Friday, June 28, 2013

TJ and M.E. had S.E.X.

Says Taylor LOL . Molly: DOH!! 

Alice broke Morgan's wrist while arm wrestling!! ahahaaha. We know he did it in real life-- so that's a great reason for him to have it. 

Luke's goin down again!!  Aw, his scene with Lulu was so cute..about his little granddaughter. Tracy is happy it's a girl!! She was in a decent outfit today as well, no giant flowing thing.

Olivia is so happy it's a girlie too.  She and Sonny are going to be grandparents. EEE!!

Todd trying to convince that he loves her  and it's "As if we knew each other from another life".
Yeah, One Life.
In Llanview. LOL


People said it about 900x today! Geesh! All I can think of is TIKI when I hear her name!! 


A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Can Alexis be a donor?
She had cancer, I would think that would prevent her from being able to.

sonya said...

Kelly's: Yeah Shawn! You keep TJ straight!! TJ you man up!! Taylor wins the line of the day.

Taylor: You heard me. Or do I have to spell it out? TJ and m e had s e x.

ROFL! Good one. :) Oh and then I thought she was going to show Molly a video of the sex on her phone! Then TJ tells Molly in front of Taylor that it didn't mean anything! WOW! TJ so rude! Then Molly screeches! ROFL! TJ don't listen to Taylor! She does NOT feel horrible about it!

Q home: Alice broke Morgan's arm!!! Hahahaha! Too bad I didn't see that. Yeah the actor really did break his wrist. Poor guy. New Todd telling StarKi that he and her mother are getting back together. Too bad he didn't say it like, your mommy and daddy are getting back together hahaha! Ava and Carly scene haha! Can they have a fling? :) They can be called Cava. No? Okay. :)

Alexis's home: Shawn! Tell Alexis you did not shoot Olivia! Rafe and Molly scene. She was crying and ran to him. Too bad they didn't show it in slow motion! :)

The hospital: When Dante told his mother about their baby is going to be a dog, I thought Olivia was going to say the F word hahaha. But she said his name. Wow Sonny! You want Olivia to move in with you to recuperate? Awww! :)

Luke's home: Oh oh another pass out. :( Love the Lulu, Luke, and Tracy scene. :)

Karen! Tiki? ROFL!

Di said...

lol I would have loved to see that run in slow motion too, Sonya.

sonya said...

Di I would have loved to see that run in slow motion too, Sonya.
That would have been hysterical! :)

soaplover said...

Reviewing this past week, I remembered tht Britt's mother texted her right after the paternity test was confirmed. That raises some questions: how did momma know about that test, how did she know Britt had just found out, did momma manipulate the test ("Trust your mother"), and does she have a spy there, getting into the lab? I mean, HOW would momma know about the test at all, much less the results?

So I wonder if we can believe the test? Britt seemed at great pains to not have it done or revealed. She obviously had something to hide because she would not have had to tear down to the hospital in her wheelchair in order to stop the test, if she was certain how it would turn out. I still think she stole sme samples from the supply for surrogates. Somehow her mother got her spy to change results. It makes no sense otherwise that Britt would have been so hellbent on stopping the test.

Whatcha think?

Wanda Woman said...

I loved the way Britt's phone showed the text from "Dr. Olbrecht", not "Mom"!