I am in your debt! You can do no wrong in my eyes!!! I love you Sonny!!! You are like a father to me!

    Bullet: I guess I am the only one who hates Sonny!

    Masked hand: No. I hate him too. I will be in hiding forever!!!!! MUAHAHHAHAHA!

    Sam and Patrick: Poor Patrick! Sam is listening to how he feels, but I doubt she will change. Come on Sam! Stop running toward guns and bullets!

    Sonny and Morgan: Morgan whining about Julian.

    Morgan: I'm going to kill him.

    That's today's cliffhanger?! Morgan saying he is going to kill Julian?!! That's a terrible one!!!! The cliffhanger for today should have been showing us who the masked hand is!!!! Is it Mr. Yum Yum?! Is it Julian? (I doubt it's Julian.) Is it Brad's mother? Is it the milk man across the street? Is it the paper boy? Is it Joss, who hired a hitman?

  3. Sonya - it's probably Karen - lol

  4. I napped through this week. Snooze fest.

  5. I'm so glad I didn't watch today's show! Thank you Sonya for saving 43 minutes of my time! I'm with the bullet.

  6. Had to fast forward most of the show. Dante shouldn't even be questioning anyone in regard to the shooting and Morgan is a total moron. Didn't see any police guarding someone who was just almost assassinated. And of course they lock up Julian with no evidence whatsoever. All this Sonny love is sickening. Not a good week.

  7. "JohnD said...Sonya - it's probably Karen - lol"

    ROFL! I was going to add her, but decided not to! :) Maybe another day. :)

    Avalonn said...

    "Thank you Sonya for saving 43 minutes of my time! I'm with the bullet."

    You're welcome, and I am with the bullet too. :)

  8. Writers for Friday:

    Scott Sickles
    Elizabeth Korte

    Chris Van Etten
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Jean Passanante
    Katherine Schock

    Penny Pengra

  9. I'm so sick of this Sonny the good gangster routine too. They have got to stop glorifying his way of life. So he doesn't import drugs. Big deal. How do they think he makes his millions, importing teddy bears for homeless kids? I'd love to see them do a story line where one of his "shipments" is intercepted by the police or the coast guard and it's a container of sex slaves. (Given Sonny's past with the clubs this is a very likely scenario.) Let's see how all the women in his life would relate to Mr. Dimples then. It would make for some great acting too. It would also infuse a healthy dose of reality into a show that has basically become an advertisement for the mob and the criminal way of life.

  10. Di said Let's see how all the women in his life would relate to Mr. Dimples then.

    They would fall down to his feet and worship the ground he walks on because that is how they write the women on this show. As doormats who worship killers.

    i dont think morgan is bipolar. i think he is retarded. which i know is not politically correct so I apologize for not using the right term. is it special needs? i mean no disrespect. but the past 2 days he seriously was acting at the mentality of a 12 yr old and certain things that are common knowledge to adults was lost on him. can the writers please delve into the notion that he is a child in a mans body and not bipolar? that his maturity rate stagnated and he is not maturing? and i mean that in a serious way, because there are many many people who go through this. it is a serious condition.

    i fast forward ALL of dante's scenes. i am sick of rogue dirty cops in the real world, on youtube and on the daily news. I dont need to see it glorified on my escapism show.

  11. what I don't understand is they say the ratings have gone up in the past couple of weeks??? To me the show has fallen apart!!!!

  12. I think the ratings have been up due to the fact they couldn't go down without hitting zero--and as my friend Ginny pointed out, they always go up after summer. People are back in the routine.

    NOT good for us with this Sonny crap. NOT GOOD at all.

    David, Morgan totally acted like a 5 year old that was hyped up ADHD and mounds of sugar.