Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wrong Person Shot...

20130611 0732
ARE YOU SHOCKED? The wrong person NEVER gets shot in Port Charles!! AHAAHHAHA. 
Um...you think a hotel is the place to do a hit, Shaun/Sean/Shawn? Not like the general public is just strolling around. 

SNIPER 101. Come on....

Alexis and Nik-- glad they still talk. Duke and Anna talking about Robin-- and the stupid CUTSIE CUPCAKE CRAP with Paddy and Sabrina. UGH I don't LIKE THEM!! Should have been Liz.  Sabrina still looks 17 to me. 
Emma and Duke were ok. A little much though.

Is Olivia going to die? Because.. well, I don't know, she might. 
"GETtheSONOFABITCHTHATDIDTHIS" Sonny says for the 99th time LOL--


  1. Olivia will make it. At least Connie wasn't shot again. Although, I would love for that character to just go away.

    Loved Duke and Emma. Over the top but, a much needed break from the debbie downer storylines of late.

    Any scene with Anna delivers. Hope to see more of her.

    Nik has a new haircut. I am not sold on it yet.

  2. Nik actually wore a shirt for an entire episode...I don't know how I feel about that.

    Sabrina and Patrick are booooring. I think I may like him better with Britch ;)

  3. Patrick and Sabrina are trying too hard. ZZZZZ They should have just shown them having a couple of fun dates. Nothing says loving like a long talk about your "dead" wife.

    Shawn needs to stay at Kelly's. he is not so good at this mob enforcer stuff. I guess you need to have brain damage to know that you don't pull off a hit in a busy public place, especially one that the person who ordered the hit owns. IF Jason had done it Franco would have mysteriously disappeared and been swimming with the fishes by now.

    I also missed seeing Nik's abs and tats. Especially since the shirt was fugly.

    The writers rewrote a whole storyline and brought a man back from the dead to shove down our throats and cannot think of a single thing to do with Anna and Duke except baby sit Emma?

  4. Anna, Duke, and Emma: Awwww Karen I didn't think their scene was too much! I thought it was so cute!!!! Duke looks like a clown haha! And the tutu hahaha! Adorable! Emma and Duke dancing awwww! Shhhh they are sleeeeeeeeeeping. :)

    Lante home: Hmmm they are both turned on because Lulu burned the meatballs. After he leaves, she calls someone and I thought it was Milo! Rats. Love the Maxie and Lulu scene. Maxie looked cute in that outfit with that hat! :) Yesterday, when they showed Lulu working on the meatballs, for a split second it looked like Julie Marie Berman. The original Lulu. :)

    Metrocourt: Olivia went down!!!! Shawn you missed! You suck at being the gunman!!!You should be fired!!! Olivia's vision came true, but it was HER blood on Sonny's NOT his!!! Carly is all in shock! PTSD? Well it's your damn fault! Well you and Shawn's!

    The hospital: Gee Shawn looked calm cool and collected. Awesome Alexis and Nik scene! What is with Nik's hair tho? It's so flat! Nik and AJ scene hahaha! This is so stupid! AJ did not cheat on Liz! AJ and Liz scene awww! :) Sonny and Olivia scene awww! Sonny and Connie scene UGH! During the Sonny and Olivia scene, Connie was JEALOUS HAHA!

    Patrick's home: I kept waiting for Sabrina to tell Patrick she is a virgin. :) Well maybe tomorrow, cus the previews looks like she is! :) I liked that Sabrina was concerned about Patrick being ready to have sex. :) Gee their first date, and already he wants to have sex! So fast! ROFL!

    I notice that women don't wear shorts in the summer on GH. I wonder why.

  5. Uncle Duke and Emma were priceless. I loved it!!

    I couldn't believe that Shawn took the shot with Sonny so close. And Olivia was visible when he fired. Lordie...I'm a better shot than that. Shawn, my son. Life as you know it is now over. If Sonny doesn't kill you Alexis will make you wish he did. ( And I don't even want to consider Dante.)Just leave town while the going is good.

    I liked the Nik and Alexis scenes. I was happy to see he had the back of his hair trimmed. It was looking awful. But what was with the shirt? "Just beam me up, Nicky." PMSL

    I also really enjoyed Maxie and Lulu catching up.

    Patrick and Sabrina are definitely not my favourite couple either. I also think she's too young for him. They've also completely ruined any relationship for most of us by letting us know that Robin is still alive.

  6. Yes! Patrick looks weird with anyone since we know that Robin is alive.

    This sniper stuff is ridiculous. I just fast-forward through the whole episode now.

  7. i hate to say it, but i completely agree with Britt about that dress. It is totally the T-Mobile girl's dress. It is a good color on her, but seriously? The T-Mobile dress? ugh.

  8. Snipper 101? What about enforcer 101? you don't take orders from the boss' ex-wife. So stupid.