Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Franc-Q

Badger Bob looked awesome today!! 

How did Shawn/Sean/Shaun just stroll into the COURTHOUSE with a damn gun? Come on now. THEN he goes to the Q's??   Oh for the love of GOD!!  This is is just stupid.

SO.. Starr er.. I mean, Kiki strut around in a towel much? Michael doing percentages lol.

Yeah Tracy/AJ scene.  Very nice. 

Cawnie and Franco--and RH is back to playing Todd just about 100%.  He IS Todd.  Now he's a Q. Interesting.

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Poor Danny-- because you know kids can't be disease free on this show. 

And Kate/Connie is just off the hook? LMAO.


Di said...

Yes, RH doesn't seem to even be trying to play Franco anymore. It's 100% Todd. What a farce.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Kiki in her towel, because we all know that teenagers nowadays all just walk around half naked in front of people they hardly know! How stupid was that! Are they assuming that people will only watch her scenes if she's in a towel? I FF'd just on principal.

I also wondered how Shawn could just walk into a courthouse with a gun. And then stcking his head in and out of the Q's patio doors and no one even notices. This whole thing is too ridiculous. Why isn't he up on a building somewhere with a rifle?

I hope they aren't planning on killing off poor little Danny. How many kids on this show have been sick? Or how many haven't might be a better question.

AntJoan said...

Yes, ITA, how DID Sean/Shawn/Shaun get the gun into a courthouse? And he would kill Tranco right there, or at the Q's, in cold blood with witnesses nearby?

And Michael and Starr, er, Kiki, almost kissing ALREADY?

OK, so now we have Todd and Starr back, I STILL think Silas will turn out to be Caleb, then we're three for three.

sonya said...

June 5th - Yesterday's episode.

Felix and Sabrina's home: Felix wins the line of the day!!!

Felix: Oh my God! I've turned straight!

ROFL! That made me laugh so hard! :) Oh oh Taylor and Britch are BFF's now?!?!! And Britch still has that damn bell?!!!?! Get rid of it Sabrina!!! What does Taylor have over on her brother?!!?! Hmmm Felix? Do your parents not know you are gay? Hmmm.

Sam's home: OH YAY! BABY CHEETO'S 1 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY! :) Poor Sam is all upset, and Rafe is still Debbie Downer.

The hospital: Okay what the hell?! Why is Silas skulking around?!!?! Did he do something with baby Cheeto's test results or something?! I don't trust Silas! IF that is his real name!!!

Sonny's office: I was wondering who is this Mr. Lazaro? Man Carly is out for blood!!!!! :)

The courthouse: Diane and New Todd scene!!! Can they have a fling please? :) Just once. :) Maybe twice. OH!!!! MR. LAZARO IS THE NEW DA!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Jumps up and down*

Kelly's: Brad and Spinny scene! ROFL! Brad is so rude talking about Ellie!! Spinny should have punched him in the face!!! Ah well "accidentally" spilling water on him is good enough. :) Spinny talks like Kermit the frog while he is talking to Britch! ROFL!

Today's episode:

Courthouse: Falconari cousins vs New Todd! LOVE IT! :) Shawn is so stupid! He actually wanted to shoot him at the courthouse?!

Q home: New Todd wins the line of the day!!! Actually, two lines!

New Todd: I don't want to call you step mother. Would it be okay with you, if I call you mummy?


New Todd: Grandpa Teddy.

ROFL! New Todd cracks me up! :) There was a great scene between Tracy and AJ before new Todd showed up! Shawn actually wants to shoot new Todd there?!!?! Stupid stupid Shawn!

The hospital: OH NO! Baby Cheeto could have leukemia!! Or is Silas making them think he could have it?!!? Poor Sam! :(

Sonny's office: Carly really really wants new Todd dead! :) Morgan wants another credit card! ROFL! He is so stupid!

Luke and Ava: Uh can they have a fling? :) Just one. Ava should go around sleeping with all the men in Port Chuckles. :)

Michael's home: KikiStarr and Michael Zzzzzzz. Come on!!! KikiStarr is so soft towards him now! Cut that out! The only good thing about the scene, was that she was in a towel the whole time ROFL! So rude! No reason for that. :) Hey they are arguing good! Oh oh they almost kissed ACK NOOOOOOOOO! KikiStarr and Morgan. Wow she really wants to move out!!! Yeah because she and Michael almost kissed, and she is attracted to him! :)

Lara said...

I have 2 kids, one of them is just slightly older than Danny. I can't STAND this leukemia storyline. I watch GH mostly to get my mind off of everyday's life and this is a nightmare to me. I am going to skip this storyline, even if I am a ME/KeMo fan. Why can't they just leave children alone? Jake, Josslin, Kristina, and so on. Does it really always have to be so close to real life? And then you get Shawn who walks into a courthouse with a gun. Come on!

JJLangley said...
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JJLangley said...

ITA & Felix rocked yesterday!! Can Danny PLEASE catch a break?!

LSV422 said...

Anyone who has ever been in a courthouse knows that they have metal detectors, security guards everywhere and CAMERAS!! Felix is a riot! MW is fabulous as AVa and getting great writing to boot. Loved AJ and Tracey - that won't last. And yes, that is Todd not Franco and Starr, not Kiki. And she really didn't look too sexy in that towel but Michael couldn't resist her.

nance24 said...

I may not like the idea of Franco but I'm loving RH. Aunty Jane E looked like she wanted to crack up.